Panasonic Lumix GH2 Vs. GH3 Comparison (Bokeh, Aliasing, Moire, Low Light, Crop Factor Etc.)

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Panasonic Lumix GH2 vs. GH3 Comparison (Bokeh. Aliasing. Moire. Low Light. Crop Factor etc.)
Panasonic Lumix GH2 vs. GH3 Comparison (Bokeh. Aliasing. Moire. Low Light. Crop Factor etc.)
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Thalis Valle: the bad thing in gh3 is cropped images

Nicole Espadera: Hello! I just want to ask about the what settings you've used for shooting during night time? I am having troubles adjusting the settings on my gh2. it creates a lot of noise for some reason. please help me!

Mark Sawatzky: i question the validity of the test a little bit. The crop is identical, so why bother comparing? The bokeh would also be exactly the same on both cameras because they have more or less the same sensor, there are also a lot of other factors that were not brought up at all in teh displayed info which really really should have been. 

Seamus Warren: The GH2 appears to capture less moire and light flicker than the GH3.

Arthur Souza: how that can happen? gh2 looks better in all most all the tests.

SuperSaiyanSupreme: What were the Picture Profiles you were using for the Cameras?

azuremain: I never shoot auto, always fully manual.

Gerald Rusche: I'm so hppy with my GH2. And your test will confirm. The only pus i see on GH2 is the low light capability. The scene at the doorway on GH3 has more light but lookes as a video. The GH2 has more filmic style. So my next cam will definitely not be GH3, maybe a MFT-BMCC?

azuremain: Don't worry I'm still into Airsoft, just haven't been very active though. Plan on joining games again and shoot some videos besides shooting me some hajis. Thanks for following my channel

azuremain: No, just firmware V1.1. Don't see no reason to hack. As you can see the picture is great and the original footage on my harddisk looks even better.

Cinemarktographer: I felt like the GH3 rack focus was better.

mp4podcastDOTcom: When you got the flick on the GH3 was the shutter double the frame rate or was it more then double the frame rate?

Keith Domingo: Nice. Test thanks... irs interesting that moire and light flicker is more apparent on gh3 :/

azuremain: Absolutely, moire/aliasing was the major reason I "binned" my Canon 600D. I know what you mean, we don't have lotta brick building here, but also many other urban structures - just nerve wracking but thanks to the GH2 I never had to worry anymore. The GH3 really disappoints in that department. I never considered add-on AA filters as they're said to soften the picture.

mp4podcastDOTcom: Yeah that's kind of a bummer for the GH3. I know the GH1 and GH2 have problems with lights like lines come out kind of like a star. But GH1 and GH2 I can not remember seeing a flicker problem. Thanks for the test I would have never known to look out for this flicker problem.

azuremain: Not just better low light capability, for me the GH2 is superior in all other categories. Panasonic just added lots of new functions to the GH3 and packed it in a neat, ergonomic metal body. But at the end of the day what counts is the picture quality. Yes, the pocket Black Magic is tempting, but do I need a new computer/software for that (codec etc.)? Btw, benutzen Sie den Schwenkbildschirm an der GH2 zum manuellen Fokusieren und klappt das auch ordentlich? Bin übrigens aus Berlin ;-)

AnimalStomper: Hi, I am an amateur videographer studying film. Great comparison by the way, is your GH2 hacked? I am thinking of upgrading from my hacked GH1, do you think i should get the GH2 or the GH3?

Luca Cosato: gh3 with next hack is best cam ever!

autofasurer: Damn... Looks like the GH2 is better in crop factor, artificial light flicker, moiré,... What makes the GH3 better then... I'm now doubting again...

azuremain: No, it's not visible on the display. Btw, I had this flickering again recently. I'll talk to Panasonic about this.

Cinemarktographer: 24p

mp4podcastDOTcom: GH3 with the light flicking did you have the camera in auto mode or did you set the shutter? I know if the shutter is to high you can have flicker?

Gerald Rusche: Ja wenn Ruhe und Zeit ist klappt Klappdisplay das recht gut ;). Aber da ich wegen 'nem Kran mir jetzt eh ein 7" zulegen werde...Gruß aus Oldenburg nach Berlin

AnimalStomper: Yeah I think I will get the GH2 and the 20mm. Then perhaps save up for the 12-35mm.

TONYLOUIS100: The GH3 is meant to be a upgraded camera and has flaws. Panasonic has a smaller sensor crop on the GH3. This may be causing the problem with Moiré which can be distracting while making a video. Having to change f stops and the focal distance, to minimise the effects of Moiré during a shoot when you have found the perfect natural composition distance and depth of field will be interfering with your film making decision. The GH3 is flawed. It has made advances in many areas but is flawed

mp4podcastDOTcom: Just a heads up early adopters of the GH3 have had the hotshoe come loose. Putting anything heavy on the GH3 can make the hotshoe come loose or break. Not everyone is having this problem. There is a video on YouTube called by a YouTuber called BeyondCinemaTV Review of Quick Cage (DSLR small) with a Lumix GH3

sjs: The moire is terrible on the GH3. The discussion about the artificial lights flickering at the same frame rates/shutter rates, might have something to do with the sensor, and the moire. Specifications and numbers on paper sometimes don't tell the whole story. This is the case this time. I am curious, when the bokeh test was shot, were both cameras set up exactly the same? The GH3 had deeper, richer colors, as if the GH2 had an extra 1/2 stop of exposure. Might be the different sensors.

