Glock 20 (10mm) With KKM 6 Inch Barrel

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Cory Mistro: I wonder what won the 2by4 or gun

AbyssmalAngel: Everyone go subscribe to Creepy Cooter on YouTube, he just needs a buddy!

Ty Wilson: wen youre dad is og but he keeps it lowkey asf

Creepy Cooter: Matt is love

Treblaine: One reason you may be shooting high is the barrel is so much longer that the bullet may still be in the barrel as the action begins to unlock. As it unlocks by canting the barrel down at the rear so the barrel would be pointing up at the moment it leaves the muzzle.

Just because you can stick an extra long barrel in a Glock, doesn't necessarily mean you should. The barrel mass is going up but not the slide mass. The action may not be slowed down enough to

Colton Endicott: Did anyone else notice the exit holes from the 10mm
On the side of the printer made a shape like a dog or dinosaur?

Colton Endicott: After you shot the 10mm through the printer long ways did anyone notice that the exit holes look like a dog or maybe a dinosaur?

Arty Karydez: The Meck-Tech upper is sick in 10mm i wonder if it will fire .40 well .... why dont you get one for a video

ErwinEnterprises: 10mm is my favorite round. I gave my dad a Glock 20 for bear defense. I would pay good money to see a sub-gun like the Kel-Tec S2000 or the new Sig MPX chambered in 10mm. I know the .40cal chamber could be reamed out. It's fitting the longer mag that would be tricky.

oneeyedpatriot: The 10 is always back on my list when I get done watching a video like this. Thanks for sharing and keeping my future gun acquisition dreams alive!

mpk1414: demolition dad and the WWII teacup grip

StankLip: Glad to see you started wearing eye protection in your more recent videos. :)

ftw7827: Shooting a 2x4 hmmmm.... why dont you just give me your ammo and ill put it to good use. What a waste of ammo and money. 

DaOzMan0608: Next time fill the pumpkin with water.

hutchdabarber: I love the 10mm. I used to own a model 29 and it was the best concealed carry weapon. If you like the 40cal round try the MR40 Eagle by Magnum Research

GodGunsGuitarsGadgetsGovernment: Looks like you guys are getting a LOT more muzzle flip than other G20 vids I've seen.

LeadSlinger89: did you polish that barrel? if so, i can give some tips to get rid of the black "halo" around the lettering. i have polished about 2 dozen glock barrels...

drumtech06: I love my G20C my buddy has a G23 and I always kid him and say his 40 S&W means SHORT&WEAK

mrmrlee: Hope nobody is in the trees beyond, too bad you don't have a berm or hillside to shoot up against for safety.

bloodydishtowel: Awesome, you just had a conversation with yourself shmeagle/gollum
Glock 20 (10mm) with KKM 6 inch barrel 5 out of 5

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Glock 20 (10mm) with KKM 6 inch barrel