George Carlin On Soft Language

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Spiritual€@nofwup@$$: yeah! fukdat! all bullcrap! you all live in bullcrap! fukdat!

Jew Dog: Smug greedy well fed white people have invented a language to conceal their sins it's as simple as that. #rip

ฮูก: I'm here because I'm genuinely furious to be forced to use "Gender Pronouns".

Steven Diaz: Even "soft language" changed. It's now... "Political correctness"

Kenji Teh: LmAO

Sam: I really wish George was still alive. His comments on 2016 would probably kill the better portion of the world with laughter but eh freak it least we'd die happy.

metalmoto: He was, and still is the greatest comedian of all time! RIP George!

PAUL CAICEDO: what a funny comedian...nothing to say ....legend....i love him..for ever.

entropy lack therefore of: thats one funny cunt

ThePi314Man: What's with all the antisemitic cunts in the comments? We get it: you hate Jews. Go back to masturbating to a picture of Hitler ass-freaking Walt Disney. Don't forget to shove the zucchini up your ass to ensure maximum pleasure upon climax.

metals: Man was brilliant.

Nahla Fouad: He is the best

Thugzilla: this soft language male version of a milk producing mammal excretion is really bringing my human urination waste to a bubbling degree of temperature

kestrel archer: i know George never finished colleges but his observation capability coupled with his ability to make generalization is on par with many learned scholar

kestrel archer: euphemism probably... maybe... perhaps... the precursor of the safe space we have today XD

Can Yağcı: 4:21 oh thank god for thaaat!! 😂 Carlin was a brilliant mixer of sociology and black comedy. The best in his area to make people think and laugh at the same time.

Ajinkya Nafde: freakin legend

Freestyle: Bin Laden was a "Freedom Fighter" to the end.

Robert Lynn: One of his best bits!

runner4life1984: If a rape victim is a Male, then its called an "Unwilling Sperm Donor". 😃😃😃
George Carlin on Soft Language 5 out of 5

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George Carlin on Soft Language