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NordicManul: венгр чтоль?)))

Miklós Lichtner: Otthon tarthatod engedély nélkül, ha viselni is akarod akkor kell csak engedélyt kiváltani 7 ezer körül a rendőrkapitányságon.

Tamás Versitz: Nem kell ezekhez a fegyverekhez fegyver tartási engedély?


Abaine Mohamed: Where can i buy this gun ?

blackmetal308: @michaelWien1070 he talks about how you can squeeze the 12mm rubber ball in as well with a lot of lubrication, but that it hangs out of the cylinder due to its size and so you need to cut off the part that hangs out to be able to close the cylinder (as shown in the picture). He also says that the muzzle looks realistic, but unfortunately this is because it can't use a flare-launcher. He then demonstrates how easy it is to load, but lubrication is still advised to make it easier on the gun.

blackmetal308: @ColledaSeltwin they're saying it's between 50 and 70J with the 10mm rubber projectile depending on what type of blank cartridge you're using (MFS and Umarex are weaker, Lapua is more powerful)

Michael Mich: Does anyone know, what did he say between 4:35 - 5:50 plzzz ??? Thx 4 answer...

ColledaSeltwin: Does anyone know what is this gun's energy at the muzzle?

XDL125: Üdv! melyik a jobb gumiképes gázrevolver szerintetek, az alfa g030 vagy a zoraki r1 gg?

345turk: Nagyon jóóó! :D

thatmaninblack: Legközelebb én is revolvert tervezek. Talán egy Taurus .22lr-t. :)

Richárd Holló: A gáz-gumis öntöltőről várható cenzúrázatlan videó?:D
Zoraki R1 GG - FegyverVideo.hu 5 out of 5

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Zoraki R1 GG - FegyverVideo.hu