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ruth olivia sykes: Is this permanent?... And will it make my butt more smaller if it is not permanent ? I mean if we don't rub fish oil and all? Thanx p.s. I know this question is stupid! 😂

True Joy: I used fish oil & vit e for my buttocks and I did see some growth. Unfortunately I stopped because of school & work and my butt got smaller the results are not really permanent. Add squats and some exercise

GlowinWith Ariana: Use canola oil instead , it has omega 3s in it and there's no smell . I gained a inch so far 

Karolina Baranauskaite: Ok i can tell that ive bern using fish oil and E for 6days ,twice a day. And the results are stunning. My booty looks like a two rounded balloons. Its amazing. I use fish oil with lemon and it doesent smell like fish at all. Im lovin this progress cuz its really working. I suggest to use fish oil with lemon in it. I use a kinda expensive one. Wich contains witamin E and lemon in it. The brand is German MOLLER. Cost like maybe 13 $.

Victoria LaShay: Thank u

Nia Miller: Thanks for the video. I did this for a week and gained 1 1/2 inches. Crazy ! I stopped cause I was lazy but I'm wired up again and using flaxseed oil instead.

And ignore the rude comments. People will always see something wrong with someone else before themselves.

Hope you reach your goal !

Victoria LaShay: Thank u ill look into that

Conesia Donald: Slimming you waist would be better and that's best try corset training I do it and it makes the tummy flatter and hips wider.

lisa garcia: Ppl that talk crap about u can suck. Giraffe pickle and get over it
Thanks for the vid

Cecee Menvalti: Eew you shouls worry about your weight and all that cellulite before making your butt bigger. Gross

Drusilla Pansini: This still surprise me, just how some people don't know about Buttzonix Secrets (just google it), despite the fact that lots of people get great results because of this butt enlargement methods. Thanks to my cousin who told me about Buttzonix Secrets, I have increase my butt size without surgery

Victoria LaShay: Thank u!!!!

Hello Cammie: U already have a big butt

lllie.: I think you should do squats or the Brazilian butt challenge because the exercise will tone your lower body and shape you up! But don't take this offensively I just suggest you workout instead of the fish oil

Dopelife: how many inches are you trying to gain?

4EverAngela: did you ever do a update video? im dyin to see if it works because i wanna try

martinab50: and you're layered with rudeness

Aya: Eww you seriously wanna be bigger? Like no effece but come on your layerd with fat.

MrJusone: Why would you want anything bigger. You should try smaller

lodiedodiee: Fish oil can be bought anywhere ..dollar store, walmart, walgreens, rite aid, target... anywhere
Fish oil update 5 out of 5

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