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Ladies. you need a Go Girl. trust me.
Ladies. you need a Go Girl. trust me.
Product Review - Go Girl and Skin Authority
Product Review - Go Girl and Skin Authority
Go Girl and P-style review/comparison
Go Girl and P-style review/comparison
CLOSED Holiday Cheer Giveaway Wen. PooPourri. or GoGirl
CLOSED Holiday Cheer Giveaway Wen. PooPourri. or GoGirl

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jazmin uzarraga: You are so funny and likable 😁😁

k. mclean: nice video

amberb2685: You cracked me up!!! Lol! 

Marcio Avilez: Hey, some men should use this too. Maybe so they'll will hit more easily the target. :D

Shannon Collins: Driving through Kansas! LOL......i'm from KS, and yes, there are times where there are NO bathrooms ;)

Heather Garrison : Great personality! No need to watch the video I could see how useful it would be but you kept me watching 

debra Orton: I would like to know how to get one please let me know

DarkElfMairead: I like you :D

pfshooter: I thought I would see it being used.

A. Pond: Hahaa, I think it's in style to find everything gross these days or something! :) 
Would be great to avoid toilet seats in public and poking your ass on sticks in the woods!
Keeping standing up in the woods is so much safer!  I've gotta have one!

Rachel Davisson: You're great Kelley!  I love your humility and humor!  It's refreshing to see a woman who's unabashed about something so personal and I love how quickly you "dealt" with the "girly girls" and their "eww I don't want to touch it's"!! We needed the truth about this product and you gave us just that.  Thank you for having the courage to give us a true review of such an intimate product.  Much Love♥♥♥

Erin Burd: I noticed your remark about periods and I wondered if you had ever heard of menstrual cups? I personally use the Diva Cup and I love it, but there are many brands. It is great because it has all the benefits of tampons without the negative side effects. Thanks for the video and I am excited to get one of these to use for my next camping trip.

Pam Willems: The problem is you still have to pull your pants down, that kind of defeats the purpose of standing to pee. I have one of a different brand and you really do have to practice, I still pee's all over myself. I don't want to have to pull my pants down though.

diamond madness: Awesome! I have to admit I was playing with my friends and they said I'm gonna go see and after a while I had to go. I'm jealous

superbuds0714: Dear, Kelley Davis

Woman need to be more let loose like you.

Sincerely, Male

Kevan Thompson: Just bought one of these for my GF.  Incredibly funny and useful review.  Laughed the whole way through it.  You have an awesome sense of humor.  GREAT job- thanks Kelley!

Emma Falk: Have it endorsed by Emma Watson.

pandorasbox1965: I love this lady! Funny and insightful and just fun to watch! Thanks for the video Kelly!

Kirsten Carter: Ur awesome dude. My husband wants me to get one cause were always outdoors biking or boating and its just so much easier for the men than us women I cant wait to try it

Joy Milhoan: My daughter and I laughed all the way through this.. what a great (and funny) review.  I have to do a search to see if you have more on here.  Thanks for a great start to my day.. :)
Go Girl F.U.D. 5 out of 5

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