How To Solve Honda Idle Problems - EricTheCarGuy

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How To Solve Honda Idle Problems - EricTheCarGuy
How To Solve Honda Idle Problems - EricTheCarGuy
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Honda-Acura Surging Idle Speed (case study)
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Jose Gonzalez: I have idle issues with my 99 Honda Accord 3.0 I changed the erg valve and the idle still goes up and down what can I do @ericthecarguy

Aaron Gomez: Hi Eric, I have a 97 Acura integra and when I took it for the smog check, it pass the emissions test but failed the ODM system check? Couldn't read the catalyc or oxigen on his scanner...any advise any help. Thanks

benito torres: I have a 2004 civic 1.7 with a idle that is surging high and low when warm. Please help!!

David Vogel: Hi Eric. Im having a problem with my 07 odyssey... i can't find the iac. Can you help

Nicktropolis90: My 94 d16 cuts off when decelerating. It does it every time unless I put it in neutral use hand brake and pat the gas. Any ideas?

Itachi Hasashi: My car has a hard time turning on. After 8 or 12 attempts of trying to turn on it finally turns on, however recently I've noticed if try and turn it on and give it a little bit of gas it will turn on right away! Could it be iac valve, tps or what the heck?

Brass: Rockin that motor. Thanx 4 always making me laugh.

Brass: Great Videos. Thanx 4 Sharing. Love ur vids. I subscribed. Koodoes

Lord Darth Raider: I have a 91 Civic, D15b JDM Non Vtec 1.5L ZChead. on warm up my engine idles great but soon as I go and press on the brake several times I am getting a surge, engine will rev high then low and so on till I stop pressing the brake. It will only stop surging if I unplug the IACV or turn around the check valve on the brake booster, that being said I have replaced the IACV 3 times now.All the new IACV's cannot all have been bad. I have also replaced the check valve and it still surges I have no check light and no vacuum leak I also replaced all hoses and burped the radiator. I am stuck for 2yrs now with this damn problem, have I missed something? Thanks

Karmatic Exodus 13: My honda is running as if its loseing compression, when i accelerate up to 54 mph Its running louder than usual, The RPMS are at 3000 in 5th gear maybe thats normal "MAYBE" But it sounds like it needs to shift one more time And i still do it. Unknowingly but still knowing im in 5th already; just to put it back in gear.???
(Im weird like that) Anyhoo, The Exhaust is sounding like its broke off the damn manifold. Thats fun for the toll booth worker; Hand them the change And then stomp on the gas; pulling off in hopes to piss them off with how loud it is. But i also hear the crank shaft rattling, Furthermore, My check engine light has been on And yes, I have a signifigant mixture of Exhaust And Fule feumes at times But try the toll booth with the muffeler broken off at the manifold they will never forget your car again.
Oh yeah, I had a basic diagnostics ran on My 2001 Honda Accord EX 2.3 , By dizzy Auto, The parts dude said; Its the 02 censors malfunctioning so i was like; Nigga, wachew said? (Meaning Im Broke, what els could it be? ) So he went to say it again And i said, "shutcho ass up"No Sale! But after we bumped gums for hot min and Then I left, I drove damn near ta Timbuck Two, Just to realize his punk ass done sold me the wrong spark plug socket And his lil punk ass did the return where i was ready to say "Nigga! lets Bump 2 rounds in this greezy ass parking lot; cuz i want the right tool and paper money fool. crap , that freaker sells me the wrong tool tryan to push store credit on me. "I dont think so"! Anyways, If I clean the carb would that help the cars performance For the time being? Also can you tell me if when a 02 censor malfunctions, can that throw of the timing off?

Charlie Herk: hi guys im from Australia i got a ED 1990 CIVIC its a dual carb not injected.

i tried the air in the coolant thing but idles still at 2500rpm.

cant find these other idle control.valves on the motor any ideas guys.

Derrick Gates: ‘09 Civic 1.8. Put it in drive, press gas pedal and RPM hardly goes up and car won’t hardly go. (Almost to a slow crawl).
I’ll stop and put in reverse or park then back in drive, works perfect.

NOTE: It doesn’t do this all the time and when it does, the check engine light is flashing. Once it straightens out, light stops flashing but stays on.

Also, my check engine light came on (stayed on) only when I cleaned the MAP Sensor few weeks ago.
Anybody had similar problems??

Alexander Perez: Thanks for the knowledge you share freely. I love my 93 ej1 2-door, but I can't afford to constantly be taken advantage of by random shops wanting a fast buck because they say my car is just old. God bless and thanks.

David Hollfelder: Idle problems w 02 Odyssey .. slow idle oscillation 650 to 750 (2 to 3 second cycle/interval) that exactly matches the upstream O2 sensor waveform, and “phantom” misfire codes and TCM light sometimes .. trims normal .. no drivability problems ...> happened after valve covers replacement .... no vacuum leaks or air in coolant ?.... any help/Ideas Eric?

STARR lord: Hey Eric I have a 97 Acura integra sometimes when I start it she will idle funny and even die any ideas?

Michael Brown: You got yourself a new subscriber

D S: Thanks for your videos. I have often found them very helpful. But I have questions about this one and also something from one of your others.

I have a 2005 Honda Odyssey with a rough idle issue. This video says that low coolant (or 'air in the cooling system') is the number one cause for rough idle. I'm curious as to how those could possibly be connected. If you're really low, your idle will get rough... right before your engine seizes and turns into a puddle of molten aluminum and steel :( . But otherwise?

Second question - in another video that I can't find right now, you said that the PCV valve on this car rarely fails... and that it's not often a cause of a rough idle. I'm surprised by that. I pulled mine out. pretty grimy... and the little ball won't budge - which means it's failed. If the ball doesn't move, then the valve is not operating correctly - either stuck open (maybe behaving like a vacuum leak) or stuck closed (never pulling gases out of the crankcase). In my case, the rough idle improved considerably after replacing the valve.

Now that the PCV is behaving better, the idle is lower than it was, so I think it's time to clean the IAC also. Throttle plate was already cleaned.

Thanks again for your videos.

Steve Stokes: Great vid dude anyone tell u that u look like bucky from captain america lol cool ttyl and thanks

gurbeer athwal: Do i have to pull the whole manifold? I have the d16y7 i think with the throttle body going down not sideways and i cant find either of these.

Sebastian Gunzalez: Thanks bro!
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