Cigarette Lighter Remove & Replace

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cigarette Lighter remove & replace Honda/Nissan/BMW
cigarette Lighter remove & replace Honda/Nissan/BMW
Cigarette Lighter Remove & Replace
Cigarette Lighter Remove & Replace
How To Replace A Cigarette Lighter In A Car
How To Replace A Cigarette Lighter In A Car
Car Cigarette Lighter - How To Remove and Replace - Classic Mustang
Car Cigarette Lighter - How To Remove and Replace - Classic Mustang
Replace cigarette lighter socket cover in 2001 Honda Civic EX P/N 39631-S5A-A01
Replace cigarette lighter socket cover in 2001 Honda Civic EX P/N 39631-S5A-A01

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Vegas “Vegas747” Seven four seven: Now is the cigarette lighter and 12V the same thing. Because on is heating up very hot and the other is just feeding current to a electrically powered object So my point being is that. Could i pull the actual thing that heats up to light a cigarette and plug a 12V cord into it ?

faimivivere: Great help! Thanks!

Reona Gilbert: Hi, can anyone show me how to replace the cig lighter on my Renault Clio 1.2 16v please-stupid RAC sat nav sparked my lighter out-completely!

John Cox: Thanks for this!  Mine wasn't exactly like this, but I learned what I needed to replace mine.

Jay Hoover: is there something yet I can do

Jay Hoover: ok I did that  
and it still not working  the fuse is good

Michael Peterson: Rich, thanks again for a very helpful video.  My lighter/acc. plug was blowing the 20A fuse in the instrument panel box.  After doing some troubleshooting I figured it was the socket.  It looked OK ... no real big burnt spots, but maybe a small piece of metal shorting out.  I guess I could have tried cleaning it out without removing, but I watched your video and decided it best to take it out.  That way I was able to clean, inspect and deoxit it.  Works good now.  Thanks.

BrianS198: Nice! Thanks man! Did you disconnect your battery before doing this or is it relatively safe?

Tyrel Hunter: Where can I buy a connector that snaps on to the back mine is missing and what's the specific name of the part? 

InuKun2008: @Danshak555

Depends on the manufacturer. Some like GM and Ford do tend to allow the lighter and power ports to run even when the ignition isn't in the accessory (ACC) or ON position, whilst others (Such as Subaru and Toyota) will not provide power when the ignition isn't in either of those positions. Both have pros and cons, such as battery conservation vs being able to power a device when the ignition is switched off.

Jacob McKinney: Apparently I'm the only one hearing john leguizamo?

Roselinda Barajas: thank you great video

alphabet380: (continued) So I figure it HAS to be electronic/fuse based..Maybe some connection to the blown fuse in the cigarette lighter? I have a 2002 SL1 Saturn

alphabet380: @richpin06a Thanks for making this video! Helped alot. I have a question that might be related. I plugged a portable heater in my cig lighter and it blew (which is why I searched and found this vid so I can fix it), but ever since then (haven't fixed it yet) my Saturn has been acting weird. So today, I got in to start the car and it cranked up once then cut COMPLETELY off. I mean the car wouldn't start AT ALL. No crank, no power what so ever. Battery is brand new and connections are good. S

MrRockaroundtheclock: nice one

MrRockaroundtheclock: you just made my day man, nice one

AV.5: Peter Griffin?

kabe138: Richpin thanks for you time I will check the junk yards

richpin06a: I looked on getsaturnparts and they do not have the socket part of the lighter.There are still plenty in the junkyards.

kabe138: Hi richpin I have to replace my cigarette lighter well a metal piece broke in the inside of the socket I have trouble finding the part in the Internet or do I just need the well part ? And which one fits this model 1998saturn sl2
Cigarette Lighter Remove & Replace 5 out of 5

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Cigarette Lighter Remove & Replace