How To Make A Zombie Slaying Arrow Shooting Slingshot (Halloween Special 2)

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Axis360: Guys where do you get the rubber that he uses

Steve J: I'm a little new to your channel. Have you ever compared the speed or range of one of your rubber slingshots to a traditional medieval-style bow?

AltNRG Account: Is this the strongest slingbow design or would the three pillar steel catapult design shoot an arrow with more power?

Sennith: I can totally see me shooting the arrow into my own hand if I were to stretch the arrow beyond the arrow hole ó_ö

You Lie: Lol such precision. 7mm rope. 44mm rubber band.. lol. Germans, you crack me up. "112mm 1014 stainless steel ball weighing 101 grams is placed into the 3 cm north american bison leather pouch. I ate ze eggs zis morning so zeh protein from zeh whites will assist my muscle fibers in pulling this back. Once drawn to about 1003mm you zen release."

CrazyComicGuy and Idiot-gamers!: i am making this in a few days! This is gonna be a fun build i think! Thank you so much! Love your videos btw!

JTD19881369: a European with a pickup truck?..... i thought pickup trucks were horribly unpopular in the eurozone?

Gabriele Cesnulyte: I had the same issue with the print not to scale. If you zoom ratio to 125% and print on A3 paper each sketch. IE one page for each diagram, you will get pretty much the exact measurements mentioned on the sketch. 39cm height and 32mm diameter circles.
+JoergSprave would appreciate as mentioned the enhancements to the sling you mentioned on other videos, IE under slot system, brace etc. great video and cheers for the tutorials, my Rambone is the best finished item I have ever made by hand

mac thomson: 7:40 wrap tightly... always pull out. haha

Zachary Fletcher: I hope he lives in America

Julian Knowles: I like this guy since he likes slingshot I love slingshots too I wish I could have the one he is selling

First Name Last Name: Joerg, revisit this and use the new slot system you designed.

Not Tellin: im in the process of building this. idk if anyone has ever used tubular rubber but im going with it. its the heaviest from mal wart colored dark blue in the fitness section.

Necromancer0917: If there a zombie apocalypse I would go to this guys house

rafer Jefferson iii: I love this guy but when he says "20mm" in German, ww2 veterans shudder ;-)

Cavono Briggs: What's she draw weight

southpawOO7: good to see the guy from guardians of the galaxy has some hobbies

Harvey brooks (theeon91): you should try and put a pvc pipe in the center for more accuracy and to protect the hand from getting stabbed by an arrow, only if it is made wrong or the rests are adjusted wrong. the futuristic bow >:D

The Stoned Videogame Nerd: Mann ich mach hier den 3. Prototyp wie man das Gummi festhalten kann ohne reinzuschrauben...und da ist das so einfach.....Hätt nicht gedacht dass das Gumm Drumbiden klappen könnte :)

familie fijma: im 5 years late jeez
How to make a Zombie slaying arrow shooting slingshot (Halloween Special 2) 5 out of 5

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How to make a Zombie slaying arrow shooting slingshot (Halloween Special 2)