Mossberg ATR 100 .308 @ 600 Yards..

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Lucky Brooks: Looks like a stock from Boyds´╗┐

opie7afe: thinking about one of these mossberg 100 atr's or the mossberg trek both in 308 want a cheap accurate rifle with a mauser styled action and think this fits the bill. im wondering what the grouping is at 100 yards and longer distances.

Murph_Derf: what type of stock is that?

markup357: thanks 4 the video

Shameless Inc.: also for your scope issue look for a scope with a parralax ajustment. most scopes with that arent all that cheap but it will help you in the long run.

Shameless Inc.: so i am getting into compatition shooting but my .17 cal isnt ganna cutting it, and being 15 almost 16 i need a gun thats affordable and shoots well. i have been using my friends r700 with an eliceo stock and that thing is amazing but well out of my buget. do you know how many minutes can i get at 1000 yards? i want a gun with no more than 1.5 minutes so its not too picky but i am only shooting sling so it doesnt have to have magic accuracy with magic bullets.

crashdummy40: dude get a nikon no more second guessing use there spot on ballistics calculator and you will be spot on i got the bdc for 200 bucks and its took a beating from my tikka t3 338 win mag my first time shooting a 1000m target with it i shot a 10 in group the day he intoduced me to spot on nikon = EPIC WIN

FearTheGremlin: Looks like a Boyd's stock. They're nice.

musiceek: Thanks. That is a $45 thing I got at Academy. BSA 2.5-8x36 Tactical... Great scope for the money. The only problem is, that at 100 - 200 yards, it's great.. from 300 to 500 yards, it truly had problems.. but at 600Yards? It was dead on... can't figure that out but thats how it worked for me. I replaced it with a Barska Tactical and this rifle was deadon as well. I spent a little more on that one. about $200.. :)

RoadHardOffRoad: Nice shootin!! Is that scope the catseye BSA?

scoomagee: You have to tell me where you got that stock. So sexy

LDMcFear: That is not the typical stock for the ATR 100. What stock is that? is it aftermarket or is it something from Mossberg?
Mossberg ATR 100 .308 @ 600 yards.. 5 out of 5

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Mossberg ATR 100 .308 @ 600 yards..