The Cholesterol Myth And The True Cause Of Heart Disease

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IExark: Can somebody link me to any papers referenced in this lecture? Or any of the primary sources of research? 

Leeate: So what if your cholesterol levels are high? It's not have been linked to any heart disease actually, besides Keys' pseudoscience. It's your sugar levels that needs to be monitored. 

sbkpilot11: cholesterol is needed but the issue here is that we are ingesting ridiculous amounts of it which are far in excess of what are body needs. Our body does not need much cholesterol and the liver makes enough, when we eat foods high in cholesterol it results in excesses that the body cannot handle and that becomes a big problem.

Aggie S: "God made it for a reason"? You just lost all credibility.

Robert Angel: @bisson. very good points but chiropractic medicine is Quackery Always has been always will be. Almost all disease is based on what we eat. Let food be our medicine and medicine be our food.

Janeen Theresa: God did not design us to eat meat. The proof is in the design of our bodies. We do not posses the enzymes nor the colon to digest meat. What happens when you throw a fatty stew / casserole down your kitchen sink ? Like the kitchen sink we too have our own plumbing. Meat is highly acidic and we are not designed for an acidic diet. It does catch us up one way or the other in the end. Amen!

rebel surename: goede video

blisstickmystic: I like Christie

LordGandor3: "teach you how to get more acidic" ? I think he meant to say more Alkaline ?

Mama Knows Best: You have to have some cholesterol to keep arteries soft. Animal Chol is better for you margerine is not healthy. Transfats will harm you. Butter in moderation is HDL good!

pen mightygun: the human body has what 15 pounds of cholesterol; and two teaspoons of sugar. cholesterol doent oxidise,

Protherium: It makes me cringe to hear doctors say "God made this or that"... No balls to say "evolved"?

Simo Nedelchev: fat is bad in excess of carbs! U can still eat 50-60g of sugar a day, that wouldnt make a difference!

gyrate4: This guy is fat like most people promoting meat and dairy.

tgshark1: i agree with this video, and the main thing is he touched on acidity, many people boosting fat do not do this. be alkaline, stay away from acidic foods like beer, sugar, meat. eat healthy fats like, coconuts/coconut oil, hemp seeds/hemp oil, chia seeds, nuts....

Benny Bonneville: I'd love to know where you get your data from. care to share it? Peer reviewed scientific studies? I would like to read them.

Benny Bonneville: More vegan bullcrap.

Dawn2388: So Americans have only about a .2% (point 2 percent) chance of getting heterozygous FH? And .0001% (point 0001 percent) chance of having homozygotes FH? Yet, 50 percent of all American men age 65 to 74 take statins for their cholesterol? Sounds a little fishy to me. Actually more like overkill. In fact I read somewhere there's actually no link to cholesterol levels & heart disease after age 50. Maybe they should actually treat the cause of heart disease instead of cholesterol levels?

*balikpapan*: LOL I'm from the city of the Deep Fried Mars Bar, pal... I think you mentioned the key word, there - "chippie"... was on a visit to Newcastle and Edinburgh last week and was frankly horrified by the near-universal obesity of British women - and they're getting bigger than ever, at a younger age. Their husbands and boyfriends can't keep up!

luapjb: so the fact that you will be low in all the fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K) and also the fact that you will not absorb all the carotenoids and fat-soluble polyphenols...oh I can't be bothered arguing with idiots.

Christie Aphrodite: EXCELLENT PRESENTATION! Thank you! :-)

Joe W: It is accepted yes, but that doens't mean it is correct. He did cherry pick those 7 countries that fit nicely into his hypothesis.. Then he got his face on Time magazine for his "great accomplishment".

Gordio283: It's not THAT huge. India is not even close to 60% of the world population. China is the biggest population and it only represents 20% of the world population. India who represents less than 20% of the world population to represent 60% of global health diseases is a frightening ratio.

Candela415: I'll do it slow for you, G o P l a n t B a s e d. Nobody said 'Vegan', except for you. The funny thing is your BS=belief systems about meat were taught to you by corporate propaganda. EColi, Salmonella, Mercury, PCB's, Cardiovascular Disease, Obesity, Cancer, Endotoxemia, are closely tied to animal foods. The choice is your's, so do what you think makes you happy. Yoda says, eat dead meat you are what you eat. Animals eat lots and guaranteed you lose your manly force.

LCHFinCanada: Everything you have said is based on bad science. If you THINK you are right (and you're not) do the research and show the RANDOMIZED CONTROLLED TRIALS in humans that make your case. Randomized Controlled Trials in humans show that reducing carbs, especially refined/processed carbs, decreasing un-natural oils but INCREASING healthy natural saturated fats is best for weight loss, glycemic control, cholesterol profile, triglycerides, etc. Where's your RCT's backing up your ideas?

Candela415: Go Plant Based & test it out for yourself. Sample the lifestyle for a full two years to clean out the fat, toxins, & animal bacteria from the body. See for yourself if you feel, look, smell, & perform better. Get a blood test & check the results. Next Sample FAtkins for a full two years and introduce animal products back into your diet. See for yourself if you feel, look, smell, & perform better. Get a blood test & check the results.

