How To Tint Your Car

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The Purple Platypus Podcast: 4:53- 5:17 complete waste of time and not needed. Just cut the template on the glass haha. Lord Jesus

ArchDemur: These guys are the BOMB

Tyler Gutto: I don’t trust myself

Aaron Eaton: Is precut tint always bad tint like you were talking about?

Zakk Branks: Good tinting is a work of art, takes practice and a lot of patience to get it perfect.

Regilio Bouma: damn the old school back yard in your mom's garage MCM lol miss the old days, but understand that now u can let stuff open and not finish a car, and come back the next day, cause u said you often got stuff stolen in the old days.. that sucks. still this gives me OG vibes

LipsOfDaMule: love ya car I got simular h6 2001 painting black,I noticed sti sticker on yours what is the car exactly and what mods you got?

D.S.R Productions: was employed as a window tinter for 8 years and have to say this vid is a great place to start to learn how to do it yourself, obviously practice makes perfect but the boys have given you all the info needed to have a crack at it!

Mellissa Aaron: 150! Dude! Just go get it done for 180 haha so dumb

Randy Randerson: lmao pedobear

Zay The Banana: what is the liquid they are using?

Zsolt Barcza: haha just fitted my tints that I bought for £21, the only reason it turned out to be good is because i ripped all the glasses out from the car and did the job in the bathroom XD

MotorReviewAustralia: Wish me luck fellas! Day off today, Here goes my first tint attempt.

Fade To Black LLC: Very informative video, thanks

William Baldwin: How to remove scrapes in the window from rolling down?

Froskinny: I’ll remove it but rather pay someone

13firebug13: One of my concerns with this is how would it go with the oil check stickers and P plate signs?

Ri Jin: Can I use the hair dryer rather than heat gun? Don't want to buy a heat gun just for using once

decidiousrex: I think you guys made one big mistake and gave crapty advice: if you're new to doing tint DON'T BUY EXPENSIVE TINT. Buy cheap crap on eBay, freak it up, learn from it, do it over again, if it still looks like crap then repeat with the cheap crap until it looks ok. Once you are decent at it, THEN buy good tint.
I bought tint from walmart for like 10 bucks for a 6 foot roll. Is it crap quality? Of course. But it lets me test out what VLT I want on which windows, once I know what I want and get ok at doing the tint I'll get good stuff.

Daniel Combs: I Really want this car...
How to Tint Your Car 5 out of 5

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How to Tint Your Car