John Deere 318 24hp Honda, Mowing

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PhatboyHD88: Umm how about showing us the engine why i watched the video ,,cause one of my JD will need a repower in the not to distant future.. and would like to see the fitment ,know where it came from,, any issues you ran into during the swap etc...

Moparmadman69: is the honda good on gas? Any trouble with the install? My Onan is almost dead but I'm going to blow that bastard up first (not seize, rod threw block haha)

Todd King: My 318 Onan has a little over a 1000 hrs on it and a rod is just starting to knock. I don't know whether to try to fix it or repower. Some parts are still available for the B43G, I have the skilz to fix it and I love the way it runs so I'm having a hard time thing about moving to Honda power.

Robbie Neufield: nice honda engine my friend

mondo78: I don't know how many times I have watched this. That engine is music to my ears.

flanksteak2: @PnKAllen Better to think of the throttle as setting engine RPM rather than actually moving the throttle plate.

Jim S: Actually, the main reason small engines are designed to run at WOT during maximum (full) load are economical. Sizing an engine with little/no spare power means less costly engines and a better bottom line for the company. Attachments such as decks, snow blowers, tillers, etc. are designed for peak performance at rated RPM. Small engines arent designed to lug. Load is the greatest contributor to heat and a smaller than rated load will create less heat and therefore a smaller need to dissipate

dondawg00: @benschlechter The 400 has a 20hp kohler, the 420 has a 20hp onan

dondawg00: @JDMowerMan1998 When your cutting grass, always mow with the engine wide open

Benjamin Schlechter: What kind of engine does the JD 420 lawn tractor have? I've heard it has the Kohler, but not sure. I always thought the 318 had kohler.

triplex4286: I got a 15.5 toro wheel horse but its not full throttle unless im mowing and that thing cuts so good and it can do 360 turns and it was made in 1995!!!!!!! that thing rules its a hydostatic and it can mow down 3 foot weeds with no probs I'm going to try and put a vid of it up soon

PnKAllen: Anybody that knows anything about small, air cooled engines, knows that they are meant to run at WOT or aprox 3600rpm while the PTO is enguaged. Mainly this is due to the engines air requirements for cooling. Not to mention that higher blade speed on any mower deck equals a better cut.

mondo78: This engines are built to run that hard. The faster you get the blades spinning the better the cut. My Dad was the same way he never ran his 317 at wide open throttle (WOT). Since I have been mowing his lawn I run it at WOT and for some reason it also uses less oil that way.

PnKAllen: Yes mine had the Onan also. The Honda has more power and is more responsive. If your Onan is running strong and not using any oil, keep it. I replaced the Onan because it was flat worn out.

slowride55: sounds sweeeeeeeeeet

UTubeMeTubeWeTube: I've got the same tractor with the 18 HP Onan. Did you have the Onan too? How do you like the Honda compared to the Onan?

PnKAllen: Small Engine Warehouse, $1700.00 and a 2 1/2 hour install. It's a direct bolt in kit.

1944johndeerel: how bad was that conversion? not bad results though.
John Deere 318 24hp honda, mowing 5 out of 5

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John Deere 318 24hp honda, mowing