How To Test Motorcycle CDI Box, Ignition Coil

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How to test motorcycle CDI box. ignition coil
How to test motorcycle CDI box. ignition coil
how to test and repair motorcycle CDI electronic ignition module coil system spark failure
how to test and repair motorcycle CDI electronic ignition module coil system spark failure
No spark? How to test CDI ignition on an outboard motor
No spark? How to test CDI ignition on an outboard motor
Motorcycle CDI Ignition repair
Motorcycle CDI Ignition repair
How To Test A  Stator coil.
How To Test A Stator coil.

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carlos salvidres: can a 1979 honda cb650 cdi, be repair

Giic Llc: I enjoyed your video, Hay mer, Love it!

Stan Wilhite: Out of curiosity what does "CDI" stand for?
Thanks for the vids!

DENNIS SBRUSCH: I have a kazuma 110cc lacoste quad. Took panels off to repaint and after putiing it back together, it no longer runs. It ran prior. It cranks over and is getting fuel, but will not start. How do i test ignition switch, coil, cdi box? and do you have a wiring schematic print that shows me wiring? It is possible I have battery wiring wrong. im not sure as I do not have a troubleshooting /repair manual. I could sure use your help. Please send me any repair/diagnostic manual info, etc. that could help me trace and find the problem that it is evident, I caused myself. I bought this lil quad new for my daughter when she was 12 in 2005, and only ridden for about 50 hours b4 being parked in barn since 2007. I am trying to fix back up for my grandsons. And also for my nephews 2 boys when they all come visit me out in country where i live. I am disabled and working on this quad is a good thing being it helps me physically, mentally because of my spine and spinal cord injury that has disabled me and am proud to have great family. I just created more problems causing it now not to run! lol!!! thanks again - Dennis
my email id -

Thank you again and God Bless you

Stavros pro: Its not that hard to kick start if you use the compression release....

superemposed: Does the CDI have any influence on the advance and retard? If it does, how does it control this?

Eliab Clemente: Hi mate, how are you doing? Grettings from Brazil. I hope you can help me out on this trobleshooting. Let me get strait to the point. I just got a POLARES 330 CC, 2003 and I realized that my CDI box is not working, something bad might happened. I did some researches on the internet, youtube and i notice the the best thing to do is basiclly replace it, get a brand new one. However, to get it down in my country is so expensive. So, I´d like to try a MOTOBIKE CDI BOX. What are you recommend? Have you ever try it? PLEASE HELP ME. I aprecciate it. Thanks so much. Excuse my inglish is bit rusty.

Phil manwarren: my front cylinder won't fire could this be why and could you tell me where the coil wires go on a 1993 yamaha virgo thanks

TokeXecution: Can I use a cdi off a Arctic Cat 1973 cheetah 340 and use it on a Honda 1972 Mt 250 also 2 stroke?

juan mena: Hey man I have a lt250r I'm working on as a project. I'm kinda stuck on the electrical I'm not getting a spark. I replaced the ignitor coil I replaced the stator I got a after market Cdi box I did not want to get a new one from Suzuki because they go at about 400 dollars. Any help you can give would be grate.

frognuts Ell: I like you dude, keep my smiling while educating me👍🏼

Ed Kriner: Sir, I have a 2006 Suzuki GSX1300R Haybusa and it ran great. Now I cant get any spark? It has a new batt. an plug's. I started it at least 2 times during winter and let it warm up. When I went to start it I cant get any spark? I've tried everything! Any Idea's?

Blake Simmons: i have an 81 kz 650 i went yo start it it turnd over the starter and then the starter just stoped i tried to push start it but nothing happens what could this be

Ani Charlie-aerengamate: hi my fuse keeps blowing on my virago any knowledge about it

Ian Lantape: how to know if the coil and stator malfunction

Ian Lantape: i had a suzuki smash my problem is the spark goes on and off i already replace plugs it is the same

trevor francis: high i used to have the xt 600 bugger to kick over, any way I have a kawasaki vn 800 re wiring the bike, following the diagram there is no  poz neg on the coils, but the colour code on the wires are different, so what side do you fit the wires to the coils also i will need an ecu would second hand do and would it just work when connected or will it have to be set up to some programe

Lavre: I had one of these XT 550's when I was around 23/25.. (with an almost complete bike as spares - bought it from a guy whose wife put sugar in his tank after countless drunk hooliganism weekend trips.. ) and I really thought it was the crap! Spent a LOT of money on it, and it was oversize to 577 cc..Felt like I was on it 24/7.. Looks dated today but it still stays mechanical - wise trustworthy.. (Would not mind having one of the origional XT600 TENERE today.. - and quite recently two or three MINT examples popped up... but as things goes in life.. it wil happen when you do not have the finances..) Am mostly only riding Sport tourers / Hyper tourers today.. but boy.. one in the gargae for that "occasional" trip will not be to be skipped.. Oh yea.. before I forget.. I lost TWO heads.. due to lack of knowledge.. that little sieve at the bottom of the "sump-pipe"... very very important to clean with every service..) - (only found it out after I gave up, and sold the bike...)

GAR A: so what was the fixed?

Matthew Vescovi: i have a 1980 yamaha sr250 that has no spark...i have checked the ignition coil, pick up coil, starter solenoid, and battery. they all check out fine. spark plug is new and the safety relay works. heres where things get funky...if i have the ignition on and i put the bike from stop to run and put a meter on my spark plug wire i have a constant 12v. if i leave the meter on the wire and switch it to stop i lose the 12v. my starter button doesnt work either but i think thats just worn contacts. also, will the bike get spark even if the neutral switch is bad? Thanks Matt
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How to test motorcycle CDI box, ignition coil