HEAD CUT OFF FOR CHEATING: Mexican Guy Cuts His Wifes Head Off WTF

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[Review] Man cuts Woman's head off. Link in description.
[Review] Man cuts Woman's head off. Link in description.
Man Cuts Off Wife's Head For Cheating!
Man Cuts Off Wife's Head For Cheating!
Man decapitated (head cut off) on Canadian bus
Man decapitated (head cut off) on Canadian bus
Cartel cuts off woman's head!!! **REVIEW**
Cartel cuts off woman's head!!! **REVIEW**

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PrincepTV: +Sum Ting Wong WOW

PrincepTV: +Dub Burden thanks...! Lol 

christopher hamid dowell: Florida954 said that princep died I was sad rip man love you

Lonnie jordan SAINTSNATION: Couldn't find video but this is How I felt WTF 

TheDocumentMan: i clicked on the video link and it sent me to it but had tons of porn ads :(

Sam middlefinger: Mexico piece of crap country fell sorry for any one living in that crap hole

caitlan dunn: guys prince p is dead . Rip man!!;

Cheryl Harper: dude you are freakin crazy....!

cinder2005: You a silly mother freaker lol ahahha nigga you funny.

Soliturna: Thanks for wasting 2 minutes of my time

JustMe: No, it was not found that she was a snitch, nor a cheating wife. No one knows why or even who she is! Read the news article from BBC News Magazine if you'd like the truth. Either way, this was freaked up and I couldn't watch it after the first cut! Sick, sick, sick. I hope that woman comes back to haunt the crap out of him!!! I know I would! 

Centia Scippio: Sorry it is REAL, she did not fight much because there were more men there behind scene. In this culture the woman does not have the loudest voice and power of leadership in the household. This does not happen only in Mexico, I know in Jamaica too and so forth. She knew there was no getting from it however I SERIOUSLY don't know why she cheated If she did due to the lack of justice over there. Yet MANY TIMES there is more to the story than we know maybe she was ready to go. S.I.P.

Noelle Lane: Put up with this, and/or, accept this?? She had her hands tied behind her back!! She had NO choice in her final fate. Sad thing...she never actually cheated on him. She had done NOTHING wrong.

Kayla Leal: omg i just saw it... i'm not squimish at all.... she must have been on drugs or something because dang when i stub my toe i scream.... this woman didn't even make a sound.... crazy how i live that close to the boarder.... anyone north wanna save me? lol

broadcast2008: This punk is making a mokery of what's going on in Mexico.

G joona G: cant watch that video!!!!?

Erica Becerra: Hahaha dumb that's not his wife she's a snitch n got caught 

acethem1: This guy is a moron, man.

Mike Lombardy: You're an idiot!

Michael Medina: Alright this freaken nigger doesnt have the right to speak upon our raza but I can say this freak these cartel pendejos valle verga putos y chinga tu madre

Aniyah Lawrence: Wtf lol


TheKrownedKrickett JR: Lil wayne wannabe

David Madrigal: freak you sam middlefinger up your ass 

kaptainkool408: Do you really think this is something to make a comedic video out of it

Gooby plz: Its on bestgore so its probably real. And i have seen worse

SEA HAWK: i live in mexico :(

james h: What is wrong with this world??? Even if this woman did nark someone out was it worth cutting her head off?? If the person that cut her head off wasn't selling drugs and got a job like everyone else he wouldn't have to worry about narks! I pray to god everyone that was involved in this terrible murder suffers the same fate she did and burns in hell!!!! RIP girl and may god rest your soul

Loca Bonita: nigger get a life

Hex Looper: This guy acts like a picklehead

Sharaff Sameer: PRINCE P TV u look like a pimp and a half.. disgusting man!!! m sorry

Pandora Alves: Where can you find the actual video?

Arley Santos: Actually Los Zetas is a Cartel from north Mexico expanded to central mexico, from my research she had snitch. and she pay the price. They really don't mess around. they don't stand there and talk all that smack like we all do in the usa. they get to the point and whipe you out of the map...

Amerle Clark: Lmao yes THEY R CUTTING BITCHES heads off my guy

robert china: go climb a tree and eat some banana's .that should shut your fat black mouth boy

catherine mizzell: I is his wif 

Desiree Van Heel: I dunno if this is fake or not but if I was about to get my head cut off, I'd squirm and fight. And I would've been screaming if my neck was being slowly sliced apart :/ She didn't do anything or make a sound. She winced but that's it...

orlando todd: thats f up big time

Jerson Martinez: freak you men!!

Miguel Rios: You are wak it's nothing and that's not why her head was cut off....

Katherine Sotelo: Only reason why she wasn't moving was because she knew she'd have it a million times worse if she fought back..... sad to say that the majority of these ppl know that when they start to get questioned and there's a camera involved, it's done. There's not much for them to do but wait and hope they don't suffer. This woman suffered a lot! Many others are killed by blunt force trauma before being beheaded. This woman felt every.single.slice. so sad.

Tbsssb: Maxmann521 has the video, called - graphic basic proof Yvette martinez is behead victim-

johnspence185: why the freak do people do this? stop freaking jabbing crap and show us the actual freaking video rooster sucker

Judy Johnson: It is in the bible one of the commandments thou shall not commit adultery anyone who commits those act shall be put to death, that mexican brother must have known the Law!

norbert kovacs: Kill yourself !!!

Viviana Diez: Lol his face

Rene Ramirez: It's not his wife, it's drug cartel related 

Anakin Taylor: I seen 2 other people and each time its been niggas reportting xD

TheBosco23: This guy made me laugh but It is disturbing 

knifeaddict21: Hey man the woman appeared to be drugged up but it was not fake 
HEAD CUT OFF FOR CHEATING: Mexican Guy Cuts His Wifes Head Off WTF 2.5 out of 5

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HEAD CUT OFF FOR CHEATING:  Mexican Guy Cuts His Wifes Head Off WTF