LCD Screen Shadow Fix

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LCD Screen Shadow Fix
LCD Screen Shadow Fix
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shibu thomas: Wow it really worked!! cool

royster zico: Thanks bud. I did think this was a joke but...yes it did work. After 3 years with a shadow om my tv. Cheers

Ashley Yuro: Just tried this on my vizio with frozen peas seemed to help it a little thanks!!!

ohhhREALY: i will try this . i got an old tv with huge dark smudge mark down the screen :)

Philip Hultgren: Mmm bacon!

Riley Allis: Hey i'm using a Samsung relatively new Tv monitor for my computer and the shadows seemed to be related to my hdmi into my computer, at first i could angle it right then it would be fine but now i have a dark patch that cuts across the top half of my screen :/ will try the bacon but it if its hdmi related idk how its gonna go down

Thiago Melo: Worked for me... but only for a couple hours.
It looked like it was fixed, but after some hours the shadow was back again... any suggestions ?

Bill Harris: thanks it lightened up the shadow on mine. I used a frozen tube of Garlic on mine plus it keeps vampires away from my tv.

richard krebs: I never thought I would say, "I need to rub this bacon on my TV." but here we are.

Ryan Rubin: Will this work on an LED/LCD screen?  I have cloudy spots and the tv is only a year old.  Thanks!

goldcard047: Well thanks a bunch, this has completely destroyed my credibility! I have a shadow on my TV as described. I didn't have any bacon in the freezer but I did have a frozen fish pie which presented a fairly flat surface. So I'm standing there rubbing a frozen Youngs Admirals Pie over the screen when my son's girlfriend rang him. He was sitting in the lounge watching me and I heard his end of the conversation which went something like "What am I doing? Nothing much, just watching my Dad rub a frozen fish pie over the telly"

By the way, it didn't work. I may have been able to forgive you if it had but, as it stands you are now my public enemy number one! (only joking)

Jeff is (Nottheone): lighted up the shadow on mine, thanks  

Perry Sass: Just received an older LCD from a friend who upgraded.  I'd say about 2/3 of the screen is "in shadow" (slightly darker than the other 1/3, with what looks like a diagonal line demarking where the "bright side" turns to the "dark side."  This is quite distracting, but otherwise, the picture is fine.  Does this sound like a shadow due to wrinkling of the film?  I imagine because the shadow is on such a large part of the screen, I would have to run the ice pack over it for quite a long time if this technique is to work, right?  How long would you recommend and how hard are you supposed to press?  Thanks.

Arif Nur Rahman: im writing this while i hold my frozen mozarella cheese. lol

MARQUITA BURKETT: I seriously thought this was bogus! I tried it and it worked! The only thing is that it came back a few minutes later.  I guess you have to keep doing it.

Randi: Didn't work for me.. I think my tv is done, 7 years was enough I guess.. I have 2 big line shadows on my Vizio lcd 1080p

Bill Lee: When I first saw this , I thought "that is the stupidest thing I have ever seen" . But, being known to do stupid things , I decided to try it. I used a BLUE ICE cooler because bacon has gotten so darn expensive . It didn't work instantly. But, after about 5 minutes of running the ice pack over the bad area, my 2 inch wide dark line was gone.Thanks you treydaponq for saving me $600 that I was going to spend on a new TV.

Chris Walton: Damn it. I have shadowing on my tv but I'm a vegetarian!

E RPaulsen: I have a KDL40S2000 which i inherited with the stain... Tryed this but I didn't see a big change. Do I need to do this several times? For how long? Oh I would be thrilled if this works in my case!

lisa: I have a samsung dlp tv with a 4" black shadow on the left side. I watched your video and was wondering if this would work with my tv? Just because it's not an LCD  tv, it's a DLP, I really could use your help.  Thank you very much.
LCD Screen Shadow Fix 5 out of 5

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LCD Screen Shadow Fix