How To Fix A Loose N64 Joystick

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Hector Leon: screw that! that's a lot of hassle to take apart the controller just to put tape which is only a temporary fix, I'd rather just buy a new redesign joystick and add some white lithium grease. and put it back on. but it is a good method for those who don't have the money to buy one.

Tyler Harriet: It broke because of your inexperienced methods. I believe you should buy a new controller or a new part.

EsotericGamer: How do you detach the z trigger board (NOT the button) to remove the control stick block? EDIT: Nevermind, I got it. It's tricky. You need to slide it diagonally.

felnpacer: 2cm wide an 8cm long that's wat he meant

Alexa Taylor: he said 2 meters by 8 wtf

JulienIsTheMan: Having the same problem, that's how I got here. Up and down are slow, along with diagonal, right and left are ok.

jokingrofl: Stiff, but working that's how I like it.

justin smith: 4:34 lol

Brickstin: Honestly to tell you the truth I went through a buddy of mine that works at 3btech which they have a second store front for retail services for electronics like PCS and Laptops and Some game consoles. 3btech Sold them a while back. But I think they stopped doing that in PCD because they mainly focus on Wii, xbox360 and PS3 systems. Cell phones included like touch glass repairs. Your best bet is to look for this company that sells them: Google classicgamesrevisited they still sell them, only $10.

Ephicx: How did you buy off hyperkin? They're reseller only... Pleeeeease D:

Ephicx: Anyone know where to get good n64 thumbstick replacements (GC style and OEM style) in Europe? is out of stock and all other sites I find is either reseller only or US only.

Brickstin: Did this fix, even the resin glue fix: it just makes it playable to some extent: It will never be 100% perfectly shaped when the unit was new. I got tired of repeatedly doing this fix when the glue eventually wore out & the bottom of the stick inside eventually wore out too, making this fix worthless. So I went to Hyperkin: they make a replacement with improved design internally. No more wear downs. It looks just like n64 stick, kinda feels like gamecube stick. I do crap the easy way :)

Brickstin: LOOl...... ", . .. . .. . Screwing.. " >_>;

Portnoy18666: 2 meters?! Are you high?

kyleyon: 2 meters of tape won't fit in my controller

Duppy McFuck: Lately i have been looking at many ways to fix my controller but i found its so much easier to just buy a new joystick that is like the gamecube stick.Just my opinion though.

omegahippe: I bought the better joy sticks that don't wear down over's more sensitive but for platformers it's a must have

Noah coppock: ok what it is is it is the tape the layers are to catchy and this prevents the analog from going forward tape doesnt work but a true permanent fix is to use a plastic compound

HaiImJohnJr: 4:36 good times

BenjoTooie: is this how to fix it if i can't go straight?
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How to Fix a Loose N64 Joystick