2005 Chevy Malibu CD Player - Disc Stuck In Drive - DIY

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2005 Chevy Malibu CD Player - Disc Stuck In Drive - DIY
2005 Chevy Malibu CD Player - Disc Stuck In Drive - DIY
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Robert White: Hmmmm, I have an 04 Malibu Maxx w/a 6 disc changer and DVD in the rear. I've had this problem for 5+ years. It's 25 deg out now but I'm so excited that I'm going to brave the cold to see if it'll work for me......will get back.

j e s s i k a es: I have a 2004 Chevy Malibu maxx. Mine came with a DVD player and a 6 disk CD player. Both my DVD and my CD player are stuck with cd's! It's annoying. I tried everything and nothing works. My next best thing would be the Chevrolet dealership. :/

wcemichael: Wrong fuse, but when I found the right one it worked like a charm Thanks!

Robert White: Didn't work for me either. 

Mike Johnson: doesn't work. pull it out with needle nose pliers.

Randy A: Wow you said put fuse in while car is on or if u prefer to turn off you can, either way will work. WELLLLL I left car on and put fuse back in and now radio says LOCKED! Wow created more work for me buddy.

Mark Sumption: I tried your idea, in my 2005 Malibu, and No-Go it will not release cd, and just clicks.........then just shut down.

Nitin Reddy: thanks bro. it worked! ur the rockstar!!

kartal jj: thanx man

Randy A: Ok I got it to work thanks

Matias Inocentes: what i did was pulled all the 10 amp fuse with the radio on and watched when the radio lights turned off, i went through 4 fuses, it was the bottom fuse...hope this helps out

Deborah Riley: didn't work :(

cabinetryonline: Worked Perfect in my Chevy Venture van. Thanks!

Abel Mujia: Muchas gracias amigo! Duré un mes buscándolo en la caja de adelante :)

Ryan Leonard: Didn't work. :-( Thanks for the information, anyways. Btw, - 10A is not a fuse "name", it just designates that the fuse is rated to handle up to 10 Amperes. Also, I think you're pointing at the wrong fuse. lol

Luvy LV The Voice Murray: didnt work on my 2006 Malibu LT all I heard was the clicking 

Katie Dolan: Oh I am going to try this tomorrow I pray it works ... will reply later when I do let know if works.

Lorraine Curtis: Thank-you so much! It was very easy.

Nancy Ritz: did not work on my 2005 Malibu Maxx, I pushed the eject also

goog lesucks: oh captain my captain

Keri Muntzert: Will this work if there's 2 CDs stuck in there?

Ricky Dale: Thanks Guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kylessa: Worked! Make sure you have the correct fuse. (he accidentally points to the wrong one)

Priscella Matheson: Thank you soooo much! Worked like a charm on my 2005 Malibu Maxx. Wonderful to recover the CD and have the player working again.

Keri Muntzert: Will this work on a 2006 Chevy Malibu? I bought my car from the dealership and never thought to think about checking the cd player I've got a cd stuck and haven't been able to get it out. I didn't know if 2005 and 2006 fuse boxes for the radio are in the same spot ?


naturalesque81tv: Worked for me! Thanks!

Keith Roland: Didn't work for me either.

youngpilgram: @zjq20073331 Try a pair of tweezers, if you don't have a fuse puller.

Rebecca Bearss: Lovely! I had this problem over the summer. I had bought a brand new CD and played it for a week or two without taking it out of the player. It wouldnt eject the disc when I pushed eject. A neighbor came and got the CD out but now the plyer will not take any CD's. If this doesnt work to reset the player I guess Ill be looking for a new one!

stydel311: @vaporize32 might be a different model radio

Tina Knight: I just watched your video and your AWESOME. I had no idea where the fuses were or that you could do that. I have a question on my 2005 malibu LS the cd player stopped working it stopped pulling in the cd's It hasn't worked in over a year so I don't even remember if there is a CD in it. I don't know if I need another stereo or if this one can be fixed if I do then how do I know if I get one like the one that came with my car it will work in my car ?

thenati513: I know its been like 2 months....did you get that deck installed.

Chacer416: Thank you! Worked great for my 2005 Jimmy. I can finally enjoy driving again!

evogenious86: hey pimpin i am trying to in stall a deck in my 05 malibu maxx if you have any info that would be great.... peace

Duane Nalls: awesome worked great

islandboyo: This worked perfectly. I have a 2004 Malibu Maxx, and a CD stopped working and the player no longer recognized a disc and wouldn't eject. The Chevy dealer told me it was impossible to remove and that I would need an entire new radio/CD system at about $500. The CD unit failed on me 2 weeks ago and is now working again no problem. This video shows exactly how to do this, and it works.

John Kodeski: It did not work. Thanks for the idea anyway.

Call Me [M]: Tried it, still stuck. Good news: I played around with the CD while trying to eject. Now, it's reading and playing the CD. I used the leg of my eye glasses, if anybody was curious.

IABOY4444: 2005 Malibu Maxx, I tried doing this (removing the fuse...) and it DID NOT work. Player still clicks and doesnt eject CD. Any suggestions???

Daniel Garcia: did not work for me

jtlos: I have the same problem? Any Luck?

MrBlackie63: thanks so so much you are great person now i can listen my music on my cd thy

brian cook: @jigijis5 not resolved. i've given up.

tennismaster5000: hey i was wondering if you could do a video about takeing out the actual radio unit in the car because im having trouble finding out how to do it online

Ankit Sharma: Thanks Dude! It worked like a charm!

Tanque Verde: I have a 2001 Mazda 626 with a Bose single disc CD Player. Yesterday I put a CD in and it immediately became stuck plus it locked out the AM-FM radio. Definitely a weird glitch. I tried two tricks, duct tape on a card and slipping another CD in under the other. Neither worked as the CD was "locked" in. I pulled the radio fuse as suggested and it immediately popped out the CD. I am sure some of the "car pros" know this trick but this was the only post I saw on it. Thanks for the savings

george drewett: I tried it on same year and model and no luck. the cd plays but won't eject. what am I doing wrong. help please

DWbiker: Muchas gracias. I thought I would have to pull the whole radio out. It works. (:

thedebster: Yay! It worked! Thank you soooo much for posting this! :)
2005 Chevy Malibu CD Player - Disc Stuck In Drive - DIY 4.5 out of 5

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2005 Chevy Malibu CD Player - Disc Stuck In Drive - DIY