LCD Screen Shadow Fix

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LCD Screen Shadow Fix
LCD Screen Shadow Fix
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Crap Bag: would it work with halal bacon

OpTiOn SeVeN: Would this work on a Samsung LED screen?

Mattis Olsson: I used a frozen fish. It works

Tomar Ruun: I did this with frozen ham and a microfiber massage to the area, works slightly but might just end up saving two weks pay to buy a 4K to replace this ancient LCD

Antking1117: THANKS AGAIN IT WORKS, keep up the good work

tigerhawk84: My problem has been getting steadily worse over about two years. My monitor had tempered glass over the display, so I had always assumed it was a problem between the glass and the screen. Well today I finally got off my lazy ass and disassembled my screen and took the glass off, and the problem is still fully present. Tried the ice trick, holding it for up to 2 minutes sometimes after 10-20 seconds wasn't enough. No dice. My screen is freaked. Maybe I waited too long and its too late for this trick to work for me.

paul tidswell: I used a frozen leg of liver on it and it working now

seemedsoperfect: OMG thank you! My Toshiba had lines going from side to side...they were thick shadow lines...I used a package of frozen ground sausage (because it's nice and flat) and it got most of it. I tried for about 5 minutes on a stubborn part, it only helped a little. So I got a soft ice pack, turned off the tv, and rubbed the spot for 2 minutes. Now my TV is back to normal!

SparkitzUz: Fish fingers also works,I know that this sounds daft but it works LG 47

Steve Brook: This worked a charm for my Hanns-G HT231 touch screen monitor, which had developed a shadow i.r.o. 3 square inches. Thanks for this - much appreciated. How on earth did you discover this fix?

Skuntac: I've had my LG LCD 47" for a few years now and had no issues until this past week.
When on youtube, the sides don't reach the end of my screen and leave two vertical black bar borders.
Now, when not using that app, those areas are cloudy brown on my TV. I'm not sure if it's clouding, or burn in (can black burn in??)
I've tried leaving on burn in fixes and they didn't work.
Will ice fix it? My TV has a thick glass pane in front of the screen, so taking it apart will be a pain in the ass for the ice not to work. Thanks in advance


J.M.English: Doesn't appear to have worked on my 6 yr old Samsung LED, but thanks for the tip anyhow

SEBASTIAN FELDMANN: lol like for bacon

Andrew Whitburn: Unfortunately this didn't work for me

reizende: This worked on the smaller spot on my TV, but the larger, more stubborn patch is still there. It's very strange. Over time the dark shadow moves to other places on the TV. It's gone completely around the whole TV over the years. It makes the TV look like it has black dirty streaks.

NiiNjAPanda: Will this work on a LED TV?

grimTales1: I just tried this (or something close to it) but I didnt have a pack of bacon so used something flat(ish) in a plastic bag. I dont think it worked for me and I'm scared I damaged the TV :(

ForgetYourRegrets: I feel like i've tried everything. even this. i have a an LCD 60 inch samsung smart tv. and the clouding is in the bottom center. almost a foot in diameter. i think it might be from when it was sitting on the little logo piece that hangs off of the frame. maybe that caused the screen to bend if it sat too long? i honestly can't even enjoy movies or video games with this huge shadow on my screen. very frustrating.
LCD Screen Shadow Fix 5 out of 5

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LCD Screen Shadow Fix