Top 5 Remote Starter Problems PLEASE SUBSCRIBE GET ME TO 1K SUBS!!

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Top 5 Remote Starter Problems  PLEASE SUBSCRIBE GET ME TO 1K SUBS!!
Top 5 Remote Starter Problems PLEASE SUBSCRIBE GET ME TO 1K SUBS!!
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Car won't stay on with Remote Starter
Car won't stay on with Remote Starter

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paul dies: Hi Ross I have a old Compustar remote that was put in my 2008 civic. It worked up until a couple of years ago until I had to change the cars battery. Now it only locks and unlocks the car no beeps though. The remote start does nothing no sounds. Also no switch for when the hood is open that I can see. Any ideas?

Roland Specht: what about a GMC 2500

Diane Lucas: Number 1 was my fix... thanks so much!

Kellie Schwentker: How about a 2016 jeep renagade

Syed Usman Ali: Can somebody help me with engine starter problem ?

Trigger Phinger: The remote start wouldn't work after I changed the battery. Only lock and unlock worked. I tried the valet reset. That fixed it.

The mechanic couldn't even fix it when he looked at it.

WRXIMPREZARED2018 SUBARU: My old aftermarket remote start and alarm still works for 15 years without any problem compare to Viper and Compustar alarm. Beware of them in the market. Because the way they wired from the crappy instruction manual and some of them wired incorrectly.

pawprints1986: Im still playing with mine. I tried the tach relearning alone and that didnt help, still held and grinded. So, even though i thought it was only for programming remotes for the starter (which mine was already responding to so i thought this was a dead end) i tried the 5 clicks thing, and then tried programming the tach again..... Im still waiting to confirm, but when i remote started after both of those, it started faster as if with the key, and the grinding stopped! for now.... im still suspicious. it was doing the 3 attempts, and even though the car did start it turned off and retried remote starting 2 more times. and then gave up.

Im letting it get totally cold again to see if i get the same better responce. If that is the fix, im still puzzled as to why i would have had to reprogram the same remote again? when it was already responding? weird.... im one of those people who if it works wants to know why it works. lol

Janelle Andersen Antes: My car will start in the afternoon with the remote start but not in the cold mornings. Could this still be the program tac issue?

lil paws: Thanks so much! I watched so many videos until I finally found yours on programming TAC. This fixed my error!

Julie Bliss: My car stalls all the time now ever since I had my aftermarket remote start installed. I want to disable it and not use it any. Please tell me how?

vicdmac29: Are you only familiar with compustar? What about avital?

billybassman21: You can get a better hood pin on amazon that will not rust, replace that pin switch, not only will it help prevent thief, but will also prevent it from starting if someone is working on it.

RhondaLynnHarper: so through much trial and make it work i have to first use the auto start then push the unlock button...????

Marty Curtis: Hi. I have a Viper remote starter on my 08 Tundra. Every once in a while (every 5-6 months) it seems to interfere with starting the truck using the key, meaning I'll be sitting in the truck and trying to start it normally. I know it's the remote start cuz as soon as I take the FOB off the key chain and move it away from the truck the truck will start. Any idea's or suggestions?

Smith Improvments: I would like to add a new problem to your list.
We have a Dodge Journey, and the remote start will not work if you are low on fuel!
Now I am not sure on the exact level, but anywhere under 1/4 tank of fuel will disable the remote start option.

Dominic Sad: I got an 2006 nissan with the one but button remote from auto mate and it’ll start crank but won’t turn over what should I do ?

Max Steel: car starting without pressing remote

MrFreddyelgato: HI a have a question about a prestige remote stater

Canadian Cuck Fighter: I just bought a new remote starter, suppose to have a 3000 foot range I can barely get it started from 50 feet, sucks!
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Top 5 Remote Starter Problems  PLEASE SUBSCRIBE GET ME TO 1K SUBS!!