ATI Talon Tactical Six Position Shotgun Stock Install

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Peter Ringuet: does the spacer increase the drop at heel ( making the gun shoot lower)

William Tarpein: Great video! You explained everything very precise and clearly.

Anan Anan: good

Johnny C: Nice Job Man!

armorer1911: Good video.......

undeadhunter5: What's the length of pull on the ATI stock?

Travis Scragg: Does it come with the slotted sling bracket? It doesn't specify on the ATI website.

WildBillHabiki: cool video. thanks

lilg111111: Does it work? is it worth buying?

Backpackfanatic: or charge the weapon with the stock forward handle hits the cheek rest

Curtis: I ordered one in gray. I get it Friday. Yay! Thank you for the video.

Richard Parker: Well done and real thorough. I have a Moss 590 unfired and still wondering about some things that it is capable of. Thanks for your time an effort sir.

c0d3x5: will this fit the 590a1?

D Mayer: Oh, one more thing. I have a 20 guage and thought I need an adaptor from ATI...but with the 1/2" spacer no adaptor is needed to fit on the 20 gauge. And there is only like a 1/16th" overhang on either side of the shotgun receiver.

D Mayer: Yes, this thing is very awesome. Definitely worth $80. Fits like a glove.

D Mayer: Now, how do we remove the trigger assembly without having to remove the stock? It seems impossible. :(

luckydog2012: You didn't use the original bolt screw from Ati stock when place the sling cap on to stock. What screw size did your use, i'm having a bitch trying place original bolt screw back and i'm ready to use something else. Please adivise me. thanks

joe00pimp: @thespyderman1 does the spacer come with the stock or do you have to order it separate?

DavidsAddictions: Can you still attach a buttstock shell holder to this?

steven10236: yes he says it in the unboxing video
ATI Talon Tactical Six Position Shotgun Stock Install 5 out of 5

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ATI Talon Tactical Six Position Shotgun Stock Install