Minecraft Redstone Escalator

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Minecraft Redstone Escalator
Minecraft Redstone Escalator
elevator in Minecraft PE TUTORIAL - MCPE Redstone creation
elevator in Minecraft PE TUTORIAL - MCPE Redstone creation
How To Make a Redstone Elevator in Minecraft 1.5.2
How To Make a Redstone Elevator in Minecraft 1.5.2
✔️MCPE 0.14.0 CAKE ELEVATOR {REDSTONE}    Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.14.0
✔️MCPE 0.14.0 CAKE ELEVATOR {REDSTONE} Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.14.0
Minecraft redstone escalator
Minecraft redstone escalator

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Zdragon games: You idiot

Asher Yin: Cool

MASTERxOVERLORD: pretty cool for a little kid

Haikalakbar Akbar: Ko gk di ksih tau cara buatnya

Charlie Martinez: freak you lol

ProMCRedstone: Okay, im tired of replying to stupid pointless un-thoughtful comments, First of all thank you to all the people that know true art and quality and gave this kid some comments like " you are so smart " and " Kids these days " Because they know how this kid came up with the idea on his own, like which i replied to many comments "actually, he doesnt need to make a tutorial, and if he downloaded it, then give me the download link ^_^. This accusation is the most often accused and is 90% of the time wrong. I am a redstoner and i can see that i have been able to come up with plenty of ideas, and made a redstone contraption with that idea, and when i surf youtube, someone else also came up with the idea, this is not copying it is just similar minds stumbling upon the same thing" This is so true its true to me, i remember when i come up with an idea for redstone and build a redstone machine from it, and when i go on youtube theres people that also came up with the idea, i never watched the videos before yet i came up with it on my own. So for all those 7k haters, shut up and watch the video for its art.

Creator Face: Better me I'm so sad because I have 1 subcriber

Creator Face: your videos is cool smart

Chelsea Zefanya: cara bin nya gimana sih

Brooklynn Turner: Who is watching in June 2016

TheExtremeGamer MCPE: What does AC means?

emanuel Moggie: bitch

rowena mirandilla: men I'm not great at redstone but soon I will be I will be the redstone pro muhahahahahahahahhaa

Liam Pictet: It's ok because he is small but this was a contraption made by Sethbling if you were wondering. In mosts of his videos it's Sethbling the original creator.

aisyah nurhayati: Why do people like freak videos , ACtennisAC doesn't deserve this much attention

aisyah nurhayati: Basilisk allegories is right people, this you tuber is a fraud with no inteligent

aisyah nurhayati: The reason you didn't make a tutorial is because you don't know how to make that escalator, cause someone else built the escalator

aisyah nurhayati: Nobody should believe you built this entire escalator. You can't make tutorials cause you are not the one who built this and you only showed us some very easy red stone contraption , you are just a dumb loser that actually can't make anything useful

Rafael Duque: kuyawa uy

Jayden Cruz: i hate it your not showing it and bla
Minecraft Redstone Escalator 5 out of 5

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Minecraft Redstone Escalator