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SlowBipe Slow Flying RC Trainer Airplane
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MiniBipe Crash Test

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RadioControlVideo: what voltage battry and motor you got on it and what size prop ?

PC9JEFF: No ailerons? If it does have them, you did a good job of keeping them tight! Are there plans available for this? J

Durtmang: that is nuts... very nice

Crash Hancock: This plane is so wicked awesome!! I've watched the video several times just because it is so amazingly slow that I can hardly believe it! LOL Thanks for sharing this!

Brian's R/C Corner: Very cool!

1MillerTime: Very nice! Is that really flying on 3s? About how much does it weigh all up?

J Rolf: Wonderful! 10/10

frewon9: that is annoyingly slow :D even way slower than my lazybee or slow stick

RICKY JENKINS: So cool and graceful!!!

SlowBipe: You can find all of the details about this plane in an RCGroups thread titled "Scratch Built Giant Foam RC Biplane". It should answer all of your questions. The prop is a 24" x 4" hand carved propeller running on 3 cells with 8000 mah. Full throttle drew 60 amps with this.

JoeVSvolcano: Cant wait for the full scale version you sit in!

badgerfeatures: Amazing plane, well done!

aviatom1: very nice stuff, you just took slow scale flying to a new level, thanks for posting it.
SlowBipe 5 out of 5

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