50cc Wildfire Blue R8 Scooter

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torryboy3: Maybe on the spedometer but not with gps!

Chris Lewis: Mine is remarkably accurate, in fact. My town has a couple of those portable radar things that they put on the side of the road to try and get you to slow down. Whenever I drive past one, the speed it reads and the speed on my speedometer match.

sanca994: 4-stroke ....It cant go so fast!!!(SHIIIT)

Christopher O'Reilly: @warezvz Yes I agree, but a 4T 50 will take a bit more punishment from very long, inter town/city trips without the worries of seizing up from extended periods of full throttle operation and high RPM's because they just dont get oil starvation, and a stock, properly derestricted 4T 50 could achieve a higher top speed than a 2T, but takes a while to get there.

olimop000: so this ped does about 40-45 down hill my suzuiki cp 50 1988 model does 50mph up hill and 60 on flat it is two stroke but there is such better preformance from a two stroke 50cc compared to a crap 4 stroke 50cc

jack1979x: i could get you a good deal if u want

chuyvenegas: how much does one of this cost brand new

kambera444: garbage

Kelly Hicks: my wife could outrun you then she weighs 105 I think

iSmileForSub: @caliproduced94 ya im turning 15 my brother in law told me u do need to be 16 and get a licence plate. so il just prob ride it around the block.

warezvz: ha ha ha ha ha

Sentum1994: I got one like this it's 2006 years, but my goes 80km/h not a 60... and my acceleration is beating aprilias and others...

jack adogoff: YOU'RE FOUR STROKE.

zach00attack: "first we're going to go against the wind, then we're going to go into the wind" so you're going to go against the wind both times?

OnlineScooterGuide: My friend said I had to checkout your video

warezvz: but still you cant expect acceleration and high speeds from a 4 stroke 50cc chinese bike

Dean Simmons: nice, I bought a similar model, does 40mph in the wind and 48mph down hill without tuning, I weight 100lbs.

Kelly Hicks: they go 40mph unrestricted

olimop000: oh and i over took somthing similar to this on a bmx

carlitox1616: nada q verrrr la gilera esa no es 50cc es 125cc

Kelly Hicks: we have sold hundreds of these. Rarely any troubles.


Kelly Hicks: Stay off my channel, spammer.

olimop000: thats four stroke so its crap

Justin: crap scooter. Doesnt even have a hydrolic break, like the better model (taotao CY-50) and is just crap. end of story.

murcielago06gt: I had a 2008 Wildfire R8 get up to 60mph (97kmh) before. Completely stock. I have no idea how. My buddy was in a car behind me and he said the needle touched 60. It smelled BAD after. But it still runs fine.

olimop000: and acceleration whats that 0 to 60 in 4 days

murcielago06gt: @caliproduced94 Unless you are in Indiana, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, West Virginia, or North Carolina, you need a valid driver's license. In Alabama, Arkansas, and Texas you need a motorcycle endorsement.

warezvz: 4 strokers just dont have the power to be compared with a 2 stroker. i know it i race them

Kelly Hicks: Yah gps is true speed. Wildfire speedometers are pretty close though.

ProDigit80: even if it would go 35MPH, it's quite fast, and above the speed limit for sub 50cc scoots, in some states.

warezvz: dude a 4 stroker cant do 60mph stock derestricted the speedo is lieing. a 2 stroker does 65 derestricted but not a 4 stroker

warezvz: @Cringle84 true they need like 3000km to wear in but willl never go as fast as a 2 stroke and thats a fact. A 2 stroke is inferior to the 4 stroke

nalakatt0: @pufixas 2-stroke is better on scooters, they have much more power than 4-strokes have, much better acceleration on the 2-strokes scooters

Coughenour1: okk lets see u race my 06 aprilia sr50 factory completely stock just derestricted haha i have one of these scooters and have raced the two holy crap this is a piece of crap it got blown away every time theres a reason these cost $600 and that aprilias cost $3,100 just sayin u get what u pay for

GTPrecordZ: @warezvz yea i just noticed someone corrected you befor on the last comment . lol yea what u just said this time is very true i own a 2 stroke bws

Christopher O'Reilly: @olimop000 Yes this video is a bad example because the engine is not run in, They have to have at least 3000 Km on the engine before it is fully run in and loosened up, as 4T's are hard wearing engines. I had mine (A Powermax 50 in Australia) go up to 80Km/H with a Honda Today 50 belt (they are actually the original belt for that design) an unlimited CDI, 4.9 gram rollers, limiter screw removed from carburetter.

warezvz: @siomaslt a 125 will do the trick a yamaha cygnus is great

Simon ..panda: i wanna buy a scooter something like this. so anyway is 50cc not a strong one? i need a bit stronger one thought... and like it could go to 90hm/h max. ty

Christopher O'Reilly: @warezvz I had mine sitting in 80 Km/h traffic no probs, and I had the needle go off the end hitting the housing. 4T's need at least 1500 miles or 3000Kms on the clock before they loosen up, and have to start pushing them hard at 1000 Miles or 1500 Km to finish the run in, they are hard wearing engines and take a very long time to wear in before you get the power.

Kelly Hicks: Nah the faster speed is with the wind

Mautaz: chineese crap will break in 2000-3000 km

Ninja 87: Man that looks like a fun little scooter.

Kelly Hicks: My boat does 50 on its gps downhill with a following wave.

Christopher O'Reilly: I have the same scooter, except its an Eagle Wing Powermax 50 here. pretty strong engine as long as you dont rev it past redline, and they have to have at least 3000Km on the engine to loosen up, which by then, I had mine go to 80Km/h with some minor mods. The down side is the seat bucket is weak and can break if you ride over enough driveway gutters so probably best to get them strengthened at a plastics shop. I have by the way 19000 Km on mine and it goes hard.

Ninjasloth1: Does that make them illegal?

docchocobo: I have the tank version of this. I redid the carb and can get about 45. I think someone derestricted it before I got what was left of it :) 4 strokers can do pretty well. You just take longer to get up to speed. Mine was a pile of parts someone rode to pieces and never cared for. took 2 days to get her to run but was worth it after all the fix-ups were done.

flysociety678: nice i just bought one its really nice no complaints

iSmileForSub: im getting one prob, but iunno im turning 15 am i allowed to ride it on the road or anywere or do u need a drivers license for it. i live in canada bc so if u can please help me. reply asap

James Collier: I have this bike but mines a different version (wolfboy) when i got it it was just a pile of bolts it didnt run the battery was completely dead and all the electricals on the bike needed replacing but after manual labre and a brand new carburretor cdi unit (unrestricted) new battery new iridium spark plug new ht lead and coil derestricting the bike and a lot of tweaking the engine its running and is it good! it roars and goes 45mph and gets to it fast and plus it looks nice!!! so glad i got it.
50cc Wildfire Blue R8 Scooter 4.5 out of 5

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50cc Wildfire Blue R8 Scooter