Borderlands 2 SALVADOR BUILD! (Gunzerker Class)

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helloose221: Zain Walker@ why tell us then say don't ask? that's like saying I made the best cookies in the world but I'm not gonna tell you how to make them

ubadman1: mechro is a better tank than gunzerker too. she kills and her shield is full.

thomasnbishop: Salvador is not the best tank... The siren if built properly can double your sheild capacity or not take damage from bullets when you kill someone for a few seconds

MadAboutCichlids: Thanks for the video. Class I chose to play was gunzerker and I used your build.

rashed alkuwari: I played with my lvl44 gunzerker against my friends lvl48 zero and dueled and I won so that proved a point for me

rashed alkuwari: @DrReflux I have that too, you combine (get some ), (last longer) and the cool down rate skill

Zain Walker: Dont ask how but i have a set up where i can gunzerk for an unlimited amount of time (depending on how many enemies i face) and it recharges in like 10 or 15 sec, pretty boss if you ask me.

Joe Williamson: so with money shot and the one that gives you a chance not to use ammo, could you shoot 3 bullets that were the last one in the clip and receive that bonus?

orororo91: gun lust > rampage no really, just look at the tremendous ammount of damage you can do with that

Zac Cowper: really bad move speccing into gun lust and not speccing into rampage

Jimmy Finch: holy crap you were right i dont like to comment on vids to much but had to on this you were right on the money i just used this build and went to try it out 521k damage head shots great build!!!

TheAlptraum000: i already have a level 50 zero skilled for sniping but i just say maya could do the same i'm level 34 with her

misterMusicify: once more, play the game, and check zero's sniping tree... You will see what i am talking about, how he could easily one shot ANY boss in the game even with a super weak sniper.

TheAlptraum000: you can with both maybe zer0 does at the end a bit more dmg but you can 1 shot any class i already have this build with a siren and it works fine

misterMusicify: no, once again, you can not-- check zer0's skill tree again. His power buffs are much better than maya's power debuff.

Armdys: At the moment I use the rampage tree, I have it so I never stop gunzerking, and if I run out, it's already ready to go again. I rarely need reload due to a few abilities, but when I do it's really fast. But I am considering trying this... It sounds beast

TheAlptraum000: You can Maya is maybe a better sniper than zer0 :D but i know what you mean !

Mr. Dericon: I did this build with duel cartel pitchfork sniper guns they are legendary got from Terramorphous I hit him for 2.4M after switching guns before using my last bullet in each gun. Thx to the money shot build of course. :D

Septic: O.O woooow.. i tested this build out, and i hit a 70457 crit with a sniper on terrarmorphus .. like .. WoW

misterMusicify: Yes. i could easily one shot a lvl 5 bullymong with my lvl 46 sniper, but i can not one shot a lvl 46 boss with a lvl 46 sniper, unless i play as zer0.
Borderlands 2 SALVADOR BUILD! (Gunzerker Class) 5 out of 5

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Borderlands 2 SALVADOR BUILD! (Gunzerker Class)