Elfen Lied Abridged - Part 1

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everygameguy: Crappy french accent.... or wutever the accent for Nana is supposed to be...

everygameguy: Lucy's vectors rip things to pieces if they are under 2m, not 10m...

c reepy: Where's the rest of them Disneyland dammit

sara villarreal: "He's a hero!!!! Send. Him. To. His. Death." Lmao XD

originalahnock: I want a looped gif of 6:37 to 6:38. right now.

L. Love Rodriguez: "what happend to them?" "disny land"

Terra Jaeger: that fight club reference!!!

darkmalification: 8:41 is pretty nice

TheBystanderNed: 7:38 what is this music? I cant seem to find it anywhere I would think to look!

Jacob LaJoie: I never watch abridged but I'm on a crap streak and the "ax on a spring" actually made me laugh.

jeremy smith: Shoot better voice acting than the origonal

MarclineVampire: 4:53 XD "son of a bitch!!"

trumpetman309: That rhyme at 6:30 was masterful

Rhys Sim: Why is everything the opposite way round in the one with part 1 and 2 

Retarded Titan: "we don't have girl scouts in japan"

That_One_Random_Girl: Nana is French now XD

Jadon Lowthorp: OMG U COPIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dean R: Clear Sky's is a trilogy mini-series on YouTube. The line, "Can I shoot real people yet," is a line that came up on Clear Skies, and the actors sound exactly the same.

MattHiStandard: I apologize for not getting back sooner. College is a bitch. Tomorrow, I promise.

Tim Blakley: When he jumped out of the window he sounded like Bear Grills.

disposable157: You're too kind ^_^

DeanCFilms: 'An axe on a spring' Brilliance, the dubbing is much better than the Ninja Scroll one too :) Great job

Edward Elric: Crap auto correct..Lamo

darkzz9: 07:30

FallingofHeroes: "Thiz iz going tu bi da best day eva!" - Nana made me smile a little inside :)

disposable157: I wrote that without really thinking anyone would ever actually say it. I was so happy with how Lilja ended up performing it

Dave Marshall: Awesome job, surprised you didn't have the part where kouta has to undress nyuu but it's cool xD

Julius Braswell: I can do that

MattHiStandard: you know...when I saw the amount of views...I was like...oh God...another bad abridged series...then I saw the like bar...and said "you know? I'll give it a chance". I'm glad I did! Excellent job! This should definitely have more views :)

ma3zool: I love nana's voice ^_^

disposable157: Saying "We don't have anyone like that"? That's YDM Freshmaker. Who's Clear Sky's?

Pinkiepie Forfurher: Parodies are defended by law.

SuperTrollz963: Everything is great except for their frickin voices

disposable157: I had a crap day at work today and came home to find this in my inbox. You're officially lovely, thank you very much :) FYI, comments like this are exactly the reason why I continue making this stuff. Could I trouble you for any sections you particularly liked, didn't like or thought could be improved?

oskyrus: Nicely done

Saiyan Bardock: I would pay you to do that infront of me.

Neo Dai: Lol ignoring the fact that you have been recently blinded.

SuperCer054: Pretty Funny

MasterShizm: You know, i accidently saw this video and decided to watch it the first time. I could not stop laughing. The nex day i had to watch it again but couldnt find it. BUT I FOUND IT TODAY. Its without a dout the funniest dub over ive seen. Excellent work!

Miranda Nazareth: Why does abridgment make me hate the characters I love and hate the ones I love?! I normally hate Yuka, yet she's one of my favorites in this abridgment! Same with Barto!

kaitie648: I say that a lot. But I make my own versions, one is Sims2 is the best game eva! Or that Sailormoon and Elfenlied are the best shows eva! Haha I have problems, :)

PituriYuri -_-: British accents make everything sound intelligent. I feel smarter. And I am smart!

vyxen83: Ah! Man this funny i always love abridged anime its always funny first i watch the actually series then i watch the abridge its better for me and thumps up for anime abridge

firefox69: I knew this anime had a comedy side i really cant wait to see tge next episode good job.

kittymama70: Asian bitches know how to fight

kite freeks: one of the better abridged series, definitely. I liked the text blocks.

ROBODUDE: Holy crap bloody mess so much blood

disposable157: The voice actress who did that line enjoyed it so much I've got about ten minutes of her just doing that...

KhorneProphet: whats the music @ 5:42?

Raven Serenity: This is so freakin hilarious.......all their different accents!!!!!!!!!
Elfen Lied Abridged - part 1 4.9 out of 5

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Elfen Lied Abridged - part 1