How To Fix A Loose N64 Joystick

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how to fix loose N64 joysticks!
how to fix loose N64 joysticks!
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Easy N64 Analog Stick Fix
How to Fix a Loose N64 Joystick
How to Fix a Loose N64 Joystick
Let's Refurb! - How To fix Loose N64 Joysticks (Part 2)
Let's Refurb! - How To fix Loose N64 Joysticks (Part 2)

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Hector Leon: screw that! that's a lot of hassle to take apart the controller just to put tape which is only a temporary fix, I'd rather just buy a new redesign joystick and add some white lithium grease. and put it back on. but it is a good method for those who don't have the money to buy one.

Tyler Harriet: It broke because of your inexperienced methods. I believe you should buy a new controller or a new part.

EsotericGamer: How do you detach the z trigger board (NOT the button) to remove the control stick block? EDIT: Nevermind, I got it. It's tricky. You need to slide it diagonally.

felnpacer: 2cm wide an 8cm long that's wat he meant

Alexa Taylor: he said 2 meters by 8 wtf

jokingrofl: Stiff, but working that's how I like it.

justin Summers: 4:34 lol

Nx3: How did you buy off hyperkin? They're reseller only... Pleeeeease D:

Nx3: Anyone know where to get good n64 thumbstick replacements (GC style and OEM style) in Europe? is out of stock and all other sites I find is either reseller only or US only.

Portnoy18666: 2 meters?! Are you high?

Nathan [PorkSnorkle]: Lately i have been looking at many ways to fix my controller but i found its so much easier to just buy a new joystick that is like the gamecube stick.Just my opinion though.

omegahippe: I bought the better joy sticks that don't wear down over's more sensitive but for platformers it's a must have

Noah coppock: ok what it is is it is the tape the layers are to catchy and this prevents the analog from going forward tape doesnt work but a true permanent fix is to use a plastic compound

HaiImJohnJr: 4:36 good times

BenjoTooie: is this how to fix it if i can't go straight?

3Life3: lol at 2 meters

gibbotron09: hey man, no its not it should be the same all around. Your joystick might just be beyond fixing or your tape application was done in a way that is causing this. Retry it and take your time. If it doesn't work then, the joystick may be unfixable. Good luck! :)

omegahippe: when i move upand down on it with mario 64 he runs slow left and right work though is it supose to be like that

deadturtleproduction: THANK YOU! this worked so well that my previously worst joystick is my best now.

David Chapman: tripped me out so hard when i realized the video was mirrored..
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How to Fix a Loose N64 Joystick