How To Make A Zombie Slaying Arrow Shooting Slingshot (Halloween Special 2)

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WarFit: Hello Sir! Where did you buy he rubbers?

Danijel Lukic: Can i print this on A3 ?????? TELL ME SOMEONE FAST !!

Nacho_Muchacho 14: What's called your stain-oil?

Mason Guy: Seven years too late to win the slingshot 😔

Eric Clini: Awesome weapon. Instead of yealding : "Do you sell one" or "How much would you charge me for sending one" I'm building my own Zombie slingbow ; it's less easy that what it look like. Mind : the back part (the one with the grooves) is a tad too short if you use the blue print. I had to increase it of say a short inch on both sides.

Christian Clerigo: I'm 7 years late.

Blackwolf Outdoor Adventures: I know I'm YEARS late, but is there any chance to get detailed measurements for this? I'm wanting to build 2 of for my 11 year old son, and one for myself. I'm mainly concerned with the length of the limbs. I'm also thinking of putting on a sight and possibly an arm rest to pull stronger bands. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!

Gary Burke: i like this thing. it might be a good idea to install a clear plastic tube or pipe between the arrow rest and exit hole. that would eliminate the possibility of accidentally driving the arrow into your hand. if its clear you can still aim.

Iammightymeaty: Outstanding

mruplig: 666 hundred thousands watchtimes illuminati confirmed

ALMIGHTY ELI: First video I saw n got inspired to make my own

Blaise Bell: I'm seven years late

GmGarlo: awesome , where do you get your rubber bands?

Jason Pettit: I want to buy a brass slingshot from you how?

Arian Murati: hi

Jmk2017the Greek M: how can I find the kind of rubber you use ....can you please tell me???

Joe Thrift: The link to plans isn't working could anyone help?

Joe Thrift: Do you have plans available for this or the previous one?

Preston Yates: 2:40 "Always pull out."

Ryan Haynes: hey boss big fan but after 3 secs u saw a fatal flaw please add a small pvc track for the arrow to glide over crap happens and in the zombie apocalypse Gane green will kill you.
How to make a Zombie slaying arrow shooting slingshot (Halloween Special 2) 5 out of 5

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How to make a Zombie slaying arrow shooting slingshot (Halloween Special 2)