My Han Solo In Carbonite

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kmichael: Dude lovin' this!

TD2243: Totally. It's awesome when it is dark in the room.

Alex Everitt: Jelous..

ncrb73: I'm so freaking jealous.

jerruuuu: That is the geekiest, coolest thing ever. Love it!

disengagejam: i just jizzed all over the place ... that is so cool !!!!

Alex Wilson: what kind of light did you use abd how did you hook the remote/ controler to it. It looks great

Corroborating Evidence: where did you get your remote controlled light?- ive just got myself a carbonite prop and want a similar light rig for myself..........cheers,

opalshuman: scares me :(

blacklotus808: holy crap !!! this is mental.

actuary33: you'd think he'd but a wreath on him for xmas..haha...what a doosh

amyhulse: Pretty soon you'll have to charge admission. :)

bangalpro: nice
My Han Solo in Carbonite 4.4 out of 5

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My Han Solo in Carbonite