Nissan Patrol LE (golden Tuning) + Porsche, G55 AMG & Hummer H2

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Nissan Patrol LE (golden tuning) + Porsche. G55 AMG & Hummer H2
Nissan Patrol LE (golden tuning) + Porsche. G55 AMG & Hummer H2

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دحيم العتيبي: هل من عرب هنا Pp

moodyaaa: U removed the rear hock thats y u have scraches on the bumper:p, and as usual , more saudi cars in jbr in high seasons. Niice nissan btw (y)

Patrick3331: I really liked this Patrol, usually I don't even pay attention to these Patrols, but because of the matching window tint, paintjob & rims I had to record this.

Patrick3331: I see many 4x4 with some type of balloon tires which made the car look like it is only for road use as they don't seem to have any use in the desert. Are these tires made only for drag racing and burnout festivals (sometimes shown on TV)?

Patrick3331: 28.835 views! Thanks folks!

fsoool92: كم مره اقووول لاحد يصور حوش بيتنا

shaz kz: can any1 tell me the name of these tyres? I want them too on my patrol! thanks !

Patrick3331: Thanks for 47.250 views.

mohd ali: you can use those tires for desert offroading but they are best for drag racing and burnouts and i personally love how they look thats the only reason i have them on my car

Patrick3331: I would like to find out where the popularity of this videos comes? Is it really the Nissan Patrol, or one of the other cars?

professional3289: lol, I think it's, I'm here because of it :P

Patrick3331: Thanks, the first one who replied on my question, haha.

MfalmeVTold: I guess so too. I've seen one of these new Patrols in Warsaw, Poland a week ago (imported from Abu Dhabi) - the same color but didn't look as cool. Black rims are not what I like but the black grille is just awesome as the grill design itself isn't very nice as for me. Black paint makes it "disappear" which is good. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

MfalmeVTold: That's a beauty.

Patrick3331: Nearly 21.000 views done! Thanks!

professional3289: The Arab owner don't want to show it's just a Nissan lol :P covered the logo in black hahah

BedOx95x: يهب يوجهه # لايييك

MrZbdh: زبـــــدهــ

Patrick3331: I think it appeals so much because of the matching color of the window tint, rims and paintjob!

Patrick3331: You should ask some of the local guys, they seem to be very popular in the UAE. Shouldn't be too difficult to find a supplier.

Mansoor Al M: rays volks

Patrick3331: Here we go, thanks for the info.

Patrick3331: 30.000 views! I still don't know where the interest in this video comes from? Is it really about the Nissan Patrol?

professional3289: Yes The Patrol!!!!

Patrick3331: For drifting and burn outs I can understand, but for offroading they don't have enough grip as they lok like slicks!

Patrick3331: Actualy the Patrol is too big for the European market, especially as we don't have the space they have her ein the Middle East or in the US. And more over, the 4x4's are using way too much petrol for Europe. cheer mate! Pozdrowienia do Polski!

كنق جده: يارجال انت كل ماادخل مقطع القااك كااتب حشره وكل الخلايق معطينك لايك وحتى انا اعطيك لايك مدري ليه هههع ولايك لعيوون الحشره ههههههههههههههههه

Patrick3331: Sorry, but google translate doesn't make sense when I try to translate the comment.

AMGKuwait8: what are these rims called?

Patrick3331: Don't think so, cause only someone who doesn't know cars is so stupid to not see that this is a Nissan Patrol. ;-)

jackazz911: rays rims

Patrick3331: Guys, tell me what you like about this video so I can record the right cars for you! I don't know if it is because of the Patrol or the combo of all of them, or the golden window tinting! If you guys have a wish about a certain car in a certain color, let me know and I will try to find one and record the same!

Patrick3331: Haha, so now I know that you like Nissan Patrols.

Abdulla Yasin: i live in dubai and im a local, i own a nissan patrol LE, and i customized it to get more horsepower
Nissan Patrol LE (golden tuning) + Porsche, G55 AMG & Hummer H2 4.2 out of 5

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Nissan Patrol LE (golden tuning) + Porsche, G55 AMG & Hummer H2