Stoeger X20 S Air Rifle Combo - AGR Episode #68

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drsquat12: What pellet did you use to get that group? Mine groups like a shotgun for now

tenodogblu: Paul, have you reviewed the scope that comes with this gun as stock?? Thank you, just subbed!!

Walter Richards: 84dB is disappointing for an allegedly suppressed air rifle.
I have a Stoeger .177cal model X50 that is 78dB.  Not sound suppressed, and 1500 fps.

cbluebeard: which is quieter, .22 or .177? You mention that it's in your top 3 quietest. What is your choice for the quietest spring/break air rifle?

paul hadfield: Just take the spring off the trigger takes two minutes :end all these trigger woes no need to spend money .

Andres Etchenique: Hi, thanks great review. Just got one based in part to your input here. Question: mine is considerably louder than yours seems to be in the video. Is there any adjustment I can make to the suppressor to make it more silent? Also I'm having to make significant adjustments to the scope to finally get the rifle to zero in and I'm still not on the mark. Did your rifle needs such drastic adjustment on the scope? Thanks!!

Will Creed: how heavy is it plz?!?!?!

noonster55: I want the dog....Love your reviews...

Norman Bates: Made in China????

pyramydair: +Ewan Allison You do not need CO2 for the Stoeger X20S. 

Ewan Allison: Could someone help me plz! I'm thinking of buying the gun myself and I was wondering do you need CO2 for the gun to work seem it has gas ram tech??

Wildhog32: Could you review the Hatsan 1000C Striker .22 if you haven't already?

Timothy Klok: Thats quite the bit of barrel droop there. Couple that with a 'crosman' trigger and this rifle is a bit disappointing. So much potential for a modified b19 platform rifle.

hmongBoYz: Is this gun loud? cause a lot of people saying that it's loud 

William: Its possible to upgrade with a nitro piston?

OKBAOK: Hi Paul, when are you going to review the 2014 atac or x20s? They upgraded the suppressor. I got atac 2013 and Benjamin nitro piston. The atac is more quite than Benjamin. Thanks Let me know please :)

Josh Pearson: +Oli Phillips looks like ur making a good choice!!

hmelkan: this gun is pretty good! yet, one advise guys, the trigger is TERRIBLE, no way you can have decent groups with it, and it WILL NOT break on the long run. I have the gun since 2011 and the rigger is still as bad as when I bought it. So, if you ever buy this gun, look for a 3rd party substitute for the trigger and you've got a winner there.
that's my 2 cents, hope I help someone make a better choice. Cheers all.

pyramydair: TKGBaller23 - These two guns are very similar. It really just depends on personal preference. 

joe roberts: Just ordered one in .22 so excited to get my hands on it
Stoeger X20 S air rifle combo - AGR Episode #68 5 out of 5

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Stoeger X20 S air rifle combo - AGR Episode #68