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Testing The GoGirl (Portable Female Pee Device)
Ladies. you need a Go Girl. trust me.
Ladies. you need a Go Girl. trust me.
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Best Damn Music Around: These are the real deal too silicone contours the beaver there are plastic knockoffs out there

alison keenleyside: i loved it!!!!!!!!

Brian Paul: Simple solution to your volume issue... (Perhaps u figured it out already) Cut the end the urine comes out up a 1/2" .....so the hole is bigger and the liquid will pass thru faster

popa andreea: I personally don't think I'm ever gonna need this. I'm fine with squatting, thank you very much. I don't need a plastic pencil to empower me.

Star of Eden: load o crap

Chrisentiae Saint-Piaf: I liked this up until your derogatory comment "shemale". I'll find another video to share on Facebook.

Aqua Rose: you're saying what we are all thinking !

Dubs J: Your vid is definitely funny; love it!

caligula julius: ladies have an inferiority complex ,they always want to do what men do .shame on you . So for how long and how many of those freaking things you gonna be carrying during the day , weeek , month lolll

Justin Hunting: How did I end up in this part of you tube? I guess I never thought about how much it must suck not having a pickle. If I I had a flat crotch and had to sit and wipe every time it would really annoy me. Not just because of the obvious draw back of not having my favourite toy to play with, but because pissing would take up a lot of my time and life (especially when I drink beer). Also at night clubs you girls are always queuing for rest rooms and the amount of times I've found it convenient just to whip it out on a road side (where a service station is an hour away) Is a god send. 
I'm glad they're finally making you girls artificial pickles. I guess it's like someone with a missing limb who gets a prosthetic. It must be a liberating and awesome experience to piss standing for the very first time. 
Thanks for sharing.
I will never take my pencil for granted ever again. It really is an amazing multi tool and I now fully comprehend the inconvenience of not having one. :-(
P.s How does it work and where do you store and clean your she wee when it's done? Doesn't it dribble out the sides when the stream fades? Do girls even have the necessary pressure to force it out as the muscle in a pencil helps shoot the stream forward? I'm very confused, please educate me on this new found and fascinating practice. I might buy my gf one for camping trips. :-)

Amanda Frank Aguinaga: I have a family of five and I'm the only girl and all my boys are like mom you have to go the the restroom again!! I did wonder about all of these things I'm glad I picked yours! Great video thanks

Kevin Duncan: Kd


rokkwild 1: How many people found this while trying to search "fudgemuppet"?

baby cakes: i would love to see a demo ma'am

karen holman: ty 4 making this funny and easy ...i use mine alot but looking 4 an adapter tube to make the outlet longer. also i use empty plastic pill bottle to store it in..easier than trying to put it in the container it comes in.. they're $10-12 here wish i could get them for $4. have one in pink and one in camo...
thx karen

Nicholas Trenton: Mine is coming tomarrow ! YAAAY great review really funny! 👍👍😂

Steph Fisher: This is a great review, not gross at all.  You should try out the smartway brand.  They're really awesome

bukkie Gerald dijeng: nice,

osmoregulatoryorgan: Thanks for the great review. Wifey found it most amusing.
Go Girl F.U.D. 5 out of 5

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