Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive Review!

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Suzuki Burgman 650 executive review!
Suzuki Burgman 650 executive review!
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2018 Suzuki Burgman 650 Review
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JettoHD: When you put the screen up i laughed my ass off hahaha

Curtis Sherwood: The Burgman 650 is a wonderful machine. I am disabled, and traded my Goldwing for one a couple years ago. It has not only allowed me to keep riding, but riding in comfort and luxury. Older models had transmission problems, but they seem to have got that straightened out. And they are 1/3 the price of a new Goldwing.

Liv and libby show LL: Spicy the kinda guy who says #nutted after sex

Ian G: No mention of cruise control, do they have it?

Aleksandar Zivkovic: How tall you are and how did you find this windscreen for wind protection?thanks...

Mimmi isaksson: Recently got a Burgman AN650 -03 and im loving it. I read somewhere that the older versions packs a bit more punch and top speed but i dont know if that is true. I do know that with fat me and fat missus on it, it still has no trouble overtaking cars or going uphill for that matter. On my old Kymco People GT 300i with a passenger you would notice some sluggishness immediately even on level ground.

As for not looking cool? Well i KNOW im not cool so why even bother? Id much rather be comfortable when riding. I do ride "motorcycles" for the enjoyment and believe me, this scooter is pure enjoyment to ride. It handles well both at lower speeds and higher speeds (note, its not meant for racing speeds, obviously) and stop lights are hassle free. I can practically guarantee you will be first off due to the automatic mode. Only downside if when you stop at a light and have someone in front of you as they take off so slowly and you have to hold back waiting for them to gear up.

Roger Smith: First forget any bike v scooter nonsense and just ride the bike you like. I own a Kawasaki Voyager 1700 as well as the Burgman 650. They're different bike but I enjoy both of them. I would happily take my Burgman on the open road and I know it would keep up with all the big bikes cruisers, sport bikes and tourers. It is easy to manage in city traffic and if lane splitting is legal in your area do it. The mirrors fold in electrically to assist with this and the screen is also electrically adjustable while riding. The CVT has a full auto mode as well as a manual mode for those who love pushing buttons. Using the power button gives extra surge for overtaking and manual mode will also provide an over drive into a 6th gear for highway riding. Put it in manual shift through the 5 gears and then push the up button once more and you get the over drive. ABS brakes with dual discs up front and single rear disc bring you to a safe steady stop every time. There is also a parking brake since the CVT will revert to neutral when the engine is turned off - a warning light on the dash tells you when the park brake is on. Plenty of under seat and in dash storage is provided. If your budget can stretch remove the passenger back rest and add a top box. This will give your passenger back support and more storage. The fuel tank holds 14 litres and gives a range of about 200kms before you are wanting to think about a refill - that is about 2 hours riding so a good time to stop. The Australian model does not come with heated grips or seats. I reckon an electronic factory fitted cruise control would improve the touring on this bike as it would improve fuel economy and also allow for the right hand to be rested. I always enjoy riding mine as I enjoy the Kawasaki.

Angelo C: What are the cargo specs?

threepot: I ride a Tiger..big but great bik e! But I've recently been diagnosed with arthritis in the hip. So I would consider one if it keeps me on two wheels!

Bill Cherrington: I`ve ridden big bikes, small bikes, mopeds and scooters, my current bike is a Yamaha TDM900, It`s a fine machine, nice to ride and comfortable, but you know what, I still miss my suzuki 400 Burgman, great comfy machine, You can cruise all day, inexpensive to run,. and very practical with that weather protection and storage space, and very easy to ride around town, the Burgman 650 is a tad too big for my needs though, but nevertheless a nice bike/scoot.

Saeid Momtahan: I've had around 20 bikes. From BMWs to Nortons, Hondas, Suzuki, Kawazakies, Harlies, etc, etc. And when I switched to a scooter, there was no going back.

Alex Kastano: crazy British traffic and accent makes it unpleasant to watch ((

Aubrey Leggett: Open minded? Your condescending chuckles I fear say it all. I have my Suzuki GSX 750F if I want to hoon around the Wicklow Hills and my Bergman 650 for those long trips into Europe. No numb bum, spacious luggage capacity and the comfort of a Goldwing. Not a bad review (even if a bit bias). When you have matured a bit (say 10 years) take it for another spin! :-)

Ricky Chase: Spicy you ever done a guide on buying a used motorbike like what to look for and check etc before buying it

Mr Skeedle: get a burgman. you can race transit vans and fold up small children under the seat

docsen9777: The rider seems too busy explaining that its not his kind of thing...almost as if he wouldn't be caught dead riding one...wonder why he is reviewing it

Mrinal Das: Nice๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

WolfRanger2008: Too much talk about storage...

The burgman Rider:

Hi Burgman lovers

IKRAM HUSSAI RAHMAN: how many price in india ?
Suzuki Burgman 650 executive review! 5 out of 5

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Suzuki Burgman 650 executive review!