George Carlin On Soft Language

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Ny Jeep Adventurer: George was smart enough to see the Political Correct horse crap for what it really's a way of lying to people to make them agree with your cause by changing the language to make it as appealing as possible.

The truth is the most important thing in life, don't forget that.

Danielle Coghlan: this just sounds like a more eloquent ways to say things.
but people need to just toughen the freak up

mcjacktwo: I wish George Carlin was still alive to hear Ben Carson term slaves "immigrants." Just imagine the comedy routine Carlin could have crafted!

WYLTK13420: 20 30 years later he isn't wrong

Alex DeLarge: George's smooth use of words was rather remarkable...

Excuse me guys, what I meant to say was...

This motherfreaker George was really good with using them damn words

vit: Bigots became "Alt-Right" and "Anti-PC"
Grab them by the kitty became "locker room talk"
Sean Spicer Lies became "Alternative Facts"
Breitbart became *"Real News*"
Criticizing Trump became "Fake News"
Climate Change became "Chinese conspiracy hoax"
Eletrocution became "Conversion Therapy"
Domestic White Christian Terrorists became "Mentally ill Lone Wolves"
Breitbart Steve Bannon became "Chief Strategist"
no experience Betsy DeVos became "Secretary of Education"

Mike Pantaleo: This is so true.

SM MM: I feel that Carlin is more of a social commentator than a comedian.....

Chris Tulsie: I wonder what would have been his views on isis or trump

DanRage47: Freedom fighters try to fight oppression and control of the masses, and the oppressors subjugate them really quick.
I also have a line he could've used.
"Governments became Mind Control Devices mixed with puppets without strings or with strings made of money we don't have!"

KidsWithGuns1992: The great thing about Carlin's acts is his content was right on the mark and talking about current issues and topics otherwise unspoken about. He pushed the boundaries in talking publicly about things other "famous" people didn't, including politicians.

He's funny and clever, but the content he's actually talking about I find the most interesting about him as opposed to the jokes themselves.

1Johan3: George Carlin always blames everything on White people, it's liberals fault (and a lot are not even White but Semite).

MyYTwatcher: Lies became alternative facts...

Völf Akzam: Being a cringey weirdo is now "Being yourself"

thehoosierfortheUK: Jesus healed the cripple NOT Jesus offered his supernatural assistance to the physically challenged individual!

A & J C: Feminism and SJW's became to many........changing others to be like them. Imagine that.

Elena Alex: the world needs this man more than ever

Jesse Corder: "Too rich to give a crap about you" has become "Affluenza"

Spiritual€@nofwup@$$: yeah! fukdat! all bullcrap! you all live in bullcrap! fukdat!
George Carlin on Soft Language 5 out of 5

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George Carlin on Soft Language