My Modded Wii With Emulators And 320gb Usb Hard Drive

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My modded wii with emulators and 320gb usb hard drive
My modded wii with emulators and 320gb usb hard drive
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BEST modded Nintendo Wii
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Modded Wii With 250+ games on External HardDrive
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Philip Dawson: As long as your firmware isn't above 4.3 you can mod it easily get the modmii download it's a piece of cake follow the instruction but make sure you put the right region and firmware in .example 4.1u to 4.3u is usa 4.1e to 4.3e is Europe easy 

Philip Dawson: You forgot to mention not all the stuff runs right 

fizsrp: Help!!! Games on my hard drive wont play .! I get a black screen or it'll freeze on me ! Lmk pls

Larry Hemenez: do the emulators have to be on the SD card or Can you have the emulators on the HDD??????

HaYLOHAYLIE1: Can you put and load the roms from the external hard drive? I've been searching everywhere to see if that would work but I can't find it anywhere and don't want to put it on my hdd before know it would work

Anthony Del-Villar: Hey man, can I ask you a question? I just got my Wii minded so to speak, I have the SD card, but I only have NES, SNES, Sega, Atari, N64 and GameBoy games... Where did you get the emulators and roms at? If you don't mind lol

Bean: is there a ps2 emulator on wii or just ps1?

dcninja: 1. learn to english, lulz. 2. I don't really care about the industry. they are greedy. I'll let you pay your thousands of dollars a year, I'll keep my free games thanks.

dogeymon83: Great mod.....except how does the original creators of these games make any money for the game they made?? How does this help the gaming industry pirating the property of game developers?

dpchemod: Oh I meant if you managed to get GameCube games to run off your hard drive. Anyways, reading your other comments I see that you have sold your wii lol.

dcninja: wii does not need to be modded to run gamecube games. emulators can be loaded from any storage source.

dcninja: you can jailbreak a ps3 but the method and setup is totally different as it's a different console.

dcninja: funny right?

dcninja: I don't need this. lol

dcninja: it works with any color and firmware. google smash stack or indiana pwns. you do not need a memory card or a hard drive to do this, they just add more space. Also, I thought all wii had vertical or horizontal orientation, correct? Unless you're confused by the wii u which is a totally different console. Emulators just run the game roms that you have to load up. You could use a usb flash drive for emulator roms and wii games instead of internal memory or a hard drive. i hope this helped!

dcninja: yea, so many games. I don't even have this anymore though, I sold it when I moved.

123hellstorm: i know what you mean by not having the time to play them all. I soft modded mine and have a tera byte hard drive with 500 wii games. i had to buy another external hard drive to finish my complete collection. anyways great video.

lisahldy: Very Cool....does it matter what wii system your using like early white standing wii or last model they made the lay down black wii's? Do you need a memory card and a external hard drive to do this with? Do the emulators have games in them or do you have to load game roms one by one into the emulators? Could you use a flash usb drive card in the usb port as well to do these things?

TheGuyInThatOneMovie: let me know if you want me to email you project 64, if it can fit on one email

dcninja: @Gary... I know. Awesome right?
My modded wii with emulators and 320gb usb hard drive 5 out of 5

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My modded wii with emulators and 320gb usb hard drive