How To Test Motorcycle CDI Box, Ignition Coil

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How to test motorcycle CDI box. ignition coil
How to test motorcycle CDI box. ignition coil
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Testing Honda Coils and CDI boxes
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How to Test Stator Ignition CDi. Piaggio 50cc Scooter
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cagmito76: great video again max , them XTs are hard to start .

Robert Martinez: I used a multimeter on the ohm setting at 20k. I connected one probe to one of the primary {smaller} wires and the other probe to one of the secondary {spark plug wires}. Nothing happened. I also tasted each spark plug boot independently for resistance and observed them to be working properly. Incidentally, they were installed brand new last summer.
 I did, however, feel a bit of a charge coming from one of the the boots when I first tested the coils.

Robert Martinez: Hi there. I installed brand new aftermarket coils on my '81 gs550. I was careful to follow all the connections of the old coils, but the spark remained weak and eventually the CDI box was fried. I then tested those new coils and found that they were defective. I Want to try installing new coils again {after testing them first this time} and CDI but I'm worried that there is something wrong that may damage these components again. Any thought on how I should approach this problem?

john huffman: Umm my problem is i got my bike running after two years i cleaned the carbs and all the basic start up maintenance replaced the bendix.... noww i go to flip the key and no green light however i press the start button an my oil light appears but no movement in the starter .., so i watched more videos check my siliniod my ground cleaned the inside of the starter button .. all my lights work ... idk

john huffman: So ive watched a bunch of your videos ...where ya at wanna fix my bike i live in ontario

Jo Montana: Yup, I think my Honda needs one of them there " smoke boxes".... :)

Akasha Ofthenile: love your joke,.. Thank you for the demo

moh nad: hi there ive jus ended up buying a crapy chinese bike ajs daytona 125 62 reg there was no spark there is a coil under the seat which is rusted is this the problem for no spark p.s the bikes been parked up for months. any ideas?

Jon Teague: Thanks for the info

Trucker Sal: Eh bud.....if the spark plug is not completely flush with the block would that be an issue for a start it looks like my threds are a little stripped #3 and its not sitting all the way down.... and the second thing the on off switch.....I can only here the bike turn over after the 4th or 5th try.......thanx bud your vids rock.......

BicycleFunk: any tips on testing the pickups?

Richard Knott: Get real

MrPaddymackdaddy: I have to say...You got me with the joke, I was going to type something else.I' glad I waited !

Bryan Breitenstein: So, I went out in the cold and did some investigation. Started double checking wiring connection and it seems there may be a problem in the kill switch wiring. Not sure why it only affected one cylinder....but yeah.

Bryan Breitenstein: Is it possible for a CDI to stop sending a spark to only one cylinder on a v-twin?

Pilot Ok: My Kawasaki KLE Anhelo (250cc) wont run with air filter box cover installed.Only if i remove air filter box cap it works just fine.It happened after the 2 days outdoor parking in wet and snow area.What could you suggest please? Yamaha workshop couldnt fix it for more than a month.All related works have been done with no effect.

Evan Soukup: +mrmaxstorey Hi i am looking for a coil for my drz 125, and i cant find any. THere are many others for much cheaper but im not sure if it would work correctly since they are not made for the drz 125. Does it matter? Do you have to buy the exact same coil? thanks in advance!

teror1sta: Manuals of some bikes contains ohms  check of ICI ....

karen brong: hi i have a kawasaki 440 ltd. i am tryin to make a flame thrower exhaust. what i am going to do is make another coil based spark plug fireing system for a fuel injector . i have tryed a honda v65 coil with a ingnighter box of a dohc 750 honda (spark box) . it will fire constant good spark when charged by a battery charger only. but when a battery is added it will not spark. any clue? does the spark box get ac or dc power? i know bike charging is ac till it hitts the rec reg box. would i need to come off stator before the box for power?
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How to test motorcycle CDI box, ignition coil