How To Fix Your Dodge Chrysler Mini Van When It Starts And Then Dies No Instrument Display

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gabriel hansen: I did the same as you did but found out the red pin "plug" that plugs into the back of the cluster board had been disfigured a little which kept losing the connection. I took a small nail and pushed the metal female connection up to make the connection tighter. Now it connects tight.

darianwj: Good info! Thank you!

Walter Hynson: also check the wires (positive)coming from the battery the one with the black tape is known to have a bad crinp and the wires can seperate and connect recrimp and retape....WCH

Michael Kesner: thank you so much, the exact problem on my van - should save a whole lot of money and irritation

MinnesotaMichele: I owe you a huge thank you Brian! Last summer, my '97 T&C started intermittently killing seconds after starting. Alarm set light would go on, so I knew it was thinking someone was stealing the car. We got it running after pulling the positive wire off the battery then re-installing it. Well, that only lasted a few months until Oct., when nothing would get it to stay running. The know-it-all mechanic kept going on about the computer, the BCM, and some other thing; but it was in his shop twice and he fixed other stuff except this. Now, I'm glad he didn't, because he probably would have replaced all those parts and it still wouldn't have run, costing $1K+! There is a guy on eBay that you can send it your BCM to fix for $150, 100% feedback, but because at first it was an intermittent problem, sounded more like a board/connection issue, instead of a BCM going bad, so I decided to try your fix first. It helped I've had a year of soldering experience, but your video helped me tons in how to remove the dash and everything else. Only took me one afternoon, I soldered about 2 dozen "iffy" looking solder joints, put it all back into place, and after charging up the battery, BAM! It stayed running on the first try, even though I could tell it was burning old gas in the tank from all winter just parked in the driveway. I started and stopped it about 10 times, letting it run a minute each time, I was in complete amazement that it was running and drove it up town to get more gas. I'm so happy to keep this van running, and for cheap, thanks to you! :)

Brian Wirt: Dodge / Chrysler should be paying for this crap. My 97 same thing. Thanks for posting this repair video. I knew banging on the dash worked, now I must solder.

Zenssssful: Thanks .

Susan Kolakowski: Thank you, I went to start my Caravan this morning and it would just stall out.I did this fix and it is running good again.

Grand Homan: can this also be a problem for a 2001

Pathy Tummala: Brian, I have a Dodge Grand Caravan SE 1997 3.8 Liter. When I start the ignition, engine starts and dies...showing the oil sign in the in the front panel. I have to hit the gas pedal immediately after ignition to keep the engine running. Engine dies when vehicle stopped at signals. It happens intermittently. There is no pattern. Can you suggest a solution? Let me know your location. If you are in or around Texas, I can bring my vehicle to you. Please help me.

Steve B: Hello, I have a 2009 grand caravan. My dash lights, dome lights, upper center stack lights, map lights and garage door opener quit working sometimes. Van still runs fine. Its driving me crazy. They will come back on for a couple of weeks and then go out for a couple. Any Ideas? Thanks. ASHD has posted the same issue.

Ashleigh Kinney: Brian, I have a 99 T&C 3.8 We were just driving and the van shut off, got it home did what you said for the cluster and all the gauges work now. Van still will not start any suggestions? Thanks

Carl Zahradnik: This fixed my 98 t/c. I was about to push it off a cliff. I can't believe so many Chrysler vans have this problem. and no one at Chrysler knows anything about it. thanks so much. 

Edward Van Orden: Awesome Vid and yes sir Ron Paul...

Jeff Killey: Time will tell. But my plymouth voyager had all these symtoms and now all problems seem to be a thing of the past. The thing I find interesting is that in most videos Ive seen on this issue it almost always comes down to the same solder joint. In my research it seems better mechanics then me have reported that solder joint to be a ground source. Everything makes sense when they tell me that. Its an easy fix if you know WHAT to fix. Thanks to all who pinpointed this problem

Steve B: Instrument panel problem. 2009 dodge grand caravan Same problem.

bitfuse: I have this problem and my dealer don't know "but we can look at it for you"they say. YEAH right! At a cost of 200 USD pr hour when they don't know what to look for..... I'll go for Your solution. Thanks! Karl Nylén Norway

Mrs.FixIt: Brian do you have a video on repairing the e brake cable, while removing the bottom panel in the repair of the cluster in the dashboard. It pulled itself off on my 99 town and country. Thank You

mozzmann: Hey Dude it is S O L D E R Solder with a bloody "L" in it OK, NOT SODA freaking bastardized English craps me to tears. Anyway I believe that Stall is the wrong word you can't stall an Auto. I can't see how dry joints in the Instrument cluster would make the vehicle stop, unless this triggers a fail safe function in the BCM/ECU. Ours is misbehaving in a similar fashion but the US and Foreign versions are likely different. Oh by the way your assumption about the burning in the display is completely incorrect, That is a material that is burn't inside the glass capsule on purpose to remove any vestige of oxygen from within the fluorescent display, this IS NOT LED look at the Anode heater wires that are glowing in the dark when you shut the car off. 

beefystik: @spelunkerd Because I've rented vehicles, and I drove them, and I know HOW I drove them. Like rental vehicles.

