George Carlin On Soft Language

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Thomas J: I vote for a holographic George Carlin show all his best into one for those who didn't get to him life before his death

That Guitar Guy: What a legend

Russell Brown: Like it or not, liberals, George Carlin would have voted for Trump.

ZeHoSmusician: This evening I saw an advert for a site whose tagline is, "The dating site for young people over 50." (Simply google the phrase and you'll find the site.)
It'd be one of George's favourites: Soft language used by some marketing asshole/team (in order to get people to pay for a product they don't need with money they don't have).
[True fans will understand all of those references, they're from various GC shows.]

Vincent Adultman: When I hear Carlin I'm always like: "don't go there..." but then he does and rescues it.

Brent Crude: It's hard to pick a favourite Carlin skit. The man's material is a bottomless comedic goldmine. But this one is right up there among his very best.

Dave Reeves: "Soft language" or now it maybe called ' the pacify effect' lol

Sergiu Gabriel: Where is the part with the "Shell shock" discussion??

leonardoboy2: GC is completely s*ually intercoursed!

Goatvarro: 5:00 in high school i actually got a half mark off on a test for using the term old people instead of the elderly (or something like elderly)

shamus248: Unwilling sperm recipient

i haven't laughed harder at a stand up joke in years

Abhishek Tarafdar: Too freakING bad I only discovered after his death.

Cliff Riley: Soft language was created by soft-boiled idiots with an agenda....simple as that. We don't hear the truth today....just just mamby-pamby bullcrap.

ROYAL PSYCHO: two people can say what you like are the old and the autistic.

Brugar18: prostitutes became escorts

Anthony Capaccio: " Unwilling sperm recipient " lol

ForceFromAbove: 3:50 HOLY jumpscares Batman what was that??

Joe: freak your white guilt.

AZ Outcast: We were all terminally freaked when they started classifying employees as "human resources." Resources? So we're now the same thing as a tree?

H u l k a r o n i & C h e e s e: He even predicted his own death! lmao RIP Carlin!
George Carlin on Soft Language 5 out of 5

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George Carlin on Soft Language