AR-15 Paracord Wrap

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YayOrNay: Wouldnt it be a bitch to carry those mags in a chest rig? You probably wouldnt be able to fit two per pouch, not to mention the fumbling when pulling them out. No?

Kane5565: easiest way to get those ends secured after the wrap is to burn them in. it melts into a hard plastic when burned so it will melt down. just flaten it out with the side of the lighter or whatever and ur good. makes a nice low profile end-wrap.

John Hansen: What wrap did you use on the mag?

CrimsonOmen407: @RYDERkN having the weave on the bag seems like it would add grip to me

RemMan700: @Microglia1 They are legal in the US, and I think they are illegal in the UK.

MadBadVoodo: ★★★★★

daywalker627: good job man. Looking nice. Hogue grips are nice huh???

mrspdrcr2: @Microglia1 in the u.s. there legal IF they were purchased before the automatic weapons ban... from everything ive seen/ read/ herd... i might be wrong

Jesse Sisolack: I hate the stock grip on an AR. For some reason, that little hump is in exacly the wrong spot for my hand, lol. So which do you like better, the para cord or the Hogue? That Hogue does look comfortable.

RemMan700: @YayOrNay Probably, but all my mag pouches are for single 30rnders. The pouch is too deep for the 20rnder that is shown in the vid. That is also the only mag I have wrapped so it would be the main mag in the gun and back ups would be non wrapped. It is just an easy way to carry an extra bit of cord.

Freeman Strickland: Doesn't look comfortable

RemMan700: @GLAZE82488 Thanks, I will try that.

caribbeanchild: put the cord in your pocket! tried that yet!

RemMan700: @GLAZE82488 Thanks for the reply. I was talking about the assault weapons ban that Bill Clinton put into affect. That ban covered all states but has expired. I am in Texas and we dont have any capacity bans or bans on flash suppressors or bayonet lugs.

RemMan700: @mrspdrcr2 No the weapons ban is no longer in effect and they have never not been available. When it came to AR-15 type guns the only thing the weapons ban did was restrict new manufactured mags to 10rnds and they could not have flash surpressors on the end.

RemMan700: @Jesses001 The paracord isn't bad but I would for sure pick a Hogue grip as my first choice.

mrspdrcr2: @mrspdrcr2 see... i was wrong... thank you two for correcting me...

MrMat4570: Think I may try that on the lever of the leveraction , it wont give me much cord but may save the fingers.

RemMan700: @caribbeanchild Yep, and didnt have room for my pack of gum.

RemMan700: Yes! Huge improvement over the stock grip.
AR-15 Paracord Wrap 3.1 out of 5

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AR-15 Paracord Wrap