Halo 4 Multiplayer Infinity Slayer Pro Tips And Tricks From Tutor | Matchmaking Gameplay

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Raquel: What Buttons Do You Actually Press To Assistanate Tho?

Kaneki: did he quit?

Jordan Georgief: Hardcore

Jaquan Williams: Y u don't have a a rader how u do that

rmartino631: I did al those tips but i still suk dik at halo

Knickolas Boston: I can't reply to anyone!  Even the people who are asking questions!

Edwin Gonzalez: Slayer Pro means no jet packs, right? I'm sick of these players that ALWAYS try to escape with the jet pack, even in a small room!! I NEED TO FIND THIS GAME TYPE!!!

DerpyGreenWizard: Everyone add me, my name is my youtube channel 

Jesse Supetran: they need to fix how ordinance kill you when the drop.

david ROBINSON: why don't you post a video vs good players? the other team sucked

Larry Preston: King he said team slayer pro tips not pro tips you should go to school and top sitting on your ass eating chips and play halo.

Larry Preston: Although he said that he most Likely wouldn't accept people's friend request people still say add me and there name >: (

Brycen Fields: King it clearly says INFINITY SLAYER PRO tips u freaking dumb ass stop hating on people's video and get ur fatass off the couch and go outside

KingLies: This was so lame, one of the other team's players quit about 3 minutes in, hardly fair.

KingLies: Pro tips? This was fail as freak!

iiXcape: Check out my channel if you love halo

Julius Johnson: Ad me it yourdeath121

Alijia Tousant: Add me on xbox live ajtheking33 thank uu

Kobe Escobar: Insperation

Kobe Escobar: Your an isperation
Halo 4 Multiplayer Infinity Slayer Pro Tips and Tricks from Tutor | Matchmaking Gameplay 5 out of 5

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Halo 4 Multiplayer Infinity Slayer Pro Tips and Tricks from Tutor | Matchmaking Gameplay