OptimusPrimeX: Vegetable oils and Seed oils cause heart disease. When America SWITCHED to hydrogenated oils and Vegetable oils, running off of the heart disease MYTH, heart disease SKYROCKETED. Look at almost ALL of your food and look for ingredients of Seed oils and Vegetable oils, yeah exactly !!!! Fake, processed bullcrap=Death ! In the early 1900's and earlier Americans used natural Lard, Natural Butter, Fats, Meat and in-season vegetables. Guess what ! They DIDNT HAVE HEART DISEASE !!!! Or Cancer

Ali Capone: How about people with type 2 diabetes, do they need to lower cholesterol, they say people with diabetes are 5x more likely to get heart disease possibly because of sugar? My dad is diabetic and he is taking statins

Kevin herenow: @optimus I hear ya! He's saying sugar is the main cause. From all my research I agree with you, I think it's the processed vegetable oils for the reason you stated. I remember as a kid when when crisco was in everything!

Tim Eaton: Yet another lie from LCHFinCanada: he says there are dozens of studies proving that low carb lowers LDL more than low fat. I'm not aware of any. In Stanford's A to Z study, for example, the Ornish dieters experienced a significant drop in LDL while LDL increased modestly in the Atkins group. See table 3: "Comparison of the Atkins, Zone, Ornish, and LEARN Diets for Change in Weight and Related Risk Factors Among Overweight Premenopausal WomenThe A TO Z Weight Loss Study: A Randomized Trial"

gyrate4: He and reddbaron...

ivo kattestaart: Nice vid, but i missed a out the part that smoking causes damage to your arteries to....

VegansDontLikeTruth: Comparing vegan cholesterol levels to the SAD - Standard American Diet - and saying they're lower is like saying that greens are healthier than twinkies. But the dude/dudette that said vegan cholesterol is higher than those eating low-carb is RIGHT - and as he/she mentioned there are literally dozens of studies in scholar or pubmed. Vegan troll notwithstanding. LOL. At least vegetarians don't foolishly believe nonsense like vegans do - vegans are brainwashed zealots.

Jeremiah Quahog: darwin of the gaps much?

Ben Faust: Not in comment space I can't. Look up McDougall, Eselstyn, Campbell, other professionals like them, and their long-term and/or large-scale studies, including groups who had advanced heart disease completely reversed, and entire populations with almost zero animal products or oils. "Vegans" can eat very fatty, processed, unhealthy diets, so a general "plant based" study won't reveal anything useful.The body produces its own cholesterol, and does not need any dietary cholesterol at all.

wh1te5had0w: You moron, Atheism isn't a prerequisite to become a Doctor; he backs everything up with science, not the bible. Grow up and start accepting other peoples choices.

studmalexy: oh but fats are good remember..and they provide fat soluble remember and eat your deep fried mars bars, cheese, milk..etc. They are good for you.

mcdinkity: jesus is a fairy tale character you fool

ScottyBoy: Numerous studies have shown blood lipid profiles for high fat high protein diets look MUCH better than High Carb Low Fat diets. Higher total cholesterol levels (> 200 mg/dl/5.2 mmol/l) were associated with a 24 per cent reduced risk of mortality over the study period. And lower cholesterol levels (< 170 mg/dl/4.4 mmol/l) were associated with a 60 per cent increased risk of death (65-85 Age) Also with your build, you shouldn't be giving diet advice and focus more on being active.

valbona bergman: well said!

wjohnatty: Stopped listening after he mentioned God... His science wasnt looking too bad but there must be a scam somewhere.

Candela415: Eat Fat, enjoy Heart Attack.

mistresspav: great but no one seem to have realized that he did two mistakes when saying trans fat was good rather than sugar (I hope he meant fat, good fats not transf fat) and that he would give info on how to keep the body acidic (He meant alkaline, right?)

Rachaele07: You are correct, and doctors are aware of the biochemical pathway of cholesterol synthesis and know there is a risk to statins. Often the benefits of statins outweigh the risks. LDL particles hold more cholesterol and causes damage to blood vessels which contributes to the formation of plaques, while HDL particles hold a safe ratio of cholesterol. Granted, lowering LDL can lower the HDL numbers, but it is usually more important to get the LDL down to a healthy rage that worry about low HDL.

LCHFinCanada: The cardiomyopathy was no way related to his death, which was caused by a traumatic head injury. And yes, it WAS (and is commonly) caused by a virus. That's what was fallacious about your post, trying to say he died of heart disease related to his diet is more lies from you. Vegan propaganda is all you're good at, it seems.

SovereignBeing: clues in the name!

Leonard F Reid: He is correct. God made everything. You guys will find out the hard way - when you die.

wh1te5had0w: I'm glad you also find humor in your laughable logic :)

DontFeedTheWhales: Thats where your WRONG! Small particle LDL is bad cholesterol. It's okay if you didn't know, now you do.

Benny Bonneville: Atherosclerosis does not cause heart disease, low level chronic inflammation causes heart disease. Modern Inuit's eat modern food, pre 1850's they managed to survive where humans shouldn't live and prospered in comparison to many of today's people. You don't have to eat fat, sick, diseased animals! I eat grassfed meat and wild fish and probably more fruit and veg then you do. How come paleo eating H/G societies have low heart disease, colon cancer etc....please explain!
The Cholesterol Myth and the True Cause of Heart Disease 4.3 out of 5

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The Cholesterol Myth and the True Cause of Heart Disease