Gyanendra Gurung: Just had my GH2 stolen along with my 14-140 lens from my room in HK. Am thinking of the GH3 as a replacement. Hope its worth it or better.

Ernesto Mántaras: The flickering that's seen on low consumption lighting is a combination of shutter and framerate settings. If you're in PAL land (50hz electrical system), the ideal configuration is 25 or 50fps at 1/50 or 1/100 shutter (or a multiple of 1/25) And if you're in NTSC land (60hz electrical system), the ideal configuration is 30 or 60fps at 1/60 or 1/120 shutter (or a multiple of 1/30). Shooting at the right shutter but at 24p will give you something like that in 2:35. It's not the GH3's fault.

azuremain: I did lots of night-time shots with my GH2 with all kinds of artificial lights, never had flickering. You also don't see any flickering in my low light GH2 video watch?v=-j8mEMBHESY.

TheBillswill: GH3 dynamic range improvement is worth the price of admission alone!. It's about $999 most places now and the stills are actually awesome. Yeah the crop changed a tiny bit...about 10% range sizewise...but the pluses add up to a very very good buy at under $1k.

azuremain: With firmware V1.1 my GH2 can shoot both at 24p and 25p.

Ernesto Mántaras: Damn, Hong Kong's awesome. I see there are no issues with the GH2 there and in this video, but like I told you it very much depends on the lights you have in front. It's some very low consumption lights that do that (phosphorous lights and some fluorescent lights). I'll try and shoot outside tonight so show you exactly what I'm talking about. And I insist on you double checking the GH3 settings because it's odd and no one else has reported such issue, including Andrew Reid who shot in Berlin.

Cinemarktographer: I get flicker problems all the time with my GH2 just like as seen in the GH3 clip.

mp4podcastDOTcom: Thanks for the test. I have two GH2 camera. Kind of want a GH3 but can not make up my mind. for low light the GH3 is a winner, but the moire and aliasing is kind of a deal breaker as I live in Boston and filming down with old brick building and moire being a head ache. If you google "Caprock Filter" there is a company that makes a really good aliasing and moire filter will will soften the image but all aliasing and moire will be removed.

PeterGregg: Nice work, but slightly misleading. The GH3 is the better image. Flickering is a result of the shutter speed the camera is using. You can kill the flickering by changing the shutter speed. Start with a shutter speed of 1/60 (1/50 eur) and go lower. Also try and stay with a ratio of your FPS speed - 30P or 24P. Moire will disappear if you change the F Stop or the focal distance. It happens when harmonization happens when all things align right. Change something to make the moire disappear :)

mp4podcastDOTcom: I think you can get away with a filter on the GH3. I saw some side by side test and the GH3 is the sharpest camera there is even a RED EPIC. I saw a side by side video of GH2 Vs Sony Nex 7 filming at 60p and the GH2 is 720p 60p and the Sony Nex 7 is 1080p 60p and the GH2 was way sharper then the Sony Nex 7. It also comes down to the way the pixels get rendered out.

свободный художник: something wrong with gh3, - is gh2 pal - and gh3 ntsc ?

azuremain: Thanks for confirming the more contrasty and harder (sharper) look of the GH2. That's what I want, a clean image.

Madeline Mantiss: Comparing bokeh between GH2 and GH3 is meaningless. With sensor size and format pretty much the same for both models, bokeh effects is more a function of what lens you are shooting with than what GH body you are using.

свободный художник: Gh2 still Better camera in all test, gh3 - worse than GH1

mp4podcastDOTcom: Some last question can you see the flick problem on the LCD screen on the GH3 to help avoid the problem when filming?

Cinemarktographer: GH3 can shoot 60fps 1080, while GH2 can only shoot 60 at 720. GH3 has a more robust, weather proofed body. GH3 can shoot at a much higher bitrate than a non-hacked GH2. To get a high bitrate with GH2 you have to hack it. And honestly, I felt the GH2 and GH3's moire were equally bad in different ways.

azuremain: It's not about the body at all. Mind you the GH3 has a different sensor than the GH2 which is even very obvious when comparing the crop factor. As the sensor is a major component of a camera, a comparison is certainly justified.

azuremain: Both cameras 24fps, 1/50s.

Ernesto Mántaras: Hey, I'm not a wise guy, I just studied and tested. And there's evidently something wrong on your GH3 settings. Are you absolutely sure the camera was at 1/50? Because I've shot many times on the street with my GH2 at 24p 1/50 and you get a slight flicker but it's subtle, not nearly as bad as what you have on the GH3. No sensor or camera is inherently "flickery". And not all lights generate this issue.Can't you run that part of the test again and try the shutter steps from 1/25 to 1/125 and see?

azuremain: GH2: Cinema, GH3: All -2 Standard

mp4podcastDOTcom: The rack focusing seems better on the GH2.

YTerSndGuy: San Diego? :)

Джошуа икбалович: do you not collect gear anymore? :(
Panasonic Lumix GH2 vs. GH3 Comparison (Bokeh, Aliasing, Moire, Low Light, Crop Factor etc.) 4.6 out of 5

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Panasonic Lumix GH2 vs. GH3 Comparison (Bokeh, Aliasing, Moire, Low Light, Crop Factor etc.)