How To Tint Your Car

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Does window tint keep your car cooler Houston Texas
Does window tint keep your car cooler Houston Texas
How to Tint Your Car
How to Tint Your Car
How To Apply Window Tint Like a Pro
How To Apply Window Tint Like a Pro
How to Tint your Headlights for $20 - EASY
How to Tint your Headlights for $20 - EASY
Installing Pre-Cut Tint Kits
Installing Pre-Cut Tint Kits

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James Murphy: Kiss my rooster mate. Shills in progress.

Stinky Potatoes: I hope marty and moog freak hard

Rix IV: This is so weird, I have an 01 Outback and I want to tint the windows so I looked for a video on how and there just happens to be this video where they do it on an Outback!

Patricio Martinez: I saw that they were using Johnson window film. Does anyone know how or where they got it? I can't figure out how to order it

Michael Stewart: what happens if you dont use a heat gun ?

kanof datsun: so you place the film on the two sides ? please answer me ?

Jay: Does the razor blade damage the window?

nchia: Top vid. I came looking for how-to tint your own windows. You've convinced me to pay someone else to do it! LOL

I just hope they are meticulous as you guys!

Biggins McSauce: Looks good boys!

SALMAN AL-Harethey: Awesome, Beneficial and Beautiful Demonstration. Thanks.

Nicholas Stapleton: Hey guys does anyone know how much it costs to renew a registration a small car in Australia like a Honda civic. including green slip and all costs roughly.

Droid Gameplays: i like moog doing swearing

Davood Sharifi: Couldn't buy a good tint ! End up with bad result but at least I learnt something and will do better next time 😊

Jay: I love your Forester! I have an 05 myself and I need to get er tinted!

Chris Foxworth: oh Lord. Let the pro do it lol

Jeremy White: Yeah i'd rather pay to get it tinted instead of having a lifetime supply of tint hanging around my house.

Theron Early: They never showed what the dryer was used for.

anthonyc417: Avocado?

Andrew G: About to do my black '15 accord. 5 on the rear window, 35 on the sides, 5 on the front windshield sun strip, smoked blue headlight overlays. Total $112 USD with an installation kit coming with squeegee, application spray, and a tucking tool for edges. All pre cut for the specific year and model. #Maaaaaaaaaaaad

john smith: this is bullcrap, I started to tint my windows and it instantly wrinkled up and got tangled, this is not a do it yourself unless you're a professional, the hell with this I'm taking it to a shop
How to Tint Your Car 5 out of 5

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How to Tint Your Car