Pictures Taken With GE Powerpro X500

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Jessica Dunn: @zoohlub2003 If you set your camera to the automatic mode, it automatically adjusts to macro. It's not a setting that you can select, but it still has macro available with the automatic setting. I discovered this randomly one day --I was wondering the same thing until I found it!

Stephen Watts: what song

sportsgirl2damax: does it connect with a macbook for iphoto

hollyyates8605: the song is LMFAO and calvin harris "reminds me of you"

Ram Rochelle: hi i was reading some of the reviews for this camera and one of them said that when you zoom it blurs a little is that true ?

RezViper: hehe jaws, universal studios wins

lia Stone: 0:36, is that jaws the ride?

prtsparta: the good thing is, the video quality is 480p so think about if the pictures were in 1080p HD!

zoohlub2003: Does it have a macro mode that allows you to take a really up close picture, lets say the eye lashes, without zooming in? I'm into macro photography and my pervious canon point and shot camera which I lost had that feature. I can't seem to find it in any other point and shot digital camera.
Pictures taken with GE powerpro x500 4.4 out of 5

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Pictures taken with GE powerpro x500