George Carlin On Soft Language

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BLACKCROW WALKING: George Carlin was a wordsmith genius!!

j jay: My god every liberal should have to sit down and watch this so they will see how freaking stupid they sound with this pc garbage

Avery Hunt: pencil is now Ding Dong

Singing-Wolf -12: "Physically challenged?" I'd be much more offended by that than "handicapped," "disabled," or even the more crude "crippled." Jesus Christ, guys.

Ashley Iervolino: I consider myself to be liberal yet I agree with almost all of the things i've ever seen him say in his skits. He always bashes liberals and i dont understand because he seems to have pretty liberal views??

Kim Jameson: "Protein spill" is fine, as are blowing chunks, barfing and hurling, but "technicolor yawn" has long been my favorite.

Lyle Courtepatte: George Carlin has always been a hoot. Quote: "Nail two sticks of wood together, and some schnook will buy it." Too true. I see this concept every day.

Ting Yap: "I won't have to die, i'll passed away." hahaha

kooolkidninjamaster: These days if you say words that aren't politically correct you can go to jail. Get rid of political correctness.

Suliasi Naruma: 💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

farleygranger: and a man, bruce jenner, wants to be called a women...

Lisa thomas: A couple more observed by a nurse- none made up.

He/She has HIV, now we say: "HIV positive" as opposed to HIV negative ?? then we wouldn't need to say it at all.
Forgetful~ "poor historian"
We don't "tell" the patient to do something that is good for them, we "encourage the patient".

Low fat/low cholesterol diet ~ "Heart Healthy meal"
Heroin addict~ "narcotic dependent"
Junkie~ "exhibits drug seeking behavior"
Has not peed yet~ "due to void"
Pt needs someone to get their unmotivated ass out of bed ~"needs physical therapy" order
Needs to be spoon fed ~ " requires assistance w/meals"
Helpless ~ "requires assistance with activities of daily living"
Nursing home~ "custodial care"
Crippled/ paralyzed ~ "wheelchair bound"
Patient has lots of health problems ~ has "co-morbidities"
Vomit ~ "emesis"
crap/doo doo/poop~ "stool"
Patient takes too many prescription drugs~ patient suffers from "poly-pharmacy"
Needs a psychiatrist~ will request a "behavioral health consult"

Thunderpelt06: "Depopulating the area" sounds a lot worse than killing.

Trance_World_Artists 2014: The US state of Utah has become the first to declare pornography a public health risk the bill says, "perpetuates a sexually toxic environment" and "is contributing to the hypersexualisation of teens, and even prepubescent children, in our society". WHAT A LOADA crap.

Phillip H George: Well Done Bravo!

N/A: george come back we miss you

Kevin Cedeno: Everyone knows what a Stroke is. Well, now they call it Cerebrovascular Accident or CVA. LOL

Matt Spencer: I use 'minimally exceptional' sometimes... and that's how people respond to it too...

Matt Spencer: I use 'minimally exceptional' sometimes... and that's how people respond to it too...

PsiUmbreon: It's too bad George Carlin has "passed away" we really need him in this day and age to take the piss out of political correctness. Oh well at least there's South Park.
George Carlin on Soft Language 5 out of 5

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George Carlin on Soft Language