How To Tint Your Car

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Does window tint keep your car cooler Houston Texas
Does window tint keep your car cooler Houston Texas
How to Tint Your Car
How to Tint Your Car
How To Apply Window Tint Like a Pro
How To Apply Window Tint Like a Pro
How to Tint your Headlights for $20 - EASY
How to Tint your Headlights for $20 - EASY
Installing Pre-Cut Tint Kits
Installing Pre-Cut Tint Kits

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Jay: I love your Forester! I have an 05 myself and I need to get er tinted!

Chris Foxworth: oh Lord. Let the pro do it lol

Jeremy White: Yeah i'd rather pay to get it tinted instead of having a lifetime supply of tint hanging around my house.

Theron Early: They never showed what the dryer was used for.

anthonyc417: Avocado?

Andrew Guindi: About to do my black '15 accord. 5 on the rear window, 35 on the sides, 5 on the front windshield sun strip, smoked blue headlight overlays. Total $112 USD with an installation kit coming with squeegee, application spray, and a tucking tool for edges. All pre cut for the specific year and model. #Maaaaaaaaaaaad

john smith: this is bullcrap, I started to tint my windows and it instantly wrinkled up and got tangled, this is not a do it yourself unless you're a professional, the hell with this I'm taking it to a shop

MADBONE: Hardest part of this mod .. finding $120 tint that's good quality delivered to my door

J.Gomez: But it cost me 150$ on the shop :/ whats the diference here?

Hello By: Guess I won't be tinting my windows because my A/C doesn't work but only 2 out of 4 work anyways…

john's real state services: thanks guys. I liked your Colombian accent.

NicKVenTs: When you live in Houston and all legit tinting starts at 100$

Jesus Tijero: nice initial D refrence. lmao

gina bombardier: hello i noticed that the brand of window tint your using is johnson window film, am i able to buy it myself or do i go through someone? thanku

Ali Al Hamidawi: I have an Audi TT Man

Collin Downer: I don't trust myself enough to tint my own windows.

Spencer Clizer: For sure my new favortie channel, you guys are so awesome

TheOne CalledJake: I have 5% tint and I could still see at night. But then again I am in a city environment. Definitely wont see crap if i hit the back roads.

Horror Bears: crap COVERED TESTICLES, SMELLY crapS

How to Tint Your Car 5 out of 5

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How to Tint Your Car