CERAMIC TINT Vs REGULAR TINT (yuuuge Difference)

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CERAMIC TINT vs REGULAR TINT (yuuuge difference)
CERAMIC TINT vs REGULAR TINT (yuuuge difference)
Ceramic Tint: Carbon vs Dyed (on windshield)
Ceramic Tint: Carbon vs Dyed (on windshield)
Ceramic Tint BEFORE/AFTER Difference (with windshield included)
Ceramic Tint BEFORE/AFTER Difference (with windshield included)
35% vs 20% vs 5% Window Tint! What tint is best for you?
35% vs 20% vs 5% Window Tint! What tint is best for you?
3 Things You Don't Know About Ceramic Window Film
3 Things You Don't Know About Ceramic Window Film

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Cc Deville: yooooo how about putting the lamp at the same spot you did with the "cheap tint" thooo lol

Waz BAL: https://perthmobiletinting.myfreesites.net

victor alvarez: Is the ceramic tint look dark looking from the out side then regular tint on 5%

Abradolf Lincler: You're also clearly holding the light much higher up and further away at a different angle when "testing" your ceramic tint. How about hold the light im the same place and lets see the REAL NUMBERS!

Matthew Shelton: What brand ceramic tint are you using?

Deku: Any California locations?

Gilberto Dejesus: I clearly see that the Infrared light was closer to the windows when doing the competitor's comparison .....!! #letsbetransparent

joapps: i will cut thru all the BS
-ceramic is the highest performing tint available now BUT needs specialized experience to install (not like other tints)
-many shops dont have the skill level to install ceramic CORRECTLY
-so i recently had Huper Optik's Xtreme Optiks installed on new car...only 15 percentage points less infrared (IR) blockage (aka heat rejection) than ceramic...all other specs like UV, etc are similar if not the same
-15 pct points is not that big enough diff to pay 200 bucks MORE for ceramic (but moreso, someone inexperienced might be the installer)
-paid around $300 for a 4door sedan. 35% on all 4 doors and 20% on back window (looks clean; cant tell diff % tint)
- huper optiks is the best tint imo. german company; do your own research
-get your tint at a company that will stay in biz...your install warranty is nothing if they go bankrupt n shutdown

-fyi, privacy glass from factory often does not block heat or IR, UV, etc

richie dichiro: if I got my car tinted with 3MM and I want to get the cermanic tint; will it cost additional to what it would cost to install the cermanic film.

Young Sperm: How much for a full sedan job?

Mark Porter: Windshields already measure between 72% - 78% VLT without tint on them. Installing a 70% film on top of that will bring the combined VLT somewhere between 58% and 65%. Texas follows DOT law. You are not allowed to have anything below 70% combined so a 90% VLT tint, which is clear, is the darkest you are allowed to go. Occasionally you can use an 80% on some cars. You can test that yourself with a two piece tint meter. You don't want to give your customers the impression that you are doing a legal installation if in fact you are not.

19sert 19sert: Question, if I take my car to get tinted and I ask for Ceramic, how do I tell if it’s ceramic or not? I know there’s a lot of shady shops out there so I don’t want to rip off. I don’t want them to pay for Ceramic tint and have them put the cheap tint. Hopefully someone can answer my question. Thank you.

Priyam Patel: I don’t know if anyone noticed this.. the rear ceramic that is 5% had a higher double digit number than the front that is 35% ??

Felipe Carlos: I mean it might be better but u can tell he didn’t put the lamp as close as the other video normal tint. Haha

2pacnasgame: Too bad fresno ca dont have shops cool as you guys

Deepdirty South: Is this ceramic tent reflect the heat or absorb it?

John Anderson: Most of the heat comes into the car through the steel roof of the car.

Hilton Bastick: I called around and seems like none of the interns in my area do ceramic. One even told me he doesn’t do it because it interferes with your cell and radio signals! That was the reason ceramics came about to solve that problem which metal based films had. I have a 2000 BMW 528i (E39) and let me tell you I wish this thing had a UV blocking tint installed before I got it. Every piece of trim in this car snaps and Preakness if you just look at it. If you want to preserve the interior of your car for years to come I’d say tinting with ceramic is a must.

Paul Thomas: But was it brought in from one of your competitors??

C Merk: Thats not a fair comparison to real sunlight. Because thats an infrared lamp and most of all other tints protect from ultraviolet. Thats were ceramic comes in cause it does protect against infrared, but the amount of infrared the sun emits vs. that lamp is not even comparable, the son doesn’t give of as much infrared for it to be that much of an issue.
CERAMIC TINT vs REGULAR TINT (yuuuge difference) 5 out of 5

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CERAMIC TINT vs REGULAR TINT (yuuuge difference)