Strawberry Tower (The Build) Aquaponics

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How to grow Strawberries in Hydroponics. Tips #1 2013
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Lasha Gvirjishvili: მარწყვის გაშენება

chandra0102: What size pipe is that, 4" or 6"

N.n. Badon: Hi really neat when you put in plant did you wash off all the dirt first thanks

ron23ald: Does the bottom plants get sufficient water as the top plants roots grow bigger?

Yves Baggi: looks very cool, thank you.
Here's my noobs question:

is this better than have a gutter or 1/2 pvc pipe horizontally at 6 or 7 feet height?
it seems I would be able to fit more plants in a horizontal layout. althoug this looks nicer.

Also, when is the best time to set strawbery plants in aquaponics? and what do I do in the winter when the temps go freezing.

thank you very much for the ideas.

CalBoone B: Any follow up pictures or video of this build?  I'd  like to see how it turned out.  Thanks!

jionnie: Nice idea … But could have saved money just using the grow bed as the stand . :)

Δρυοπας φαναριτης: how about pebbles instead od other stones? will it work?
and one more question, do the rocky surfaces need to be replaced after some time or can they stay almost permanently, thanks in advance

Tanner Stage V: Sewer pipe is not for potable water. If you have fish don't do that. Just ask the plumbing guys at the store "hey can I use this sewer pipe for drinking water? NOOOO. Don't take my word for it try it anywhere for the exact same answer. Although, nice build.

daan stam: hey man i think i have somthing for you that you will like:

Jeremy Sobles: Great build. I suggest washing any rocks off before putting them into your aquaponics bed though! :)

ENG AHMED ADLY MOHAMMED HASSAN: I really enjoyed your video.

Ryan Cook: very nice - i would have had 2 towers coming up from the base though.. and joined them at the top - i.e. TWICE as many plants. But NICE video - thanks heaps.

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Lisa Johnson: I am wondering. What do you use to keep the insects and bugs from eating your plants ?

Gino Smit: Yeps, like it..!

Dave Paulison: As long as it's new and hasn't had any poop in it.

Bike Man Dan: Is PVC waste pipe food safe?

Anne Wade: OK, I finally found it. My home depot has them. Oatey 4 in. Mechanical Plastic Test Plug I purchased the heat gun yesterday. I love this design.
Strawberry Tower (The Build) Aquaponics 5 out of 5

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Strawberry Tower (The Build) Aquaponics