John Deere 6155M Review!!

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John Deere 6155M Review!!
John Deere 6155M Review!!
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John Deere 6M - Full Product Overview
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Duff /back-up-channel\: What’s your snapchat

Alex Robertson: the 6150m is a bloody awesome tractor
I hauled a trailer loaded with 29 tonne in the back up a hill for 3 months and it held it's own very very well

shahaf shoshany: Are you sure there's a suspension for the cab? AFAIK those are not available for the 6M.

(i hope that by now you learned how to operate it.... ;) )

T7315: WTF? V6?? I think it is inline 6 but.... HM.

Farm Vloggers!: What Is A Better Tractor Think You The John Deere 6150M Or The John Deere 6155M?

JCash: Why do all John Deeres look like they are from 1980 with there big over sized scv levers and big bulky gear levers? Worst shuttle on a tractor, sound like it's going to break when it's moved. Take a leaf out of Massey Fergusons book with there cab layout and industry best power control shuttle lever. And get that pickleie seat sorted out.

Julian Fentum: Whats the music at the begining & end of the video please, love it.

Angelica Vinas: hey do you have facebook,twitter insta accts?

André Hilgers: John Deere 💚👌👍💪🚜
Greetings from Germany 🙋

Wik_42: I saw you comment on tanners vid and i think your content is very good and tbh you should deserve more subs 😄👍👍

JW Cattle: This is ok and a bit Informative, If you are a bit slow or retarded. However I do like the video it's catchy, if you know you are retarded. .... YES I am clinically retarded so eat crap before you judge the post asshole

Jack Church: U had the limiter on. She would of done 40

nicolasagna: The tortoises are so cute! :D

SBNT18: 40k is unfortunate ! 55 wouldve been nice.

ernest vandeputte: My name is also ernest lol

David Scott: the content is lit

Bryce Lucas: Shoutout??

F1nB0yl3: New subscriber love your vids, found you via marzbar vlogs.

Velorath: Well done on 1,000 subscribers

Seb Key: I miss your girlfriend
John Deere 6155M Review!! 5 out of 5

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John Deere 6155M Review!!