How To Fix Your Dodge Chrysler Mini Van When It Starts And Then Dies No Instrument Display

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How to fix your Dodge Chrysler mini van when it starts and then dies No instrument display
How to fix your Dodge Chrysler mini van when it starts and then dies No instrument display
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Dodge Chrysler minivan instrument cluster calibration
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Gio Sol: I have a 2002 T&C dies while i am driving do you think that my fix my problem

Keith Noneya: The burn marks are normal. It's the left over oxygen from when the burn in was done to consume all he oxygen to prevent it from corroding and burning the elements.
Thanks for the video. Best Wishes n Blessings. Keith

Collin Thomas: Thank you so much.....

Darrin santiago: This video was a life saver bought this 98 town and country with a bad muffler and he told me it stalled out on him and he thought it was the brain two weeks after I had it did the same to me was bumed out thought it was going to cost $$$$ alot but watched this video and BAM!! back on the road THANKS ALOT MAN YOU SAVED MY WALLET

matt brown: thank you I paid out 500.00 in parts and labor. replace BCM,fuse box and did not fix it but what you said fix it. Thank You Sir

Andrew Rosado: hey i have a 98 dodge grandcaravan lately i would have to jump my car to start it after driving for awhile the car would go completely dead and would have to jump it again can anyone tell me what it could be. thank you

Brent Komon: hi I'm having some what of the same issue only my dash lights all work never a problem there. so anyhow driving down the road it will die u hear a hiss and a small thud then it will start and run fine again for the rest of the day or sometimes it will do it three or four times is this the same issue your showing or do I have another problem code scan says insufficient power at bcm and no cam location I've already replaced cam and crank sensor not new to this just stumped

Irmenia Boyd: Thanks Brian my van has this issue I figure it had something to do with the anti theft. It has been intermittently so I wasn't driving it far. This is awesome Thanks again.

mark vanvleck: I redid the pins with my soldering iron and it still don't work. What can it be now?

Richard Reichard: Thank you so much. Our van is identical like the one in this video and had exactly the same symptoms. I followed your excellent instructions and it is fixed. Thanks again!!!

Tommy Ziambaras: You're a life saver! Thank you so much for helping us out by posting this video. God bless you.

The Video Realm: I have to disconnect the battery on my 2012. When driving Battery, Altenater, Oil, Traction will cycle through. RPM, Gas, MPH will move erratically. A ding sound is heard. if I turn it off the car won't start again. No crank no start. Horn, Headlights and all electronics work fine. I have to disconnect battery again to restart. Any thoughts. TIPM has been replaced.

Larry Fries: this video is absolutely correct it takes about 1 hour to pull that instrument cluster out those 8 points of solder joints need to be resolder now here is the next thing there is a cable connector that goes to the injectors about 1 inch in diameter it has a clamp on it to keep it falling on the exhaust manifold mine did burn through blew ignition fuse I disconnected it from the injectors strip off all the tape found it cut the bad places out of two wires you will have to add wire use shrink tube use a great big heavy tie wrap also found a piece of plastic split tube that normally covers the wires installed it then taped it all up if you blow an ignition fuse look at the exhaust manifold on the left side by the battery that is a common problem for that connection to pull loose the plastic clamp is at the throttle cable support bracket good luck

Martin Weimer: Recently bought a '97 Caravan for $1,100. I was warned that it had a "computer problem" that stranded the previous owner twice. Van worked great until I removed the cassette/radio for cleaning this morning. I must have jiggled the speedometer connector. Followed your instructions to the letter, and it is repaired. Thank you for these instructions. They really work great!

steven krueger: hey brian I need help with my 2000 t&c air cond calibration can you help me?? the twp far right buttons continue to blink ??? steve

Mike davis: gave u a thumbs up for the Ron Paul reference....would've been nice to see a libertarian ad President for a change. and oh yea the instructions were great. worked like a charm on my 97 town and country. I still wonder why Chrysler didn't issue a recall for this. everyone I know with a late 90's dodge or Chrysler van has this issue

Mark Cob: set ur vid lens to a 10cm "macro", BAM, solder joints will look like crystal sharp Eiffel towers ;)

PaullyBB: Too bad there isn't a way to reset a speedometer on a 98 Grand Voyager. I usually had too beat on my dash to get it to come to life to keep the odometer and gear shift selector lit, but the latest time it didn't work resulting with my speedometer needle popping off. I put the needle back on & now it reads about 35 mph slow. The self diagnostic does not correct this.

Robert Oehme: IT  W O R  K SSS   JUST DID IT  TODAY , NOW I AM ON MY WAY AGAIN..                               THANK YOU   GREAT IDEA AND FIX

Michael Herman: Addition: In the case of my instrument cluster board, the WIRE thru-hole connections from the board front to back had cracked, (S33 in particular) just at the solder joint. It was NOT the soldering of the integrated circuits. So if you inspect your board, look also at the wires and not only at the IC pin soldering.
How to fix your Dodge Chrysler mini van when it starts and then dies No instrument display 5 out of 5

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How to fix your Dodge Chrysler mini van when it starts and then dies No instrument display