Joey Joiner: I can't tell you how much I appreciate this video. Exactly the fix I need.

briansmobile1: You're welcome! Thanks for not telling everyone about my super power laser eye beams that I cheat/solder with.

Theryansmithproject: Deffinently correct on this one Brian. Love your vids keep them up. Your my go to guy for auto repairs. And awesome chicken coop video!

briansmobile1: @jason123456789210 Sweet man!

Joey Joiner: Brian, ok got my circuit board out and in my hands. Can't seem to find any cracked solder joints. And yes, my '98 T&C was having exact same issues. How much $ to send this CB to you to solder up all the joints? Thanks, Joey

Mulletsrokkify: The burn marks on the odometer displays are from the manufacturing process, its how they get a clean vacuum. Nothing to worry about. Google "getter" for the science bit.

P SHROFF: hahah i so happy !!!!!

beefystik: @briansmobile1 Well then, now I can't wait to see what's coming!

Rahman Ghereb: Can the T&C drive without the speedometer thing (the thing thatshows the speed)?

Joey Joiner: Brian, the soldering went great. Easier than I thought. Put it all back together, cranked it up and she purred like a cat. Thank you again! Joey

landlockedviking: excellent job! Hey you should do one on replacing a crank postion sensor on those caravans, another no start culprit.

briansmobile1: There should be some trouble codes you can provide me.

briansmobile1: That could be a fuel issue too. I'd fuel pressure test it off and running first thing.

Tim R: So the only time is will cause the vehicle not to run is when the head unit goes out? What i mean is.., If the cluster is on and lights up that means it will not cause it not to start right? Great vid Brian. Thanks.

chickenofsea: Is that gettering on the inside of the VFD? I know vacuum tubes have that in them to "eat up" any oxygen in the tube that may leak in and is completly normal (if it isn't there, you've got trouble...)

briansmobile1: @RX7GSLSEowner You bet. I get parts cheaper because I buy a lot of them. The more you buy of most everything the more negotiating leverage you have. In Auto parts it's built right into the system usually haggle free. Some places I set my own price- other places will price match etc. On the phone I ask for cost (me), list (retail), and availability (do they have it in stock/in hand).

TrueBlueEG8: love how u give eric a shout on this, my other favourite youtuber :-)

Devin Stoick: Ty so much for your response. I have replaced the cluster and also soldered all the pins on the black plug in, i seen you were soldering the odometer pins? Do they need to be done also? I have checked all of the smaller fuses and they were good. Im stumped and really don't wanna take it to a dealer. The PCM was just replaced also

JohnzCarz: Good catch. They build billions of PC boards every year (TVs, phones, computers), you would think they had the process down by now to eliminate cold solder joints.

GravelsteinGaming: Man, thanks so much for this video. Just encountered this today with the family van and was at a complete loss on what it was. After doing much research and watching numerous videos, I went back to the van, smacked the top of the dash, and voila! All instruments came on, vehicle started, so happy for the moment. I'm going to attempt to fix this sucker in a couple of days, and your video was the only one that showed the exact van and problems. Anyway, to make a short story long, thanks.

bubbacrabb: I like how thourough your videos are. You really go the extra mile to make sure common folk people can figure it out.

trunitemare: @briansmobile1 Wow! 800 bucks, now that's major.

Jon M.: Dude Macgyver ain't got nothing on you.

Andy Fetisov: & u so happi ya

briansmobile1: Man you're getting close- I'm excited to hear the good results!

Standingwithfeast: Being aware and prepare for some time is a good thing. I am glad for your brother that he was prepared. As for many folks who suffered by the layoffs, if I am not wrong that warning signs and voices of warning had gone out years ago. I wonder how bad it has to be before more folks wake up from their sleep.

SiRHumpAlot924: Bad ass man, love youre soldiering technique Brian. Ohh by the way keep the vids commen.

briansmobile1: @elic123456 Thanks! I know/love/admire most of my customers so I try to do them right.

briansmobile1: It sounds like an internal transmission issue to me. I'd check the fluid level first. When these leak from the front valve body and get two quarts low, they go into "safe mode" and shift hard at low speed like that.

briansmobile1: Either you need to add some solder to the back of the pin connectors on the instrument cluster, or you have a blown fuse.
How to fix your Dodge Chrysler mini van when it starts and then dies No instrument display 4.9 out of 5

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How to fix your Dodge Chrysler mini van when it starts and then dies No instrument display