LCD Screen Shadow Fix

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LCD Screen Shadow Fix
LCD Screen Shadow Fix
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Skuntac: I've had my LG LCD 47" for a few years now and had no issues until this past week.
When on youtube, the sides don't reach the end of my screen and leave two vertical black bar borders.
Now, when not using that app, those areas are cloudy brown on my TV. I'm not sure if it's clouding, or burn in (can black burn in??)
I've tried leaving on burn in fixes and they didn't work.
Will ice fix it? My TV has a thick glass pane in front of the screen, so taking it apart will be a pain in the ass for the ice not to work. Thanks in advance


J.M.English: Doesn't appear to have worked on my 6 yr old Samsung LED, but thanks for the tip anyhow

SEBASTIAN FELDMANN: lol like for bacon

Andrew Whitburn: Unfortunately this didn't work for me

reizende: This worked on the smaller spot on my TV, but the larger, more stubborn patch is still there. It's very strange. Over time the dark shadow moves to other places on the TV. It's gone completely around the whole TV over the years. It makes the TV look like it has black dirty streaks.

Holly Viola: this didnt work for me, I used a box of frozen coconut shrimp.

NiiNjAPanda: Will this work on a LED TV?

grimTales1: I just tried this (or something close to it) but I didnt have a pack of bacon so used something flat(ish) in a plastic bag. I dont think it worked for me and I'm scared I damaged the TV :(

ForgetYourRegrets: I feel like i've tried everything. even this. i have a an LCD 60 inch samsung smart tv. and the clouding is in the bottom center. almost a foot in diameter. i think it might be from when it was sitting on the little logo piece that hangs off of the frame. maybe that caused the screen to bend if it sat too long? i honestly can't even enjoy movies or video games with this huge shadow on my screen. very frustrating.

dim12 dim12: Can i use frozen fish?

chloe biersack: i actually can't believe that this worked! these things don't usually work for me but this time it did! i just used a couple of pieces of ice wrapped in kitchen roll and it worked perfectly! thank you!

Sebastian Araya: using ice in a bag actually works

Mike M: I would just really love to know how someone discovered this. "Hmm, I'm going to rub bacon against my TV and see what happens". (Seriously though, I have the clouding issue, the right hand edge of my tv)

k1anmano: tv repair kit: hammer screwdriver and a lb of frozen bacon

Amanda Miller: I have a Samsung smart tv mounted on my wall. today I walked by n noticed a white small mark on the middle of the bottom right above the Samsung logo it gets worse when the tv color is light n better when it's dark. I tried the brightness n contrast but nothing.

Naseer Iqubal: how to solve Shadow Display in Haier Lcd Tv Model:26t51

jeff george: I love you so much XD it WORKS!

P.S. you can use anything cold although if its not in plastic be carefull

Gemma Green: Didn't work for me :-/

John McCarthy: I tried several frozen things, didn't do it However My Vizio has had a problem I just replaced the Power Supply and Main Board and now it works good, but I got it dead from a neighbour for free ,  I think it is the same black film I found on the inside of the chassis metal parts related to electronic components overheating, I think it is smoke residue in my case, usually an LCD/LED screen flaw will react to a gentle touch mine does not
LCD Screen Shadow Fix 5 out of 5

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LCD Screen Shadow Fix