George Carlin On Soft Language

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DiamondPR0DIGY3: The best ever.......... R.I.P. George

James Denoia: It's Equivocation

nametakenok: How about niggers? They are just socioeconomically disadvantaged youths. Broken homes sums it ups.

Kei Fujitora: Like "pushing up the daisies", "cashed in the chips", and "picking up flowers..."

deadlypandaghost: Good to know I don't have to die. Just kick a bucket

Caleb Sydnor: go to 3:48

Eclectic Music & Info: Not his best, partly because of his stupid anti-Israel comment. Given some of his other comments, I really do wonder whether he was an anti-Semite. A shame, because he was often funny.

Kingsarg r: too damn good haha "i won't have to die.....ill pass away" 😂

Bobman9420: I have never heard of a Contra Fighter. Who the hell is that? Like from what country?

maggie hari: My other half calls toilet paper "crap roll" lol

BLACKCROW WALKING: George Carlin was a wordsmith genius!!

j jay: My god every liberal should have to sit down and watch this so they will see how freaking stupid they sound with this pc garbage

Avery Hunt: pencil is now Ding Dong

Singing-Wolf -12: "Physically challenged?" I'd be much more offended by that than "handicapped," "disabled," or even the more crude "crippled." Jesus Christ, guys.

Ashley Iervolino: I consider myself to be liberal yet I agree with almost all of the things i've ever seen him say in his skits. He always bashes liberals and i dont understand because he seems to have pretty liberal views??

Kim Jameson: "Protein spill" is fine, as are blowing chunks, barfing and hurling, but "technicolor yawn" has long been my favorite.

Lyle Courtepatte: George Carlin has always been a hoot. Quote: "Nail two sticks of wood together, and some schnook will buy it." Too true. I see this concept every day.

Ting Yap: "I won't have to die, i'll passed away." hahaha

kooolkidninjamaster: These days if you say words that aren't politically correct you can go to jail. Get rid of political correctness.

Suliasi Naruma: 💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
George Carlin on Soft Language 5 out of 5

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George Carlin on Soft Language