The Cholesterol Myth And The True Cause Of Heart Disease

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Sugar versus Cholesterol. What is the true cause of heart disease?
Sugar versus Cholesterol. What is the true cause of heart disease?
Dr Kim Williams: exposes the true cause of Heart Disease
Dr Kim Williams: exposes the true cause of Heart Disease
The Clogged Artery Myth
The Clogged Artery Myth
The Cholesterol Myth
The Cholesterol Myth
Cholesterol and Heart Disease
Cholesterol and Heart Disease

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dmana3172: There's nothing wrong with sugar!

Zeeshan: A C I D I T Y causes heart issues really??
Please check ur studies again...

Dean Manson: yea kind off to many big statements in here for me to take seriously .take 4 table spoons of sugar and you can die ??? rubbish .!! and as far as I'm concerned the only good chiropractor is a free one .biggest crock of crap on earth along with physiotherapy. people by nature are easy to be grabbed by the nose and dragged around where you want to go .A fool and his money are parted easy .

Raj Singh: God be glorified...[77:23] We measured it precisely. We are the best designers. [77:24] Woe on that day to the rejectors.

doug castel: God made it for a reason...! I like that..! ūüėä

FrankieZG: thanks for video, short and clear !

Ron: the only reason sugar would damage your arteries is if you're already prediabetic and unable to absorb it into your cells or liver where it belongs. how do you get diabetic? saturated fat.

Ron: sugar causes cancer? show me that study

Ron: way to just forget about the fact that we produce enough cholesterol on our own without needing to eat any

Scott: GOOD info! I wanted to share with you... I ate 4 whole eggs a day for 3 weeks and had blood work .. It DID NOT increase my cholesterol on blood work. I take a statin and it was exactly the same as when i was not eating eggs a few months prior. Thought you would find that interesting! Thanks for the video Scott

nubpuncher6969: Haha I am sorry. If someone believes in god that is fine, but I do not want someone who believes so strongly in god, making scientifically based decisions on my body. People can believe what they want, just not when they are giving me pills or suggesting such an extreme change in diet.

Potato Tomato: Lovely video content! Forgive me for butting in, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you researched - Trentvorty Irreplaceable Doctor Theorem (do a google search)? It is an awesome one of a kind guide for curing heart disease minus the hard work. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my BF after many years got amazing success with it.

walawa .bingbang: Some of the most intelligent MDs I've known believe in God.  These are doctors who have forgotten more about medicine than you will ever learn about it.  If they want to mention God as part of their talk, so be it.  All your whining about their wish to express their beliefs just indicates what a bunch of trifling, pretentious, arrogant, and ungracious asses you are.  Grow up, and stop your whimpering and whining.

100PercentOS2: Though the God thing should have been left out, I thought this video was right on and with the research I did.    I was on Statins for many years just to be racked with pain.  It got so bad I couldn't even climb stairs anymore or mow my yard.   My blood pressure was high and I was sick all the time until I wised up and realized that the statins were worse than the high cholesterol.  My new doctor tried to get me to take Pravastatin and I refused because I had so much trouble with not only Lipitor which by far was the worse, but  Zocor and a couple other statins I took for a short time.   I always felt better and was more active when I didn't take those poison pills.  I can once again climb stairs and mow my yard with no pain.  

I just wished the speaker would have talked about how statins raise blood sugar, leading to type 2 diabetes in some patients.   

When I was still employed I worked with a woman that was a walking heart attack.  But instead of having a high Total Cholesterol, she had a low Total Cholesterol of only 100.  Guess what?  They put her on a statin to raise her cholesterol!  Huh? really?

I feel like pharmaceutical companies jumped on this to sell yet another bad medicine and when they couldn't sell enough because the ideal cholesterol level was too high to suit them they kept lowering it so they can sell more pills.  So it went from 350 to 200 to well below 200.  Makes sense?    

I was around long before statins which some of them such as Baycol, have been taken off the market because they were causing too many deaths.   About the time the Lipitor came out I was 50 years old no heart problems or high blood pressure when Lipitor was given to me and that is when I started going down fast.   You all may want to read this:


Nicholas Rudd: I wouldn't even trust a video on spinal health made by a chiropractor. Why would I trust one made about Heart Disease.

Franken Stein: "god made it for a reason" .... Hrmmmmmm

Justin Alvis: puts up some similar information and typically has articles and or studies referenced.
Now for the atheistic comments, you guys are funny, if someone says God put it there for a reason you say "they have lost all credibility". The body is a system made up of smaller systems, so to take a design approach to studying a system is the only way to make sense of a system. Would you prefer that if someone didnt know why a part of the body was there, they would assume it is useless and or removable? I studied Anatomy and Physiology and my non religous college text book stated that shortly after the time of darwin there 187 parts of the body that were thought to be left over from evolution and at present (2004) there were just 2, one of which was debunked in 2007 when I took the class, but the class still taught there was 1 body part left over from our descent from apes . Now how dumb do you have to be to join the group that was wrong 186 times out of 187, but is still sure of the last leftover? 

Chrisisms: 274 people actually listened to this video (or part of it) and actually clicked the thumbs up. They heard the preacher tell them they could eat as much cholesterol as they want - its what God wants them to do and it is why God made the cholesterol. This is of course exactly what they want to hear. They can sit back and let someone slay the beasts for them and they come packaged neatly for their dinning pleasure and they can now feel good about consuming atherogenic items and feeding it to their family's because this is all God's purpose! Imagine thinking you have been feeding into the epidemic heart disease, causing your own family to raise blood pressure! An act of God will surely make them feel better about the process! This video is EXACTLY what I want to hear!

Chrisisms: 1:13 - "Well God made it for a reason..." Are you kidding? 

IExark: Can somebody link me to any papers referenced in this lecture? Or any of the primary sources of research? 
The Cholesterol Myth and the True Cause of Heart Disease 5 out of 5

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The Cholesterol Myth and the True Cause of Heart Disease