How To Adjust A Torpedo Heater

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how to adjust a torpedo heater
how to adjust a torpedo heater
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Torpedo heater- How to set the air pump pressure on a Reddy Heater
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Zoro Zornes: thanks,  my heat baffle was almost a maroon when it was running,  Icleaned everything , even new hoses, and fuel.  still smelled and burned my eyes so I screwed the adjuster in 1/2  turn  ,  now it burns a dull orange,  no more  problems.  thanks.

cathy munson: Thanks, we just got 1 at the flea market today, and it really needed some adjustments,  now we know how to do it!

brandon eggeson: thank you ser for showing this video. by far the best one ive found. helped me fix my heater.

Trevor Bybee: My Mr Heater 50,000 BTU will not push fuel out the nozzle. I cleaned all the lines out and I cleaned the fuel filter out as well. Does anybody know why I'm not getting any fuel. And the heater also craps off after about 1 minute of it running. Is this because the photocell does not detect light so it shuts off? Please any help will be awesome. I also cleaned the photocell with a rag.

2cyclemix: Is diesel #1 the same as diesel pump fuel you can purchase at a gas station for a truck?

Ted Hall: Got two of these as part of buying the house. Hadn't a clue how to operate them. Will be thawing pipe this afternoon!  Thanks.

mandy nihiser: Very helpful, thanks

Rusty West: I was just given a Remington 150 and I am wondering what I need for a hose to go from the heater to the pressure gage.  It looks like you have a nice little rubber hose with fittings.  Did you make that and if so what kind of fitting do I look for to fit the heater?  If you bought it where do you suggest buying it?  Is it a standard size?

moparmusclecars: My 30,000 btu heater I can't dial down to 3 psi, and screwed the adjuster screw counter clock wise all the way and it still shows about 4psi. Is that ok?Also, my other one shows about 2psi, and it should be at 3.6 psi (50,000 btu heater) but turning it all the way clock wise, it won't move up. What is the problem? Both will run sometimes and they have the plug firing, It appears they are spraying lots of fuel, but just don't ignite to start working all the time. I can see the nozzle spraying fuel, but both will shut off before they actually ignite. At other times they ignite. What is wrong? I ordered a photocell to change out in one.

Mosby's men: you think one of these could be made to run on 12 volts by changing out the blower motor ?

Courtland Beale: There doesn't seem to be any forum that tells what happens with too much pressure.  As the video poster says and I've witnessed, too little pressure seems not to burn completely.

Does anyone know what too much pressure does or know why it maybe be bad?

Stephen Coll: Very helpful. I've spent years struggling with beat up torpedo heaters, never taking the time to know how they worked and adjusting the pressure blind while having fuel pressure gauge's around the shop.  Thanks for the video. 

Ken ibn Anak: Yes, this was useful.  Mine is about 15 years old.  A Reddy 55.  I hadn't used it in almost 9 years, but pulled it out of storage yesterday and fired it up.  No leaks, which was a worry based on rusted outer screws.  If course when it was new I had treated the fuel tank with liner fluid, so maybe that helped.  Mine shoots right on past cherry red and goes to a yellowy orange.  Maybe a little too much pressure?  Nice to know how to adjust it.  My home in the mountains has a large basement cut into the stone and sometimes that basement drops into the 30s.  That makes it hard to keep the house warm, which is where my Reddy comes in.  It takes about 20 minutes and the temperature in the basement climbs up into the 70s.  Give it an hour or two and the basement hits the 80s and the upstairs heaters can be turned off.  Kerosene is about $3.80 a gallon at the local gas pumps, within a few cents of the diesel price so I see no advantage in experimenting or multi-fueling yet.

James Burton: That's all fine and dandy. But I bought a Non-Working one and truly did MY homework. Mine wouldn't light and had Zero Pressure. I fixed it. Guess I gotta start making YouTube videos that show people HOW TO. Thanks for the Video.

schrankm: I live in north central Ohio. Many gas stations have a kerosene pump and it is normally very similar in price to diesel. It's not the same 1-K that you buy off a Walmart shelf but it burns nice and clean.

sixtyfiveford: You must live on the east coast where heating oil is more common.

schrankm: I bought kerosene today for $4 per gallon.

vegasfordguy: I've never tried diesel simply because of what others have said. Perhaps I should give it a shot. Kerosene is a PITA to find around here by the gallon and it's not cheap.

sixtyfiveford: I have run #2 diesel for years in my shop and it never smokes or smells like everyone claims online. There is a very very slight oil odor if you really try to smell it. I have even run off highway red Diesel without any trouble or smells. I like paying $3.50 a gallon for road diesel over $10+ for a gallon of Kerosene. At those prices its cheaper to use electric heat or a propane torpedo heater. Good video on how to adjust these.

Julie Reesman: i have reddy heater wont light the fan kick on then shut off
how to adjust a torpedo heater 5 out of 5

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how to adjust a torpedo heater