Lenovo IdeaTab A1000 - Power On And Charging Failure Issue, Dead After Low Charge

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Lenovo IdeaTab A1000 Review
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Passage Games: I have not loaded software tablet fix tool 0% and all help

khaled itani: i try it but the computer isn't recognizing the tablet even when i hold the volume button up nothing happens

Edgar Martinez: Me gusto mucho tu video pero te quisiera pedir un gran favor he buscado en internet y no encuentro schematic para esta tablet me podrias ayudar proporcionandome las pistas del conector usb de esta tablet ya que no las encuentro y el mio se arranco totalmente.

Anthony Deonarain: this really helped

Anthony Deonarain: thank you so much, it took a while cuz it didnt work as well but it worked

HBK1981: Thank you very much!!!!

Scream Mix: does this work with a7600-h 10,1" ??

Moivi dela cruz: do u have any solutions for a3000?same problem..

leo buenaflor: sir good day a already download all the tools and follow your step but my problem is brom error: S_DA_DRAM_NoT_SUPPORT(3004)


jax k: bundle of thanks bro :) you're genius (y)

Chandra Vadhanam: I have this problem please help ! I tried all the methods said by u but stil . .http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=JpubA7aWwmM

Henn li: How about if it charges but doesn't add charge status? It shows that it charges but doesn't really add. I charged it for 6 hours, it's 10% but it ended out 0% -.-

Akmal Zuhair: Can u make video how to repair lenovo ideatab screen?

Asraf Brand: this might be helpfull i used this: 

nanda kumar: My tab was krack.how I rectify this problem?

Lina “LINAXx” Lina: @ZFix um what if it doesnt pop up and u did all the steps plz help me 

Ashraf Abu Qopita: thanks a lot mate.............
my tab back to life

ZFix: +Albert B George
What happens when you connect the tablet to the PC?

Albert B George: ZFix, my Lenovo A1000G is not being recognized my my computer. I think I installed wrong drivers. What to do now ? Please help. The device is not bricked. But the Rom is very slow. So want to flash it again. Please help!

Lance Bernardo: hey zfix, my laptop doesn't recognize my lenovo a1000. i followed all the steps and downloaded them. what should i do? THANKS 
lenovo IdeaTab A1000 - Power on and Charging Failure Issue, dead after low charge 5 out of 5

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lenovo IdeaTab A1000 - Power on and Charging Failure Issue, dead after low charge