Clear Tv Antenna Review

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Clear tv antenna review
Clear tv antenna review
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Clear TV Antenna Review
Clear TV Antenna Review
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Clear Tv Review Pt. 1

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AnamanaguchiWAT: Great un-biased review. Subscribed!

neptuneseas4: Thanks for this information, I found it useful.

Spildperfume: Great info....thanks

The Last Circle2G: your house looks like my house lol

john michonski: that was a great unbiased review!!  Thanks!!

crazy wheel: I bought it and works the same as any other antenna, I'll say don't buy it cause if you need one just go to a local store that way if you don't like it you can return it very easy

Tiffany Scott: Hey Daniel. How many stations extra. Other than ur 2/11/13/45/54/22 and 24. Which here in Baltimore are our local stations . How many more are extra.???

phantomcruizer: Do you get picture breakup on the channels you watch or are they all clear?
Are you in the upper floors or are you near the ground level?
Thanks for the review.

Darryl Cooper: Someone wanted me to check out Clear TV... Well, This is a One-Time Cost, but everything is FREE!

Fernando Sanchez: Do you have to keep adjusting it when you change channels?

Diana Cordoba: Thanks Daniel for your honest review, I was thinking about this purchasing this antenna after seeing a few infomercials. I thought you would get more than local channels as they lead you to believe, so I will stick with the $18 antenna I got from Best Buy! :O)

Richard Bedard: Get the Jack antenna works great on house or RV.

Alberto Reyes: Good review 

Elena Sandoval: does 34,40,46 and 52 work

Snafu Times: Good review. You should review more products and why not monetize your channel and make a few bucks for yourself. Thank you

Daniel Aguirre: Get a Mohu Leaf antenna. If you go on their website, it will ask for your zip code and If you type it in, it will give you the list of channels available in your area. I put in my mom's zip code (She lives in NYC) and It said she would get 60 channels! The area I live in will give my friend 19. I am definitely making my mom and friend switch. 

adelgado75: I have a Samsung receiver.  I tried the Clear TV set up.  I changed the setting to AIR and then ran the channel set up.   But all I got at the end was snow.  No picture. 

SAMUEL “EnderBroCraft” CRAFT: If you live in the projects you shouldnt have a tv that good

eyeh8nbc: Have to laugh that a commercial for the cable company came on during this, but I also have to laugh at how the "ClearTV" infomercial is usually on channels that aren't carried on cable systems, so if you can see them you've already got a decent antenna!

Mike Pi: Does it suck or not?
Clear tv antenna review 5 out of 5

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Clear tv antenna review