How To Test Motorcycle CDI Box, Ignition Coil

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How to test motorcycle CDI box. ignition coil
How to test motorcycle CDI box. ignition coil
how to test and repair motorcycle CDI electronic ignition module coil system spark failure
how to test and repair motorcycle CDI electronic ignition module coil system spark failure
No spark? How to test CDI ignition on an outboard motor
No spark? How to test CDI ignition on an outboard motor
Motorcycle CDI Ignition repair
Motorcycle CDI Ignition repair
How To Test A  Stator coil.
How To Test A Stator coil.

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ted tooner: and a wide range of adjustment eg if bike kicks back when starting you can retard the ignition slightly.

kellyowensby: need help with a 2005 kx 250f

rick benavides: I Have a 2004 Honda Shadow 750 Aero, my problem is I have no Power at all, I replaced the Battery and still has no power.No Lights ,horn, turn signals NOTHING! I checked the fuses and all appear to be ok, I was not able to check the main fuse (if Any) because I have no clue where to locate it, any suggestions to what may be causing this NO power problem?...Help Please!

happyONE LIKE: sir did you have a vid. that showing how to know if the rectifier is damage or not if the rectifier was damage how to repair it thanks im from the phil...

Kevin Stearns: im asking you cause you have over 800.000 hits 87 kx 250 cant find a cdi its a one year only go fukin figure. i bought an 89 kx 125 with the same color wires. will this work? if not any ideas what will. thanks.

R1 Menace: is cdi and ecu box the same thing? i found the ecu box on the oem parts list but not the cdi. i think its the same piece. my 4 stroke is only firing on two plugs. the coils where replaced and same issue. i switched the coils to see if one of them was bad but it was the location of the left spot that was not getting current through he coil. i assume its pre coil for the issue. the next item before the coil is the ecu box. someone correct me if im wrong. i dont want to fork out another bill on a waste of a part if its not the issue.

Gabriel Mundo: I have an atv that use to run flawlessly but now it doesn't. it turns over, lights work but it just will not start. Anyways, I replaced the ignition coil and spark plug, new battery, new carberator, but I'm not receiving a spark. could it be that I need to replace the CDI box?? please help, I'm stuck on what is wrong with it.

David Gurrola: the battery is new and I check all the cables  they are fine

gwhewitt: Can the smoke be replaced after you release it??

David Gurrola: HiI have a 81 Yamaha 850  And there's no nothing its like not have a battery in it.What could it be? the lights motor nothing comes on.

Tammie Satterfield: Max, I have to replace the cdi box in my older bike. I have been looking everyone I know, as well as friends looking for me as well. I have a 1985 Honda Shadow vt500c, and cannot find a replacement cdi box. I have seen a few on ebay, but one looked like trash, and the other "said" it "should" work for multiple years (but could guarantee fit). Do you have any recommendations?

Romelia Polly: I am sure that you will find good way to make it on Inplix Webpage.

Buck Ulrich: tape your battery ends do they don't short out your new CDI box,
an instead of a hay-mere,,,
you should of gotten a Haaaaaat-crap,to split that wide open
so we all could of seen it better
thanks for your funny video
don't break a leg

DunePanda: ive just spent like 500bucks on trying to figure out why i wasnt getting any spark.....ended up changing everything from the stator, coils, relays, and the CDI i know how expensive these can get.....that haymeer you used, where can i pick that up? i cant find it on ebay.

Dean Jex: iv got a ram100 quad it got a spark but won't start tryd fuel down the head but still no joy any help would be great

dan smith: This is Not a CDI box-I've taken them apart. They are simply an electronics points eliminator.   A CDI requires a large cap, say, 1 or more uF, between coil minus ("") and ground.   It is charged to about 200 volts, then discharged into the coil. These contain no such large cap anywhere.  I've been an electronics tech 34 years, 17 years experience, plus several years as a hobby building hi voltage devices such as  Tesla coils, and externally driven coils, flybacks,  etc, to make sparks.

Aaron Bates: I dont know if I will get a response, but it would be great...
So I have been trying to get a 1973 yamaha ct1 175 running, and I changed the points, set them, I changed the condensor, and I have a low voltage spark. There is a spark there but its not strong enough. I think it could be the coil, but is there any other things it could be?

Dmitry Litvinov: hello my bike which is 02 zx7r has no spark i checked if the coils gets electricity and i found that the coils gets positive only and they missing negative. i checked if it has bad ground but its grounded well. all the fuses alright also. What can it be?

carlos salvidres: can a 1979 honda cb650 cdi, be repair

Giic Llc: I enjoyed your video, Hay mer, Love it!
How to test motorcycle CDI box, ignition coil 5 out of 5

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How to test motorcycle CDI box, ignition coil