G-1 Highbanker, Power Sluice Designed By Joel Farmer

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djpitr: Very nice done

alzathoth: how wide is the G1? I already know the G2 is 12" wide. thank you.

john65140: nice

The kid down the Street: How much do you want for one

TechOverload99: I ordered one about a week ago, can't wait to get it and put it to use. I had to choose between this or the Gold Hog, both are nice but I like the portability of the G-1. Hope it lives up to expectations.

Nathan Bierschied: bought it today and thats what it was i guess lol only paid 625 for the g1

Joel Farmer: 5 HP / 2" pump, running on idle ~

Joel Farmer: Yes, both ~

Joel Farmer: It never sems to be a problem ~

Joel Farmer: I do not own USProspector anymore - I doubt $50 dollars is right though...

Nathan Bierschied: i went to the website and went to the check out on the g1 and it said the shipping was 50 dollars is that right for shipping in the united states?

Scott Sammers: O:key!

Joel Farmer: Call 559-281-4202 ( Rick )

Jackpotslinger: The website is down. How do we buy these now? Any ideas?

Joel Farmer: That is a fact~

Outdoorsman631: wouldnt smaller rocks get stuck in the larger riffles in the hopper??

Casey Duncan: I like the principle of the machine. Not worried about losing nuggets. If it's so big it won't pass through a 1/2" grizzly then my metal detector will pick it up real quick when I check the tailings. Biggest problem so far I've had is getting all that really super fine stuff, just blows out the sluice. I think this might help me get most of what's in the ground which is fines, not nuggets.

smartstuff2buy: how much water is pumped thru this in the video? and what hp?

pashka0843: In this one u will lose the bigger nuggets. I thought of a better method to recover 100% of ALL gold. Its very portable. Sorry I cant say what it is yet...
G-1 Highbanker, power sluice Designed by Joel Farmer 5 out of 5

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G-1 Highbanker, power sluice Designed by Joel Farmer