Cop 357 Four Barrel Derringer

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M cKenzie Huggins: I like it some much

Auvi Sales: TF2 references anyone? XD

Henri Impiö: Thats like from Tf2 Scouts Stopper

LoFe: where can you order this thing at?

71 Year Old Alien Minecraft YouTuber: How much ref you want this for??

Chocolate Cthulhu TV: NOTE: This weapon, in real life, is not insanely overpowered and in need
of a nerf (SIDENOTE: Nobody would have the sanity to decrease the power
of guns anyway, with the exception of the Germans. You know, because
they want to have everything their way when it came to WW1. No shotguns
for CQC, people? They might as well ban fighting altogether). This gun
only fires 1 bullet at a time, unlike the
shotgun-type firearm you're used to and is also a derringer, to remind
you. The bullets bounce off basically anything more than 7 metres ahead
of it, that is, if it is anything weaker than wood. Even then, It
wouldn't get any deeper than a mere 2 inches of flesh penetrated, and
will most likely leave you with a hole akin to a medium size splinter.
This also doesn't work with milk. Actually, the milk would most likely
do more damage at the same 7 metre distance than the gun would. I'm not
saying this is the worst gun in the world, but there's better

proscoro mundo: ShortStop anyone?

Blazej Cudak: Shortstop from TF2

Russ Powell: when abd where in the hell was the idea of this gun conveived?

Jolly Peanut: Nice , cool hand gun....

Oldman EstimanJr.: Shortstop from tf2

TheJHMAN1: Someone make these or something very like them again. I remember seeing an add for it a while back. The original COP was well made heavy as a brick and hard to hold onto with full mag loads also known for a HARD trigger pull. Most mini 9s today are as small and lighter and hold more rounds. These where touted as back up guns for police just as the .357 mag revolver was on the way out.

Richard MacHugh: Four rounds?  Why not go all the way and buy a revolver?  Silly gun.

Thomas Holt: send me one in padded box so I can get one I hate Chicago I can't order any guns and none of gunshop has this one

Thomas Holt: so you can shoot one bullet at a time huh..I like it.. gotta grab one

Christian Brutal Sniper: hey use it with milk its very effective

Turkish Soldier: wtf!? tf2 is in the real life!!!

Gabriel Coelho: arsoft

mihail saltirov: Cool nice look 357 :/ thats should be 22 magnum or 38 special if u wont to like it well

Lowly Atom: tf2 shortstop
Cop 357 Four Barrel Derringer 5 out of 5

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Cop 357 Four Barrel Derringer