How To Fix Your Dodge Chrysler Mini Van When It Starts And Then Dies No Instrument Display

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LA Cleveland: Brian this is exactly the problem I'm having with a 97 town and country than for the info...hopefully I can take the dash apart with out any trouble...the real test will b getting it back together lol

Rob Emmer: Does his work on all years of caravans? A good friend of mine has a 2004 SXT grand caravan. She took it to a shop and they told her the PCM was freaked. I grabbed a used PCM put it in, and the van started but it would die within three or four seconds. It did that about half a dozen times. After that it doesn't do anything. It won't turn over, it won't engage the starter, it won't do anything. Could it be the instrument panel? All the lights come on on the dash. 

John Doe: I have a 2001 Dodge Caravan that out of the blue after cranking up and dropping into drive it began to stutter and jerk and go dead. I restarted and dropped it into drive again and it jerked several times and went dead. I then restarted again and dropped it into drive and pressed the gas hard and it took off well but as soon as i slowed down it went dead and goes dead at every stop or turning. Then all of a sudden it drives and shifts perfect. I then had to put it into neutral before slowing down or turning and it would stay running as i shifted it back into drive again. It idles perfect after starting but it has gone dead several times after it started and i had to restart it again and hold the pedal down some to keep the rpm up to make sure it stayed running. I let off the pedal and it will idle then but hesitates also on taking off when i  am pressing the fuel pedal. Is it a throttle position sensor, vacuum leak, front transmission  sensor input or output or transmission solenoid sensor or ECM? If anyone can relay what it might be let me know as this is really a problem.

John Luliak: Hey Brian, Thanks so much for posting this video and the exact fix for the problem. I removed and resoldered J2 same as you and it fixed the tbl after almost two years of intermittent same tbl. I knew it had to be a cold solder joint but WHERE? You nailed it. Thanks buddy! My wife can now take a safe trip to Florida from Oklahoma. Whew! Have a blessed day!

Barry Vedros: Hi Brian, I just ran across this article but I see it's a few years old. I'm having a similar issue with my 97 T&C but not sure it's the same thing. It dies very randomly while driving. Once in a while it will kill a few seconds after starting, but that's rare. Sometimes goes for days with no problem, then dies when idling at a stop light or slowing down at a turn. Sometimes when on the highway at full speed. If it kills while at speed, sometimes I can  pump the pedal a couple times and it starts back up or put in neutral and start. It's crazy...
When it started this business, my mechanic read a MAP sensor error and replaced that piece. But still had the same issue. Checked fuel pressure (has a fairly new pump/filter) and various other ideas, gets odd error codes on his tester. He's at wits end. Says to bring to the dealership but I don't want to pay top dollar to get the same answer. Any thoughts??? 

British_Leyland(Alexscott100): The Chrysler dodge and Plymouth minivans 1996-2007 mileage is stored in the PCM so you could have gone to the junk yard and bought a used cluster and put it in this van we have a 2001 town and country lxi and replaced the PCM with one from the junk yard our van had about 217,000 miles and the PCM we bought and put in said our van had 427,000 miles. We just bought this past Saturday a cluster out of a 2003 town and country that had 157,000 and put it in our van with 217,000 and the new used cluster showed out correct mileage 

Kevin Adams: Brian, you da man! Watched your video all the way through, and followed your instructions. Worked like a charm! Really appreciated your comments about why the car would start and then die in a few seconds. That helped me confirm that this was indeed my issue.

tim flohrs: Brian , I unfortunately have a 98 Voyager ...the dash lights started flickering n died "she" told me.. then I go back to the van 9 hrs later to see whats up I put jumper cables on it and it fired right up no flickering so I replaced the battery cuz the other was a pile.. but yet thelights by the radio not dash cluster I'm talking about by the heater control area are blinking it so far starts up n runs fine but....afraid to drive it and break down its cold as hell in Minnesota..any help would be awesome!

Victor Tapia: I thank you so much for your video. It saved me major cash and irritation as well.

Rod Davis: Any videos on how to fix the hot/cold air damper? No heat in the winter, lucky I live in the DFW area. It gets cold but it usually doesn't stick around very long. Thanks you.

Rod Davis: Thanks for the video. I haven't used my 99 Voyager for about a month because it wouldn't start, and after taking out the circuit board for the 4th time I finally could see a bad joint and was able to fix it. When I looked straight at the board I didn't see anything but today I looked more at a side angle and could see the crack in the solder. My check engine light went out on its own after about 6 miles. Thank you again.

MrChantality: hey i try this and now the car starts with no problem... the only problem i have now is that the speedometer it shows at 5mph as if its 0... idk how to fix that.

Dalana Collier: Followed

Dalana Collier: Thank you Brian. YOU SAVED ME SOME CASH. This video was VERY helpful. I had just driven my car on Halloween. The next day it started acting up again. This was an ongoing problem for over a year. I filled your video but was unsure if I would be able to recognize the bad ones. It was very simple to do. My car started right up!! THANKS SOOO MUCH!!

Mister Raider: I have this problem except my instrument cluster works. Replaced cam position sensor and still not working. Crankshaft sensor is next if that don't fix it then probably the PCM/ECM.

terry wilson: brian i hope you can shed some light on my problem. 97 caravan 3.3 has a problem with the electrical system. when im driving it sporadically has a dead fire as in it shuts off but immediately resumes in less than a second . so sitting in the yard i was bringing the motor up to temp and noticed that if a gave the motor 2400 rpms, the check engine light and all the instrument cluster lights cut out at the same time as the miss fire. ive already replaced the cam and crank sensors. could it be the instrument cluster causing this??

WTC7WasPulled: Did it work?

DJ Dave Spokane: Just for fun Brian do you think the door locks acting weird might be fixed with what you did in this particular video??

Arturo arredondo: I'm all the way in monterey mexico visiting my family and I ran into these problem on a friend of ours minivan.... These pretty much took care of one of the problems.... Thanks!!!

Najib Nabeel: i have the same starts and die i replace maf ,egr volve, crank sensor its starts and dies 2,3 second any idea 

its new fuel pump fiter 
How to fix your Dodge Chrysler mini van when it starts and then dies No instrument display 5 out of 5

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How to fix your Dodge Chrysler mini van when it starts and then dies No instrument display