LCD Screen Shadow Fix

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LCD Screen Shadow Fix
LCD Screen Shadow Fix
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dim12 dim12: Can i use frozen fish?

chloe biersack: i actually can't believe that this worked! these things don't usually work for me but this time it did! i just used a couple of pieces of ice wrapped in kitchen roll and it worked perfectly! thank you!

Sebastian Araya: using ice in a bag actually works

Mike M: I would just really love to know how someone discovered this. "Hmm, I'm going to rub bacon against my TV and see what happens". (Seriously though, I have the clouding issue, the right hand edge of my tv)

k1anmano: tv repair kit: hammer screwdriver and a lb of frozen bacon

Amanda Miller: I have a Samsung smart tv mounted on my wall. today I walked by n noticed a white small mark on the middle of the bottom right above the Samsung logo it gets worse when the tv color is light n better when it's dark. I tried the brightness n contrast but nothing.

Naseer Iqubal: how to solve Shadow Display in Haier Lcd Tv Model:26t51

jeff george: I love you so much XD it WORKS!

P.S. you can use anything cold although if its not in plastic be carefull

Gemma Green: Didn't work for me :-/

John McCarthy: I tried several frozen things, didn't do it However My Vizio has had a problem I just replaced the Power Supply and Main Board and now it works good, but I got it dead from a neighbour for free ,  I think it is the same black film I found on the inside of the chassis metal parts related to electronic components overheating, I think it is smoke residue in my case, usually an LCD/LED screen flaw will react to a gentle touch mine does not

AAD: It worked me for me relatively. Thanks!

Merge Beats: I'm not allowed to waste bacon. Can I use a loaf of bread instead?

RAMONA LOUISE: thank you so much.

shibu thomas: Wow it really worked!! cool

royster zico: Thanks bud. I did think this was a joke but...yes it did work. After 3 years with a shadow om my tv. Cheers

Ashley Yuro: Just tried this on my vizio with frozen peas seemed to help it a little thanks!!!

ohhhREALY: i will try this . i got an old tv with huge dark smudge mark down the screen :)

Philip Hultgren: Mmm bacon!

Riley Allis: Hey i'm using a Samsung relatively new Tv monitor for my computer and the shadows seemed to be related to my hdmi into my computer, at first i could angle it right then it would be fine but now i have a dark patch that cuts across the top half of my screen :/ will try the bacon but it if its hdmi related idk how its gonna go down

Thiago Melo: Worked for me... but only for a couple hours.
It looked like it was fixed, but after some hours the shadow was back again... any suggestions ?
LCD Screen Shadow Fix 5 out of 5

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LCD Screen Shadow Fix