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S Tho: I'd just do a two part shell. One static, fixed to a floor, and the other to close over the bike. Backing the bike in, the larger clam would clear the handlebars. Probably a reasonable DIY build with plywood if the roof curve was very thin plywood (2 layers), laminated to make the bending easy. Simple carriage bolts and collar bearings for the hinge, and a padlock to the floor. The one moving piece may weigh about 60lbs but the leverage would equate to 25lbs to wrangle. The fewer the pieces the less intrusion of weather and the harder to break it.

I think a 4x8 by 6" high (1m x 2.5m x 2m) typical static shed with a door and roof may cost about the same in materials,but this would this less space. An apartment of townhouse might approve it too, since it would fit in your space if painted attractively.

tm06ufo: too big

Le Ann MacDougall: Is this a real product?  web-address does not work & NO ph/answer?

Jaroslav B. Kořínek: Am I the only one who imagines it panzer-style and with sounds of the Brotherhood of Nod? Good product, crap video promoting your product. Sorry for been so blunt, do an other video you might get more sales. You know what they say about first impressions.

Forrest Munden: Wind in the desert would blow in dust, or blow it away. What have you done to combat that?

Tammy Hansen: Sweet! Can you lock it up?

Rafał Pustkowski: STAR TREK :)

JacquesBeard: Looks pricey but like it a lot.

Peter Mcdermott: Nothing available here in Texas would love to have a real substantial storage cover, the weather in tx is so extreme a tent has no chance

Garrett Kennedy: I like the look of this. I would like to get a price for twenty of them.

mdziwulss: i agree

sparkn: Thumbs down for the ridiculous multi-angle instant replay action. Close it. Open it. Why the need to stretch a ten second spot to over a minute?
Motorcycle shelter 5 out of 5

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