How To Tell If Your Bose Headphones Are FAKE!!

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Kike Thor: in ear L 7056 my bose

Sean Pepper: Of course the seller knew they were fake. You buy your products from a BOSE authorized distributor in your Geographical Area. Same with Beats and all the other brands. You guys don't understand how consumer commerce works, do you...

Cormac Traynor: These are earphones, not headphones

David Bruce: There is an easier way.  If they sound better then they are fake.

5RuLe: Dude u got a nice parents which they care about you... If i get scammed about items my parents don't care bout me

5RuLe: Its yellow you blind idiot who said that that this red coloured shirt guy is color blind!

FrostmourneFK: Dude, just go to Best Buy.

schmiddydooboo: Your color blind I feel so bad for you

Jeremy McLoone: you're*

Nick Craig: Haha, they are both fake bud...

Michael Herrera: thanks for the great info! dude

flora2378: really? im gonna buy the FAKE bose qc15 lol

slybuster: Haha, my plan worked. He tried to make me exchange for store credit (but I didn't want or need anything there) so I mentioned the hotline and passive aggressively suggested that there was no need to call it, seeing as he had no idea he was selling fakes. I thought they were fake when I bought them--but the sound was just so unbelievably bad that I had to return them. I'm happy with the Panasonics' I have now--and if someone buys for style and not utility/quality, they deserve to be ripped off.

Jaydeep Chug: i recently bought a pair of these and am really skeptical... i can give u my serial ID, can u tell me if they are original? (am not in the US so i cant do that on my own)

Brandon: I am colorblind too!!!

mordokch: tape or bluetac (doesn't really matter which). Now close up the ear cups and plug the headphones in - there ya go sport, thy sound a lot better now.

mordokch: There's a great little mod you can do with the larger bose headphones that really improves the sound .... First split the ear cups and inside you will see something that looks like a little speaker - you need to remove these (they have a couple of wires attached - pull hard and they should come right off) - now throw away the speakers 'cos we won't be neding them. Ok - now get some kitchen tin foil and cut out 2 circles approx the same size as the bits you removed and attach the 2 wires using ..

Ian Gregory: Ur lying dude. Bose don't do crap. I got a fake pair, I asked them for help to identify if the pair are fake and Bose told me to get stuffed.

Rich Mar: Your so ugly

brentacular1: buckeyes suck, go irish!!!!!!!! better luck next year :)
How to tell if your Bose headphones are FAKE!! 5 out of 5

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How to tell if your Bose headphones are FAKE!!