Garmin Forerunner 110 - How To Reset

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Jim Cyr: *Garmin Forerunner 110 - How to Reset* #yearinreview2013 In this video I'll show you how to perform a gard reset on your garmin forerunner 110. This is usually a good method when your unit is frozen or is blank. You do this by holding down the lap/reset + light buttons at the same time for a few seconds. You will get a prompt to clear all user data, choose yes or no. Now the unit will reset all settings and erase (or not) any user data. Leaving the unit as if you just took it out of the box. #running #runchat 

krista mackey: Oh my GOD! Thank you so much for this video! I was losing my mind when Garmin Connect forced me to upgrade my watch and then froze up before it finished! I thought it killed the watch. 

Paul Hayden-Hart: Thanks - life saver!!

anonymom66: THANK YOU. The instructions on Garmin's website are wrong, for crying out loud. Hope this hard reset fixes the problems I've been having w my 110.

Colin Evans: Thank you

ladka3: and what if non of that works and my Garmin is still asleep? Tomorrow I run half marathon and the watch looks dead, damn it.

Alex García Rodríguez: Perfect!!!

Laurent Schneider: I just want to say thank you !

Jim Cyr: happy to hear that the video helped

cd27idw: For anyone with a 110 who has problems with long satellite synch times and start/stop offsets (from the FAQ on Garmin's web site there are a few), this solves that issue as well. Garmin's web site doesn't mention this, just says live with it. These reset instructions are also listed under the faq for the 610. Regards, Ian W

Jim Cyr: glad the video helped!

Redazione Pubblibaby: Wonderful it works!!!

Jim Cyr: glad the video helped!

Jim Cyr: I'm glad that the video helped!

Jim Cyr: If the device charged? Try again, but you may have to bring it back for an exchange since it will be under warranty.

nicola ghesla: thank you! really useful!

nortexoid: actually this doesn't always work for me, so something else must be wrong with my watch. Bah!

Jim Cyr: Thanks for watching!

nortexoid: Whoa, saved my watch I thought died!

Jim Cyr: awesome! glad it helped

tomin4tor: Thanks a bunch for that.

FernandoVerboJimenez: Thank you very much!

Erik Bouwhuis: Thanks!!!! LOVE U! You fixed it

Favourites6093: I've factory reset as you showed, but it still shows my memory as being full? Any help on that please.

JobketeDelft: Thank you só much. I really did not know what to do.

Rapideye: Thanks

gringoonspeed: Great.... thanks!

stve2: yeah thanks

Jim Cyr: interesting, but yeah if it's still under warranty, try to get another one.

Jim Cyr: I have not experienced what you described. That's very odd. If you can, I'd try to upgrade the firmware.

Amber Harding: Are there any other ways to do this? The light button on my garmin forerunner 110 has been broken for quite awhile and this morning after my run my Garmin suddenly shut off and won't come back on. The battery was fully charged so it's not because it's dead. Help!

nortexoid: Not under warranty anymore. But I emailed Garmin and they sent me some instructions which worked. Here they are for anyone else. Performing a master reset. 1. Press and hold the Light button, select yes to power off watch. 2. Press and hold Start/Stop and Lap/Reset. 3. Once the two buttons from step 2 are pressed in, press and hold Light. You're now pressing 3 buttons. 4. After first beep, release Start/Stop. 5. After second beep, release Lap/Reset. 6. Release Light.

Jim Cyr: thanks for posting the details, this is the second time in the last week that the procedure is a bit different from when I recorded the video using the manual. Glad this worked for you.

kabalah70: Unfortunately, this did not work. No button press or combination works at all.

yakbutterfly1: A thousand thanks!

Jim Cyr: you can try to plug in the device via the USB and open up the "Garmin" drive that will appear on your computer. Open that up and look for the GPX folder and delete the contents.

payback88: good video, do you have any idea why it freezes on its own? I found it a couple of mornings completely dead with the battery completely drained, and just now i found it frozen (the time on it was about 10 minutes behind) and it had the satellite icon on, as if it tried connecting on its own. Have you experienced this at all? thanx

luke rappold: thanks it helped me alot

Jim Cyr: no problem, it always come up during the important stretch of training i find.

j dogg: oh man thank you so very much sir!

Jim Cyr: hey Amber - Hmmm I don't like the sounds of the button not working. if it's under a year old, I'd try to go get it services via the warranty. There's no other way to do the reset.

Jim Cyr: glad it helped!

Jim Cyr: Thanks for adding that detail, much appreciated!

Jim Cyr: Glad it worked!
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Garmin Forerunner 110 - How to Reset