Glowing Bicycle Wheels Kit - Nori Lights

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Glowing Bicycle Wheels Kit - Nori Lights
Glowing Bicycle Wheels Kit - Nori Lights
Tron Lightcycle - Glow in the dark e-bike wheels
Tron Lightcycle - Glow in the dark e-bike wheels
Nori Lights - Glow Bike Kit Now Available
Nori Lights - Glow Bike Kit Now Available
Glowing Bicycle Wheel
Glowing Bicycle Wheel

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Sensible Musician: Very cool good luck on your venture.

TheKingPhisher: Awesome invention! I will be ordering the V2 for my Dahon Mu P8. Thanks!

Brendon Fleming: For someone at my age i dont get payed enough to be able to aford one for atleast a month or two

John Lawson: so chris...let me know if you can mount them onto sportbikes. i will get a set and extra tape to really light it up. once again brilliant and looking forward to hearing from you. God bless

John Lawson: amazing man!!! just a thought you had and bamm...your legit. i assume its mountable on motorcycles as well? i think your idea is brilliant. ill share this immeiately. congratulations and i wish all the best on your success. next stop...SHARK TANK.. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR ADVENTURE. id like to put them on my sportbike. let me know

Domina Charmain: Can you use these on a motorbike?

Dave Hypahippy: Hi ya we're all loving the Nori lights ' do you do a recumbent trike, 3 wheels I think the they would work really well, I'm sure many Trike riders will be interested, do you have a UK Outlet, if not I'd be Happy to help anyway I can ...I have many cyclist friends that would buy these...they are Truly Wicked..

Goldwin Stewart: Hey I have a question (might buy depending on the answer) does the sun cause this stuff to phosphores for a long time? I don't want the bike to be light up like a christmas tree when it's locked up sitting alone since bikes get stolen so quickly in my city.

Sourav Chowdhury: i want some led wheel light pls help me i buy lights 9836487224 cont

Triple Flow Music: 1) Is this a luminophore or a phosphor tape? (there is a huge difference, phosphor is very toxic and dangerous while luminophore isn't dangerous at all)
2) Is this only available in green colour? Luminophore can be done in many different colors, even can be baked with means available at home, if you also know chemistry well.

Amryll Prescott: its really cool the only thing is how would u just the brakes

Husain Al-Faraj: Can I install it on my car rims?

Juan Castro: what happens when you brake though?

flynnfilms: +blueluny The Nori Lights stripes should not be installed in between the brake pads and the rim. In testing, I found that even when subjected to harsh braking conditions, the stripes didn't move at all. The heat from braking and the friction from the pads did not affect the adhesion. However, the stripes them selves will greatly reduce the friction necessary for braking if they are installed in between the pad and the rim. This would be very dangerous. The solution is quite simple. Either find an alternative surface on the rim, such as a beveled edge along the inside of the rim, or adjusting the brake pad to contact the side of the rim a little higher or lower. This will open up enough non-braking side rim surface, allowing you to install the Nori Lights stripes without worrying about interfering with your braking system. I just posted a video that illustrates this exact concept on the Nori Lights youtube channel.

And yes, strategically placing the stripes on the spokes is a possibility. I have found a pattern that seems to work well and visually creates a solid ring. What I did was wrapped the stripes around 2 spokes at a time, so that the stripes actually "sandwiched" the spokes and stuck to itself back to back. If you would like to see some photos of the spoke install I did, send me an email at 

blueluny: @flynnfilms will the tape not come off if its applied to wheel rim where the brakes contact it? In which case coudl you not just thread / wind tape between the spokes and have the LEDS whine on them there instead?

Kai Boeckmann: I use Norilights on my bike since end of last year. It works great on the rear wheel, but I haven´t found a proper way of installing the pods on my suspension fork. The construction doesn´t allow for the pods to get fixed anywhere there, so that I can point the light to the rim. I have a couple of ideas how to solve this, but still working on it. Suspension forks are probably not very common in the USA for an urban bike, but they are in Germany/EU. Literally any urban or so called trekking bike is equipped with a suspension fork.

mayur satpute: Just bye cheap photoluminescence tape, and arrange hidden LEDs on them. Done... 60USD!!! No way.....
I'm smart.

Roel Flores: wow, real nice! great work

flynnfilms: Hey, if you like this video, check out our new one with BMX rider Alex Cazares. It's pretty kickass.
And find more of our videos on my other youtube channel,
Thank you!
Glowing Bicycle Wheels Kit - Nori Lights 5 out of 5

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Glowing Bicycle Wheels Kit - Nori Lights