How To Make A Diorama - Part2 Adding The Terrain

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epicfantasy: yes, they would be very good with this.

Luka Alfeldi: Sorry if bothering, im new in this so i have lots of questions! :) Would war-hammer figures go good with this? I mean, are they compatible in the size to make the diorama look proportional with the figures?

Luka Alfeldi: Thank you, i've found them on their website! :)

epicfantasy: those are terrain textures. Buy em in bags from woodland scenics.

Luka Alfeldi: Question! What do you use as the "material" for making the terrain look realistic? Thanks in advance :)

mecca2879: hi what was that white, look like a flour u put on the base(part1)???? dd u mix it w/ water??? ty

Erica Helton: Okay thanks! that's what I meant!

epicfantasy: the base of the whole diorama? wood is perfect for that.

Erica Helton: What can I use for a base? I would not like to use plaster. I was thinking wood but I don't know. any tips?

epicfantasy: you are welcome! Have fun with the diorama making! And you can use sawdust too if you want. Just add colored paint to it.

Erica Helton: Thanks, I did not know that. Thank you soooooooo much!

epicfantasy: You can use real dirt!

Erica Helton: Hello, what can I use for DIRT? Can please help, I'm trying to make a1:35 scale diorama. please help!

spookyspookynicky: Can i have all the supplies please.

bleushift: @EthanDagRaven for good turf or mud and graas use moss clean it and let it dry.. makes exellent dirt and bushes

Hummingbirds2009: Love it!!!!

epicfantasy: @The96GuitarFreak Watered down white glue. Mix it about 50/50 is perfect.

The96GuitarFreak: What kind of glue did you have in that spray bottle? O.o

EthanDagRaven: @epicfantasy I think I will do that. Thank you for telling me how to make it!

epicfantasy: @EthanDagRaven wow, they don't have it on canada amazon. Can you try the US amazon. Its a dot com. Otherwise you can go directly to the woodland scenics website.
How to Make a Diorama - Part2 Adding the terrain 5 out of 5

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How to Make a Diorama - Part2 Adding the terrain