Smith & Wesson Sigma 40 Cal - Finished Polished Barrel

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choppa gunna: now thats nice

jared brown: Hey, i cant get my trigger mechanism retaining pen out. any advice?

Eric Lopez: @MrGhostface213 Part 2: You should do a total breakdown of the slide for cleaning every 1-2thousand rounds(based on my individual experience) There is a lot of burr that builds up after so long, so removing all that crap(dirty greasy carbon build up and burr-shaved metal) I looked up to see if there's a vid and there was. Only part it doesn't show is where you take out the extractor and pin, but that parts easy-self explanatory.

Eric Lopez: @MrGhosstface213 Part 1: What kind of "jams" are you getting, ie; Failure to feed, failure to extract, or what? Please specify to narrow the problem... Also a good total brake down of the slide and cleaning will do wonders..At first, when i originally got the gu, i used to have all sorts of jams when the gun was breaking in at first.... then after a few(3-4thousand) rounds i decided to totally break down the slide and clean the striker components, the extractor and pin. Now, it runs so smooth.

funa mota: Why do they suck mine jams a lot .peace of junks I change the magazine spring that did the trick for now I'm using low grain but will it work with high grain let us know what type of ammo you use on your s

Jonathan Morgan: I have the same gun I think ima leave it alone tho don't want it to shine in the moonlight lol

Jonathan Morgan: U need to use a high speed buffer with a bias ply wheel to get a mirror shine with a red block of polishing compound

djalkaline1: Bro give up the sand paper get yourself some mothers mag and aluminum polish its in a small white tub. cut up some tshirts and polish the dhit out of it itll shine like mirror. chaek out my channel im uploding a vid of it in a couple days. Peace

capo di tutti capi: I'd like to c it with a better camera not a 1mega pixel camera

CaneCorsoZeus: @GunznPoker Alright cool that's definately encouraging. I'm new to sanding/polishing metal and was really worried I was gonna over do it and ruin the gun. I have heard what you were saying that rinsing it in water or soap water every once in a while when sanding makes it come out nicer, i'll def. do that. And good looking out on the responses man I really appreciate it! I'm about to get this started tonight.

CaneCorsoZeus: my bad I just saw that you said 1000 to 2000 sand paper, another question though, when you started out did it look like you were scratching the crap out of the finish? and from there it gets better?

CaneCorsoZeus: @GunznPoker Thanks for the quick reply man, much appreciated. I'm actually thinking about sanding and polishing my all stainless taurus pt92 (beretta 92 copy), I saw a video on here called taurus pt92 polished and it looks incredible but the dude just won't reply to any questions, pretty crapty, but i'm worried the sand paper will mess it up, you think so? if not what sand paper you think I should use? I already got flitz polish and really wanna get started, thanks again for the help.

CaneCorsoZeus: Hey man good vid. I'm really worried that this is going to scratch the hell out of my springfield xd barrel. did you use a lot of oil with the sand paper? and does it look scratchy when you start out then start to even out? thanks for any help I appreciate it.

FireArmsResQ: Looks good man. I wanna pick up another barrel for my G17 I've seen people with polished barrels on their Glocks and I love the contrast.
Smith & Wesson Sigma 40 cal - Finished Polished Barrel 5 out of 5

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Smith & Wesson Sigma 40 cal - Finished Polished Barrel