Climbing Cat, DIY Scratch Post, Climbing Frame

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Climbing Cat. DIY Scratch Post. climbing frame
Climbing Cat. DIY Scratch Post. climbing frame
Cat climbing his scratch post
Cat climbing his scratch post
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YTfancol: Beautiful cat :-) 

symphonicity: Hi there, could you please detail the materials you used for this? size of the platforms, height of the post etc? I want to make something similar for my lazy 6yo cat. :-)

Mario Chui: i love your cat!

RedSwoo: @manoirdaisy Thanks for the comments. The fabric is a cut off from a sheer curtain. She used to like lying on/against it when it was hanging from the curtain pole a bit like a sideways hammock. Got to be careful tho. Thanks

pedrokz: Great thing you builty her, she will love being able to watch out the window. Mine misses all the wooded view where used to live now he just stares for birds in my fenced back yard.

Nurul Q: What's her breed... CUTENESS OCERLOAD!! ↖(^ω^)↗

Nurul Q: Thanks

RedSwoo: She is a Maine Coon. 3 years old now, quite a bit bigger. She jumps to the top now. The lower platform has been relocated much higher above the climbing post for extra difficulty and a higher view.

catsfordummies: That's great. I have a commercial one, but it is so wobbly. I was thinking of buying a more sturdy one, but you just gave me an idea. I will make one! I have a couple of broken fence posts outside, so I can make the tree out of that!

Sonia: <3 so cute! ;)

MerrimacVI: Nice job on the post and the shelf! And whatta pretty cat!

Kacie Hoffman: She's ADORABLE!!! Great job on that, you got a lucky kitty!!

RedSwoo: @nekcr0 Thanks! Now that she is older she can just jump straight to the top, so I have added an additional platform even higher!

manoirdaisy: That's great, was told about the toy stuffing by a vet so tend to warm people just in case--I know how quickly my dogs can shred a toy!


RedSwoo: @seventhwave87 Hi, some of the materials are in the video description. I think you can still get posts like these in B&Q. The main post is 120cm Height, 17cm width, 10cm depth, with a large base. The platforms(47cm w, 42cm d) are made from old shelf units which are ply wood, then carpet off cuts are glued onto the platforms and folded around the edges and stapled tight using a staple gun(has lasted very well so far, no signs of wear)The lower platform is 80 cm in height. Good luck with it!

Janice Robertson: Good job. You cat is beautiful and it's good to see her enjoying her climbing post.

bandoheme: Nice job and inspiring to me on my project. Thanks!

karenergy: she's adorable! Great post

manoirdaisy: What is the white fabric (?) at the base of the lower tower? Just be careful in case your cat tries to eat it. Toy stuffing, if ingested and then mixed with the gastric juices, can become a semi-solid mass in the stomach. beautiful cat & great climbing posts.

Susan Szabo: beautiful cat. Very unusual ears she almost looks wild.

MrAGzoR: my cat training base cat Zetas )))))on my page

Kimisha Ibrahim: She's beautiful.

RedSwoo: ahah, awesome. Yeah the ones you buy are really wobbly this is one of the main reasons I built this one. to make it really strong, be sure to have a fairly large base and if possible attached to a wall up high. I think fence posts work work really well, my previous cat used to use one of our fence posts as a scratch post, he loved it.
Climbing Cat, DIY Scratch Post, climbing frame 4.9 out of 5

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Climbing Cat, DIY Scratch Post, climbing frame