Audi A6 (C5) 1998-2004 - Front Upper Control Arm Replacement - DIY Repair

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voluntaryist: If you use an air chisel in the splits of the knuckle where the blot goes through. It will open them then if need be put the nut on, and the hit it with the sharp point with the air hammer

Mario K: you should use at first some wd.40.....hitting the bolt with hammer it's not a wise ideea ....thread point of view speakin' LOL

Ieducs Wesps: Excelent
Thanks very much

nelias7306: If you put anti-seize on the new bolt that replaces the pinch bolt only on the shaft and not where the nut threads would that help to prevent corrosion next time?

Sam Doms: not permitted to tighten the control arms on the MacPherson strut yet. Ssame reason as the bushings n the bottom side => ride height!

Amandeep Rakhraj: I always had the understanding that the upper control arm bolts that run through the bushings should always be torqued to spec once the vehicle's suspension is under load (i.e. the position of the arms once the vehicle is on the ground and the suspension is under the load of the weight of the vehicle).

bruce tec: I would not pry on rubber boots. You can use flat chisel in the open to slightly release the pressure on the arms. That way yiu save your boots and do t have to hammer on the arms and marring them. Also your video made me apreciate being a tech I florida. No rust.

madi zaha: motherfreaker that's not a vw toureag

IulianE: this is real world mechanics ,well done!top video!

tmk111: After few weeks when i did this, one of the arm nearly half way out.... why? i'v putted new bolt.. thanks

Dick Carter: One should only finger tighten the bolts through the bushes until the car is back on the ground and at normal level, otherwise, the bushes will be wound-up when static.

Vikingdescendent: Well done! Thx.

GixxerEdis: now how similar is the setup to 09 audi a4?

Johan Nyström: Verry good video but i allways put a bit of grease on the bolt thath holds the controll arms so u dont have the problem getting the loose whene u change theme in the future!

Irmantas Stanislovaitis: noises in suspension while drive,shake wheel,pick up car and try move arms with small crawbar but carefull dont damage any rubber parts/cover

SashaTessa: точно) рассмешил

Rick Born: Great video, very helpful. One issue I ran into (other than that bear of a pinch bolt) was my uppers were completely wore out so I could not reinstall new ones in same position (the old ones just free spun). I had to install arms loosely, then put vehicle at curb weight and do my best to torque upper bolts. You are correct in previous post that this is very difficult to do. I also read that you can measure the angle but my car has lowering springs so the measurements were wrong.

jacek666b: what torque wrench are you using?

Golden907: How much pounds of torque are you putting on the nuts and bolts?

Серж Михалыч: для нас да !
Audi A6 (C5) 1998-2004 - Front upper control arm replacement - DIY Repair 5 out of 5

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Audi A6 (C5) 1998-2004 - Front upper control arm replacement - DIY Repair